It hurts not to write, to wean my imagination by damming the river within or to trickle updates and comments on a bedlamite Facebook. With premeditated arrogance I pronounce that I’m too good for politics, but even a lofty leopard is distracted by buzzing flies. I should be writing about the beauty in and around me. Whether they are about the woman perched on a throne of clouds or the city I see in my childish eyes, I miss the echo of my own words. The music they make when they meander around in my head then dance to the drumming of my racing heartbeats. Leave the grease and the exposed hairy cracks to the mechanics, I tell myself then zoom past the desperate crowds in a dream powered Ferrari. I have the heart of Gawain and the ardor of Adonis, the Syrian God not the grovelling poet. I am the Tartoussi, Ibn al-Balad, who’s known the before and after, standing by and waiting for the end of this long day and a new beginning.
I'm coming back.


Hebe said…
You are and always will be a romantic poet, and I am sure all of us that enjoy your blogs will follow the path into your enthralling imagination with delight!

So write about love, women, food, wine, beauty and fulfill your heart out!

Joseph said…
Yalla, hizza! Natreenak, Abufares.
Anonymous said…
well even when you complain you write in a nice way. Life is not easy, even though it is meant to be. So just keep on writing my friend.
Abu Abdo.
Isobel said…
Always write and I will always read! :) Glad you're coming back!
Gabriela said…
I think we all miss the echo of your words. I saw your update on my blogroll earlier, but had to wait until the day came to its end to read it as quietly and peacefully as a writing of Abufares' deserves.

I don't know if you have ever heard this song. Every time I hear it, it reminds of you, the Tartoussi, the mariner at heart:

Hope you like it.
Abufares said…
So you say :-)
I wanna write about the good things that make life worthwhile. It's not that easy to extricate our minds from the vicious web of politics, atrocities and crimes committed but I need to.
Abufares said…
To Hizz my mind could prove therapeutic to myself and enjoyable to some.
To Hizz my butt, however, is disastrous on all levels.
Abufares said…
@Abu Abdo
Life is a bitch you're right but it's only because we (humans) allowed the dumb and base to rule us over the course of history.
Perhaps a total humanist revolution is the only hope for the future.
I can dream :-)
Abufares said…
How many times did I tell you. If you promise to always read me I will die with a pen in hand :-D
Abufares said…
When you're not the first one to comment I often wonder where you are and what you might be doing :-)
I thought you're busy at work and knew that once I wake up the next morning I'll find your, always, encouraging words.
It's nice to be back and this time I'll try to hang on.
Abufares said…
@Abu Kareem
What a beautiful song!!!
No, never heard it before but fell in love with it immediately.
If this reminds you of me I don't know what to say really! I'm so grateful. I am the mariner at heart and no song ever came so close to play my life's tune like this one.
Thank you!
BIL said…
As you say even a lofty leopard is distracted by buzzing flies....just as people are in life. In such a case, one (just as a leopard) should leave a deposit behind and let the flies stay put. For they are not worth anything more than that. One can see many parrells in such an outlook strange as it may sound. But if one thinks about it for a moment it all comes to focus like that ferrari with all the beauty around it. Look forward and not around it will get better:-)
Mariyah said…
The world is a dull place without your beautiful words. Thank you for the promise of sunshine. :)
Abufares said…
Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to your comment but you're absolutely right. Our undivided attention must be on the road ahead. What's done is done and will come to pass. We leave behind excess luggage, bad memories and sore losers. No matter the harm they've caused, we should scrape them off the walls. It's not a matter of forgiveness but rather of forgetfulness. That's the only fate they deserve.
Abufares said…
It's a cold and dark universe when you're not around. You're the big bang that made it worthwhile :-)
Hebe said…
"To need" is important!



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