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The Boyhood Trilogy - Part 3: Up on a Tree

Illustration "Boy Sitting on Branch" by SchoolSpirit I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree ~Joyce Kilmer Spring 1969 At the far side of the playground, a trail wormed its way down to the treeline. From there, the forest blanketed the mountainside, save for some houses on the beach shimmering like wiggling toes. Wary of my scraped elbows and knees, I faltered on the scree bracing myself against the leaning trunks. Forty feet off the trail, I sat on my ass and slid down to my tree. I heaved my body up onto the first branch and grabbed the second. Within a minute, I reached my perch on a sturdy bough. I came here whenever being in a crowd made me lonely and I needed time alone. Summer 1989 The horizon arched like a picture taken from the edge of space. A dozen vessels, anchored in the bay, pivoted as one with the shifting currents. At the golden hour, a single ship gingerly broke from the pack. Once in the clear, she slow-steamed at first, and then