Sile - The Face Lift

It all started when the television set exploded into a thousand pieces. I was tired after a day of give and take and was looking forward to having a beer in the comfort of my private hole in the ground. I took the elevator down to the basement where what I call my small barroom is located. I went around the bar to open the fridge and get a cold one when, splattered all over the floor, I saw the carcass of the TV set. After 6 years of hanging on a metal bracket, gravity got the upper hand and ripped the screws and bolt off the wall.

I had my beer anyway but was disgusted with myself. No, it wasn't because I had to buy a new piece of electronics at all. As a matter of fact I was looking forward to hanging a flat screen instead of the bulky box. It was just this feeling that my favorite room, the only one that I can claim as truly mine, because none of the others in the household like it, was in dire need of a face-lift. You see when I bought the flat (apartment) on the bones, as we say in Syria, I spent every penny I had saved on making it a cozy family home for 3 kids to grow up comfortably in. At long last when I wanted to dress up and furnish my 5X3 meter room I was virtually broke. So I made do on as limited a budget as possible and despite its spartan appearance Sile was by far my favorite place and sanctuary. Sile is a river in northern Italy and because of my affection for the city of Treviso where Sile  flows I bestowed its name on the one piece of real estate that is truly mine and mine alone.

Over the years I wrongfully allowed Sile to become a dump for discarded pieces of equipment like a treadmill, or tidbits of furniture like a desk the kids no longer wanted. Even the Foosball table I was so excited to have at first became a burden and a piece of junk. I hardly played Foosball, exercised on the treadmill or used the stupid desk that nobody wanted. I only sat on my favorite stool and had my most creative moments in the bliss of my solitude and a drink.

Then my muse, oh I have a muse too, ran her slender hand on my cheek. You deserve better, she said.
Oh, I know, I told her, but what should I do? Where should I start?
What do you like best?
You, when you talk in my head, I replied.
Beside me silly old fool. Beside drinking. Think about it!
Uhhh, I like to read, I guess. With the country being in the palm of an Afreet as it is now and with very limited outdoor activities, I'm left with my reading.
And where do you read habibi? Yup after a couple of drinks she starts calling me habibi.
In bed, where else can I read? You know how it is upstairs.
Then bring your books and come read down here.
But... look at this place... it needs... it's awful and...
Shhhhh, leave that to me, she whispered, get a piece of paper and a pencil and let me show you what to do.

That was last month. Now Sile is done. I'm so happy with it. I mean h.a.p.p.y. as in really happy I want the whole world, well not all of it just those who read this blog and actually reach this point without hurting themselves, to see what a great place Sile turned out to be. This is a private club and only accessible through a personal invitation. Oh well, you are all invited.

PS Tequila Talking by Lonestar is a song that I've been stuck with during most of the remodeling process. So it's only appropriate to use it as background music for the attached video.


Joseph said…
Mabrouk, Abufares. Looks like a miniature Gentleman's Club. Well done. Please save a seat for moi! :-)
Gabriela said…
I think everybody deserves to have a special place to hang out at home. In Spanish we call that special place a rincón (I can't find an English equivalent).
Good for you! And so nice you have a muse who talks you directly on the ear.
Isobel said…
Very nice, Abufares!! What a transformation! Joseph is right, it does have that "men's club" ambiance. How lucky you are to have such a comfortable room of your own. Alf mabrook! Enjoy!
Sonja said…
Very very nice!! My man says you just need a good humidor in there! lol

Wonderful space and well deserved!
Abufares said…
Thank you my friend. You're right! A photo of an Irish Pub (more like a Gentleman's Club) was an early inspiration in the process, at least with the colors chosen. Tell me when you'll be around. Your seat is already reserved :-)
Abufares said…
Although it sounds naughty to my Spanish sense of morality but yo quiero mi rincón, lolll.

Yes and yo quiero mi musa tambien :-)
Hebe said…
You know, my husband complains that not one of the rooms in our house is entirely his! Maybe I should surprise him an convert one of the rooms in another nice Gentleman"s Club Version...

I did convert the girls playroom onto his Gym, which he does uses. But, what was supposed to be half his office - half my studio is mostly my studio!!!! Agh.

In any case, your "Rincón" is lovely! May you have many more days with your muse as company and a beer or whisky at hand to enjoy it : )
Abufares said…
I am the luckiest man in the world to have what I have, I must admit :-)
Throughout the face-lift process I had no doubt that something good will come out of it. But when it was finally done, I stood there and looked at my Sile and saw how much more perfect (to me) it was than any bar I've seen or been to. I was speechless with delight!
I rarely change my Johnny Walker Black but the Grand Opening was well worth the bottle of Glenfiddich.
I raised my glass: Kassek!
Abufares said…
Well your man is absolutely right. Ask him to look at the right corner on top of the bookcase. There's my small humidor, filled with Cuban delights.
Thank you for coming here. Missed your presence :-)
Abufares said…
Your husband, like most good men in the world, is a victim of his own altruism :-)
Oh the things we have to go through to get what we want.
Give him my best and tell him that if he's anywhere around by any chance to drop by for a drink or two.
Mariyah said…
My dear Abufares, what a handsome room! So nicely done and only your presence could make it perfect. Congratulations!

I'm back in Damascus and trying desperately to catch up in the blogging world. I see I've missed many of your wonderful posts and I'm truly sorry. I also discovered, to my dismay,that someone has been using my name under which they have been publishing posts. What a crazy world we live in. You're lucky to have such a wonderful room to escape from it all. :)
Abufares said…
I woke up to rain, wind and your comment. A morning couldn't get any better than this.
It's about time you return (to us).
Like you I've been short on words because of what's going on here in Syria. It's true that I write sparingly whenever I overcome the impulse to remain silent or to freely speak my mind. But as you've probably noticed I am avoiding the big and only significant issue of our time cause I only have 2 options.
1) Be a hypocrite
2) Get myself in real trouble

As for these assholes who stole your name I hope they give it up before I get a chance to write them a personal letter and give them a piece of my mind.

I'm so happy you're back :-) Would you stay and write this time?
Dubai Jazz said…

Tethana Abu Fares.
Abufares said…
So glad to hear from you. Be well :-)
Antonio Tahhan said…
Abu Fares, b3d zaman... mabrook on this beautiful transformation. I love the new room!
Abufares said…
So glad to see you here. I hope we can enjoy each other's company in Sile and/or in Aleppo :-)

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