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The Voice

The cellphone Stephanie bought me rang, breaking the silence into tiny shards. It must be her, checking up on me. Had I eaten? Was I warm enough? Had I heard from social services? Anything she should bring me on Friday? At the other end, a woman who didn’t sound like Stephanie said hello. Her voice cascaded through the earpiece the way the white satin sheets slid over my naked body in the Hotel Rouge a lifetime ago. I hadn’t spoken a word all day. “Who’s this?” “Oh, I’m sorry. I must’ve dialed the wrong number.” I cleared my throat. “But, but… you sound familiar. Your voice, I’ve heard it somewhere. Sometime before.” “Perhaps in a previous life!?” She laughed. An irresistible small chuckle that didn’t stop but dissolved unhurriedly. Emily? My first love, my sweetheart. Could it be Emily? But we haven’t spoken since I left to Vietnam. “Are you there?” The woman asked. “Yes! Can you talk some more, please? I’m still somehow groggy…” “And, you’re trying to figure ou