The smell of fresh coffee wafted to the balcony where I stood mesmerized by the dancing shadows. Budding roses in a pot trembled to the caress of a breeze. A bank of fog lightly veiled the silent sky above but I could feel it, rain was coming our way. I gulped my coffee, put on cotton pants, a t-shirt and a pair of old trainers and descended the stairs two steps at a time. Glancing at my watch I walked briskly toward the park. It was dawn.

The city woke up yawning. As a wet cold fell over my shoulders I hastened my pace and winced in the drizzle. A mourning dove, then a few, hence a dozen followed by a covey from here and another from there cooed and took to the air. The fluttering of wings awakened my dream of a peaceful existence, of hope, and of freedom. Birds were meant to fly not to shed feathers in a cage, no matter how big the cage is and irrelevant of the goodness of the keeper. I stood still and stared at the soaring flock, drops of rain blinding me with ecstasy. I longed to take wing, to see and hear the countryside from above in a kaleidoscope of colors and a concert of kindred.

It’s neither about the birds nor about the bees that I’m writing. It’s about us Syrians. I have never loved a land like I love mine and I’m aware that my feeling is shared by almost all of us here and abroad. She’s our home from high above and from the top of trees as she is from ground level.

The door is open, it’s high time we fly.


Yazan said…
And I've never loved a blog like yours ya Abu Fares.

It is time to fly high.
Gabriela said…
Yes, it's time to fly high and free.
Katia said…
How beautiful. How wonderful.
Isobel said…
What a beautiful post, Abufares. I too, hope that you, and all Syrians, achieve the freedoms that you want and most rightly deserve. All the best.
BIL said…
As the Syrian people awake to the new dawn and begin a long hard journey to free themselves from the cage, the world is with you! To stifle one’s ambitions is like a world that is only in black & white, without color, or a song without music. The things may be there but without meaning and purpose. You will certainly feel rewarded when that flight will surely someday take-off.
Take care - BIL
Abufares said…
I don't want us to sound as if we always exchange compliments but you know how I feel about your writing on your blog. You have a very important medium at your disposal my friend, you have at least hundreds of readers who share your enthusiasm, intellect and desire to leave a mark. Your latest entry: Reclaiming Syria! http://goo.gl/XNaC7 is a case in point.
Please keep writing there Yazan. FB is great (rolling my eyes) so is Twitter, but you shine best on your blog :-)
Abufares said…
Thank you for your concern my dear friend. I'm glad to tell you that we're fine... waiting and pending... real action regarding one of the basic necessities of life: Freedom!
Abufares said…
Thanks for being here and for enjoying what took me 10 minutes to write but a considerable effort to keep it in line with the world according to a tartoussi :-)
Abufares said…
You words of support mean a great deal to me.
Everyone deserves to be free. The fact that we are born naked is an indication of the inherent freedom in being.
The doors must be open all the way and on all levels, hoping that once they are we don't go blind when it comes to the less fortunate ones who remain prisoners of all forms of oppression, domestic, social, financial and international.
Always a pleasure, seeing you here and everywhere else :-)
Abufares said…
Thank you for your support. You're absolutely right, without freedom there's no color, no sound, taste or smell, no feel for life.
I hope we are on the right track.
Anonymous said…
Keeping my fingers crossed that your time of freedom is close! The time is right for it.

Take great care,

w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@wb yeats
Better late than never.
To say out loud: I want to be free is like saying I need to drink water or to breathe some fresh air. There's no threat in it, no intimidation. It shouldn't be considered aggressive or chaotic. It's basic human instinct. That's all!
Karin said…
Allow me to copy Isobel!! You, every Syrian deserves freedom just like EVERYONE on this planet! I hope and pray it's Syria's turn to open the gates, to allow people to say and write what they want without intimidation and oppression - to invite the air of freedom to fill the country! I'm with you in this quest - 100%!
Anonymous said…
AbuFares, Yet again you give us a glimpse into your world of beauty and hope.
Your Eliotian vivid description of your surroundings, especially those of your hometown Tartus, forces my brain to bring back the long forgotten smell of Syria's shores and beaches...For that I thank you..

Best wishes form New York..
Abufares said…
Thank you my friend for your kind wishes.
We all look forward the day when Freedom and Bread are of equal importance and ... abundance :-)
Abufares said…
@New Yorker
Thank you for your comment. I hope that you get a chance soon to relive your nice memories in Syria spiced with the essence of freedom and infused with the aroma of liberty.

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