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God's Land (Part II)

2nd and final part of an account of a road trip across the USA Day 4 September 14th, 2012 Powell, WY to Keystone, SD 400 miles / 640 km I woke up the day after Yellowstone shivering under a blanket of melancholy. I got behind the wheel and wondered what else on the long trip ahead could rapture me like this primordial world. Powell, Wyoming was a small town in the middle of nowhere. The hardships of a failed economy had left their markings on the decrepit buildings and the empty main street. I wanted to stay there a bit longer, for what I didn't know, but my father, a doctor who knew the secrets of the body and mind, had more sense left in him. "Come on! Let's get going", he patted me on the back, shaded his eyes with a pair of sunglasses and took an early nap. The morning was young when we started an incredible twisting climb up the Rockies, passing 8,000 ft / 2483 meter to unmarked heights. We were crossing the continent's backbone from the American Northw

God's Land (Part I)

An account of a road trip across the USA Day 0 March 11th, 1985 Behind a cloud of blue smoke and the amber glow of whiskey, the man cleared his throat then spoke in a jaded voice, made hoarse with the passage of time. “There's no place like it in the world," he said. "Things you would've not imagined exist. Spectacles beyond your grasp or mine. It's God's Land there and only He understands how beautiful it is.” The old biker didn't even look at me. In fact, he wasn't talking to anyone, but I was within earshot. He introverted deeper toward the recesses of his memory, taking another hit and one more swig before he drew a faint smile on one corner of his mouth and closed his eyes. In the mirror across, I saw myself standing on top of a mountain peak, scanning the white-capped Rockies all the way to the Rio Grande. Over my shoulder, a bald eagle rose slowly from the abyss below. It came close, very close, then hovered barely beyond arm's reach.