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"I see time as a constant, whereas humans perceive time as flexible. Hence the expression "Time flies" when you're having fun. Which until now has always confused me." Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation But Data was wrong, time is indeed relative. The faster you go, the slower time moves into the future, physicists tell us, or is it into the past. Recent subatomic experiments have confirmed another tenet of the theory of relativity; gravity alters the flow of time by slowing it down as well. On crossing the event horizon of a black hole, it's postulated, time stands still for the unfortunate, long-dead observer. Only when out in open space, and once freed from the constraints of celestial black holes and terrestrial ass holes does time pick up the tempo and move to a faster beat. As for us, ground-bound earthlings, you may ask any lover if thirty minutes of waiting for a sweetheart at a terminal feels shorter than being with her for a whole week and