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The difference between an amateur and a professional is a matter of detachment. I have worked under stressful conditions for a good part of my life. I had to report to jerks, crooks, and penny-pinchers who literally lived off the cheap labor of others. I maintained my reserved demeanor until one day, and before solidly securing an ironclad alternative, I resigned. Even in quitting I did everything in my power to be graceful and courteous. My insistence on being a professional stemmed from my interest in preserving the way I perceive myself rather than how others judge me. I respect my untarnished legacy. I know that the biggest of them all, the smartest, the richest, and the most accomplished stands as tall as my shoulders in stature but no more. I started rebuilding my freelance career. I talked to old contacts and sought short-term contracts. I got the wheels turning again, albeit slowly. At long last I had more time to pursue my own path. I pulled the shades open, sat by my wind

I Shot the Sheriff

My stand on guns is simple enough and straightforward. I wish they were never invented. But since they have, wishful thinking is nothing more than arcadian gibberish. I strongly support gun control when a just rule of law is imposed on each and everyone in a society. Guns should not be carried around concealed or revealed by civilians out on the streets. Yet, once within the confines of their own homes I believe that the right to keep and bear arms and to use them in self defense is an inalienable one. I am an advocate of handgun and weapon training for every member of a household. It could come in handy one day and save lives. When an intruder breaks in and threatens me, my family or my loved ones he becomes fair game. Despite my peaceful disposition I wouldn’t hesitate nor feel guilty ripping him apart with my bare hands or blowing him to pieces with a hollow-point 45. I am not much of a political activist. In fact I am politically timid. A line has been drawn, plain an