In Search of the Lost Pueblo

On a hot August morning in New Mexico, my GPSless friend and I embarked on a journey of geographical discovery in search of one of the illusive 19 Indian Pueblos. We were lost most of the time until eventually a couple of lumberjacks gave us the necessary instructions to get through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As we crossed the 12,000 ft path we descended on Taos and lived to tell about it.
Route: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos then back along the Rio Grande River.

This video is the first in a series of posts called " Homage to America". Hope you enjoy it!


Gabriela said…
You have been on the road recently. What a coincidence: me too. Different places, but most likely, we had unfogettable experiences.
Looking forward to seeing what's next!
Hebe said…
Wrote a long comment and forgot my password for my google account and it was not posted. In the end, it seems you are having a Great Road Trip! Beautiful places and good company, what else can one ask for?
Ok, maybe wine.... but regardless, ENJOY!
Isobel said…
Beautiful video, Abufares! Really nicely done. The area is gorgeous. I haven't been to New Mexico but have been to Arizona. The landscape and architecture is so different from that in Canada and I love it! Thanks for bringing us more of the world you've travelled, Abufares! :)
Abufares said…
Hola Gabriela
I've been in and out of the clouds and on and off distant roads for the last month and a half. In my dreams the drone of airplane and motorcycle engines is background music to the sight of unfolding runways and country roads. I had a good time and great company. I wish our paths crossed but I have faith that they will one day.
So happy to see you here :-)
Abufares said…
You know that it will only get worse with age, this forgetting business of yours, lol.
Good wine? How about Jack Daniel's with Coke on the Rocks? I had plenty of that... and a cold beer or two.
Back in my office! Oh well, I'd better look for work as it's getting harder and harder to find around here.
Abufares said…
Thank you for appreciating my director's, cameraman's and actor's skills. I had a difficult time deciding whether I should use text to describe this particularly beautiful trip or simply post a video. I think it's my way of easing myself back into writing. And... believe me, I have plenty to write about :-)
New Mexico is a beautiful state, Albuquerque is a very livable city although I can never imagine myself being away from water. Santa Fe is a little gem with wonderful architecture, history and art.
Expect more of Abufares in Wonderland in the coming days! Thank you (always) for coming here and lighting up my blog.
Chet said…
Beautiful! Excellent vidio. New Mexico has some great history and scenery to be seen. Thanks for sharing Abufares.
Rabi T. said…
Abu Fare, Love your choice of music. America's Horse with no name makes me nostalgic.
Abufares said…
NM is beautiful indeed. I loved every minute I spent there and hope to be able to visit again.
Thank you dear friend.
Abufares said…
As I was putting the video together this old song simply played itself. I love America, the band and the land. Thanks for your comment.
Abufares: What a treat to see this video and I'm so happy for you that you had the chance to visit NM. I went to school in Santa Fe (a L O N G time ago) and fell in love with the light and the air and the landscape and the spirit and basically everything about northern NM (please don't ask me to explain why I live in NYC). Hope you were lucky enough to be there during a rainstorm - the smell afterwards is sublime. Wishing you a wonderful trip and looking forward to your next video!
Abufares said…
@Drowning in Paper
Santa Fe is one of the nicest small American cities. I fell in love with the "light, the air, the landscape and the spirit too". I totally understand and you don't need to explain it any further. As a matter of fact you've described my feeling precisely. I'm not into the desert thing. I don't mind a quick visit but I can't stay for long away from a major body of water. So I was surprised when sitting on a bench in the main plaza the thought that "this is a great place to live in" hit me.
Any yes, I was extremely lucky to witness a rainstorm and its aftermath in Albuquerque then on my way back from Santa Fe.
Thank you for your nice visit to my blog :-)

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