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The Quest for the Perfect Americano

I needed a whole week to recuperate from the lingering jet lag. I couldn't sleep at night and I was groggy all day. I gulped sleeping pills at bedtime like popcorn at the movies but they didn't help much. Evidently, Desynchronosis (a wimpy nomenclature used by physicians) is more pronounced when traveling West to East. It is suggested that it may take the human body one day per each time zone to fully recover. I proved it. Among the researched and proven remedies to expedite the restoration of the body's circadian rhythms are Melatonin, light therapy, fasting and Viagra. I just couldn't see myself lying back on a chaise longue , sipping a drug-infused beach drink in direct sunlight, while going hungry and boasting a fantastic …you know what. Instead I busied myself reinventing the perfect cup of coffee. I'd wake up full of zest at 2:00 AM with a buzz in my head or sleepwalk in the late afternoon like a zombie and trudge toward the kitchen where I'd lock mysel

Twilight Zone

It's been over two months since I last strewed words onto this blog; seventy one days to be precise. I had quite an engrossing summer, spending most of which in the United States. While there, I was too busy to get a chance to write. Or, again to be precise, my heart and mind were too distracted to fill the abundant free time I had with an endearing pursuit. I will write, and soon enough, about my travels across that great land, which has become my adoptive home. You will bear with me, however, the prolonged jet lag I'm suffering from. Since I set foot in Tartous, a week ago, I'm still under the influence, more or less. I need to ease my way back into life in the slow lane, for despite the raging fire that is consuming Syria, Tartous remains an oasis of calm. We are either too cowardly or too peaceful in nature, but most likely we are both. My hometown, for the time being, is a stage set in a twilight zone. Yet on the positive side, Tartous has become a harbor, a safe