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Long Live Egypt - تحيا مصر


F....b you

I quickly went over the numbers. I started this blog in April of 2006 and published 73 posts that same year. I wrote 64 in 2007, 42 in 2008, 53 in 2009 and 37 posts in 2010. Obviously it’s a declining trend but what disturbs me to a larger extent is that most of the blogs I followed regularly over these last few years have all but become inactive. Of course everybody is on Facebook now. In 2010 there was more facebooking than googling so it’s easy to imagine the huge impact it must’ve had on blogging. Facebook is fulfilling a crucial role in our online lives or it would’ve flipped belly up like many other failed attempts at social networking. The fact that I don’t personally quite appreciate it doesn’t detract from my understanding of its popularity and appeal. I go there because that’s where many of my friends hang out and I’m always thrilled to “get together” with them for a quick, often, entertaining exchange. In that respect I see Facebook as a waterhole for buddies to chill out