Land's End

I’m perched at land’s end. The water is captivating, almost as beautiful as your eyes, almost as enticing as the sway of your hips. I’m as far removed from the world as the unfathomable depths of my soul.

The cradle of civilizations, desert, river and sea, the place I call home is awakening to the rumble of my identity. Whatever woes unfolded over the last few centuries are ripples on the surface of my perpetuity. The rise and fall of empires, the demise of the orient, the ascendancy of the northern tribes, the holocausts that laid the trail westward are only blemishes on my olive skin.

I’m not a king, nor was meant to be. I’m the humble, proud, complacent, fierce, forgiving, fanatic man who’s been through it before. I was there from the very beginning and will remain when all are gone.


The breeze fondles my short bang. I close my eyes and breathe your eternity, your absoluteness, your omneity.  The air around gathers its strength. It turns into a wind without direction and ineffectually assails me. I stand still still and wait like I’ve always done. Someday, the Shmali* will carry you this way. I’ll wade into the water, lift you up from the beaten raft then bring you to my down to earth level and kiss the hunger off your lips. Let it blow, the wind. It’ll come to pass if you stand your ground long enough... at land’s end.

*Shmali: A northwesterly wind that blows over the Levantine coastline. 


Mariyah said…
Ah, my dear Abufares, what lovely words you write. They flow so beautifully and take the reader to a place where words end and dreams begin. Thank you for bringing such poetry to my evening. :)
Gabriela said…
You always manage to amaze me with the grasp you have of words. The writing captures sensitivity so well, so masterfully that I can somehow feel the sensations you describe, the scents, the flavors.
As we say in Spanish: lo máximo.
Abufares said…
How about your comment? It's even more beautiful than the subject it's addressing.
Thank you for being here. You don't come too often I must say :-) Perhaps my posts should always carry a whiff of romance to lure you here.
Abufares said…
You encourage me beyond anything else to write the way I love to.
Thank you dear friend.
Isobel said…
Ahhh water! Sigh. It's so lovely to see and read about while everything is covered in a sheet of white and frozen solid over here. Your words dance over the page like sparkles of sunshine on the waves! Very nicely written - I have to agree with Gabriela. She said it so well. :) Thanks, Abufares!
Joseph said…
If only we could capture the wind; talk to the Shmali... and if it be his will, he shall spill the beans. lol
Good one Abufares.
Abufares said…
I am blessed with you girls, in this instance Mariyah, Gabriela and you Isobel. And, Oh and I'm blessed with Joseph too :-)
Thank you dear friend for your words, colorful seashells on a sandy beach.
Abufares said…
I talk to the Shmali all the time Jo and constantly remind him not to spill the beans :-)))
Karim said…
I love it Abufares, and I envy your Levantine pride, which I seem to have lost somewhere along the way.
Abufares said…
You haven't lost it I'm sure. Our pride is always modestly dressed in humility.
Thank you for coming this way.
KJ said…
I always knew that reading your posts early in the morning or late at night is the right thing to do.

I will take your words and dream of hungry lips to kiss. Not yours, of course :P haha!
Abufares said…
Well you know the lips have to be hungry for you in essence. So I would say that the possibilities are very limited indeed, if they exist at all :-)
Oh what an easy target!
What a cheap shot!!
BIL said…

Wonderful post..I can think I am there enjoying it with you in person:-) The Lands End jetting out into the sea with that fresh smell as it clears the head of the everyday thoughts and concerns. The only thing missing in that shot is the smoke of the grill with a good 20oz T-Bone and a cold beer just waiting to be devoured. Someday...we will have that opprotunity, Best wishes to all over there and take care! BIL
Abufares said…
You know it's funny you should say that. I did have a huge steak and a cold beer a couple of days ago :-)
I, too, look forward the day. Till then "Prost!!!"
Anonymous said…
Precioso... It leaves one in awe and serenity.

wb yeats
Anonymous said…
lenifiant et gerbant cretinisme egocentriste.
Abufares said…
@ wb yeats
Sorry for being so late in responding to your comment. I'm so glad you like it :-)

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