Year of the Cliff-Diving Bull

In the final hours I lure my raw feelings and trap them in an amber bottle. I nurse them with tenderness, lull them with the etherizing smoke of a Cuban cigar then watch them bleed through the tip of a pen. I run my fingers through the wavy hair of a year gasping for one last breath. Naked, I stand in the cold on top of a steep rock. The view is awesome as I carry 2010 precariously close to the precipice. You've been my year, I softly whisper, staring at eternity whirling in her sleepy eyes. I kiss her softly and lay her to rest. Then I tiptoe forward to the very edge, raise my arms high above my head and, like a cocked bow releasing its feathered arrow, I jump off the cliff, soul first. I dive toward the blue sea. At long last I'm free.

The world around remains enslaved by the folly of mad men and women. The lust for power, greed and tyranny dictate the day to day existence, the very destiny of the exasperated masses. The oppressed were further tormented while those living under the illusion of freedom went on with their lives unperturbed. The hungry, the homeless and the poor were stripped naked of their dignity by the cheapness of the rich. Generations aspiring for human honor and personal liberty suffocated from the obnoxiousness of fetid traditions and the defunct morality of ideas long dead. Is it about the world I'm writing or is it about me?

I bullied my way forward like a raging bull in an Andalusian plaza de toros. The smell of blood and urine and earth mixed together, filling my nostrils with the pungence of life and death. Torn between encouraging cheers and dispiriting shouts the arena turned red in my eyes. The matador was a small man like most. He would not stand a chance if it weren't for his picador on horseback and the gang of banderilleros stabbing my back with barbed sticks. Men who hide behind shiny pretense are bereft of courage while honor lies under the hoofs of the beast. Another swig followed by a long drag and the red lessened. I was walking upright again, crossing yet another bridge and burning it like others before. There was an open field ahead and way in the distance the silhouette of a forest emerged and drew my horizon. I walked on.

Happy New Year!


Katia said…
Happy New Year, Abufares!

I hope 2011 will be even better to you than 2010, and may your walk towards that forest be as satisfying as the crossing of that last bridge. Enjoy that peaceful freedom!
Isobel said…
Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2011.
Gabriela said…
I love to end 2010 with a new post from Abufares! :D
Answering your question, I think you are writing about the world as you see it, so it's kind like you write about you too.
May we all keep on enjoying your wonderful view of the simplest events.
Joseph said…
You are now, free, my friend. Congratulations, I wish you all the best of luck for a prosperous future, a future that is fit for your aspirations.
Happy new adventure and the happiest of New Years.
BIL said…
Just say'n "Happy New Year" to you and the whole family. I enjoyed reading the scripts of the World as seen through your eyes, with a unique view as only Abufares can bring. The fantistic history from yor country blended with the sometimes dry yet humorus slant is really enjoyable. Look forward to possibily meeting sometime in the near future:-) The BIL
Abufares said…
Happy New year :-)
I hope 2011 is a better one for everybody although I can't really complain about my 2010. It was the best year in my life... and there are plenty of those under my belt, you know.
Thank you for always being a friend.
Abufares said…
I'm dumbfounded by your poignant comment, lolll. Just kidding :-)
As I already commented on your wonderful blog, I wish you boundless happiness in every single drop of an endless blue sea.
Abufares said…
Writing about the world through my eyes is the only way I can do it. I'm fortunate to have YOU here as a reader and as a very dear friend.
Happy 2011 to you Gaby!!!
Abufares said…
You're one of the first people I told about me starting over in 2011. The forest is a pleasant albeit long way ahead but I'm so happy I burned that last bridge.
I wish you a change to the better. A year of fulfillment and new dreams.
Abufares said…
Thank you for always being here and for other things :-)
I'm so glad when I know that my writing is providing you with an insight about my country.
I, too, look forward our meeting soon. Don't forget the beer, and light wouldn't do it for me ;-)
Neetu said…
Happy New Year to you, your near and dear ones. With my best wishes....
Abufares said…
Happy New Year to you too :-)
I'm so glad to see you here again.
Isobel said…
Lol, Abufares! I know...sometimes I can be so verbose! Actually, I was the one who was dumbfounded. You wrote a beautiful piece and I enjoyed it very much. I'm sorry I didn't give you proper praise to begin with. :) Looking forward to many more of your fantastic posts this year!
KJ said…
Liberation of the soul at its finest! Good for you, Abufares, and may the forest you are walking into be full of slender elven chicks and voluptuous fairies that arouse your fancies!
Abufares said…
I knew I'd get you back here :-)
You're giving me all the praise I dream of by simply reading me. That you comment at all makes me much more than happy.
Thank you, always... Happy New Year!
Abufares said…
It took me quite a while to feel liberated my friend. I hope you discover your own freedom earlier.
There's only one chick for me KJ. I looked so hard for so long till I found her and she's the fairest of all the fairies out there:-)
BIL said…
Abufares, I am glad you found the “one Chick” as so aptly said in the earlier comment, and for that I am very happy for you:-) I too, after the passing of my first wife also took a long and sometimes very lonely walk through that forest, thinking I could not find joy in life again. But alas, I have been blessed twice in my life (some people do not even get one) to be able to walk over that one bridge. Albeit the forest I walked through was much different than yours, the path led to the same beauty and peacefulness you too have found! Again, best wishes down that long path in the coming year and really are looking forward to us meeting in the coming months:-) Please pass that on to your better half and I hope she can join you on your visit! Whether it is jumping off the cliff or a simple bull ride we will have fun on us meeting for the first of many that will surely come! The BIL

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