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The Boyhood Trilogy - Part 2: Indian Summer

"If All Saints' brings out winter, St. Martin's brings out Indian summer." Old Farmer's Almanac All Saints', 1970 The double-door opened to a wide corridor flanked on the left by the showers, and by the lavatories on the right. Straight ahead, the custodian's room split the dormitory in mirrored halves of thirty-six beds each. Monsieur Bruno, in charge of maintaining peace, also enforced the Wednesday-and-Sunday-only bathing rule, and made sure no one sneaked into the lavatories at night. For the Marist Brothers, bladder and bowel control was of utmost importance and made us, les petits garçons, better persons, even if we ended up wetting our beds or shitting our pajamas. Tonight, all but seven boys were away for the weekend. The remaining castaways had to wait for Christmas before they could go home. Without any source of heating until St. Eligius', the nights were getting cold. By then, the nuts of many a boy would have either shriveled or fal