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Lured by Vampires

On a late Tennessee afternoon, after riding an ophidian road that slithered for a hundred miles and reeked with the smothery heat of August, I leaned my motorcycle on its kickstand and walked toward a fountain. I was in a pleasant little town, whose name had long been erased off the blackboard of my memory, and whose main square was flanked on four sides by an array of retail and souvenir shops. The gurgling of the water, mixed with the chirping of house sparrows lazing in the shade, reverberated against the spire and the walls of an olden church. I soaked my bandanna then wrung it above my head twice or thrice, drenching myself, and abating my body heat below torment. Finally, when the leaves above quivered with a light breeze, I wrapped the bandanna around my neck and went for a walk. Small bookstores and petite women allure me, offering me no means to escape. I could spend a lifetime in or with them, so it was ineluctable that I got drawn toward a senescent storefront, where behin