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About Me

I hail from Tartous, Syria, a once sleepy little town on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. I've sailed through calm and rough seas, enjoying the voyage for its own sake rather than seeking a final destination. Eventually, I became a man of two worlds, living on the shores of New Jersey and those of my wounded homeland. Yet whenever the travel bug hits me, and it often does, I weigh my anchor and leave, next port of call unknown.

Writing has always been a dream of mine, unattainable by the necessities and nuisances of life. At one point though, I had to put my foot down and, against the flow of time, I started to write. I've published a handful of non-fiction works related to city planning and the rehabilitation of Old Tartous, one of the most fascinating historic Mediterranean cities, in addition to one self-published, co-written novel, a romance titled Sea Side. Presently I'm writing my first solo fiction and expect to finish sometime in the future.

I hope for a day when all humans, no exception, live in dignity. I aspire for freedom, equality, and justice. I savor the simple pleasures in life and deride the greedy and psychotically ambitious. I have no message to give, no political affiliation to follow and no religious indoctrination to dictate my choices. I get along with almost everybody. I just can't stand politicians, preachers, and liars (do forgive the redundancy inherent in the last sentence).

No matter what brought you here, an accident or premeditated ennui, welcome on board.