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I don't translate bits of news and post them on my blog. However, I felt compelled this morning to do just that after reading this shocking story on Shukumaku.
It made me wonder whether we're living in Syria or in Saudi Arabia and whether our police really have nothing better to do. The only positive aspect I could discern (there is really none but I'm trying to keep what crumbles of optimism I have left in my mental grip) is that the vast majority of the commentators on the original piece of journalistic crap were as stunned as I was.

The Edleb Criminal Security Branch arrested (Fadi-L) and (Rahaf –G) of Aleppo for having sex in a car.
Informed sources indicated to Shukumaku that during a routine security watch a patrol car from the Branch suspected foul play on the Maa'ret Al-No'man - Damascus highway (a KIA Rio parked on the side of the road). Upon field investigation by the members of the patrol they discovered a young man and woman on the back seat of the car in an indecent position. They were arrested during the act of having sex.
After taking both into custody to the Branch Headquarter, Fadi confessed that he is in love with the girl Rahaf (21 years) and that they have a sexual relationship. Later she was examined by the medical examiner and was found to be not virgin since she was married and divorced before.
The arrested man indicated that he often accompanies Rahaf in a car outside Aleppo and that they regularly have sex. This time, however, he "forgot himself" and reached  the outskirts of Maa'ret Al-No'man near Edleb.
It was also found that the young man, Fadi, has a police record because he had ran away from the compulsory military service and that the car was rented. Accordingly, their confessions were duly recorded and they will be transformed to the judicial system to receive their fair judgment.


Anonymous said…
Oh, wow. Yeah, "journalistic" shouldn't even be in their vocabulary. As for the cops - they sure have their priorities straight *eyeroll*
Abufares said…
Hello Hiba and thank you for passing my way.
The way this whole episode was handled is incredibly distressing starting with the "police", the "medical examiner" and the "fair judgment" crap to how Shukumaku reported on the matter.
Unknown said…
Most of all it was important to discover and report (in detail) that she, at the age of 21, was not a virgin, because this should be everyone's business. Oh god, disturbing. Those poor kids.
Abufares said…
You know Isobel
This is such a disgusting "story" but what bothered me most about it is the exact point you made. That she had to be examined to determine whether she was virgin or not. The medical examiner determined (after examination) that she was not virgin although he well knew that she was married and divorced before.
How despicably self-righteous can humans be?
Screw them all.
Unknown said…
I listened to your link, Joseph. That was fantastic! A perfect commentary to go along with this ridiculous story.
Abufares said…
You know what's the funny thing. When I clicked your link, listened to it and commented it didn't occur to me that you left it on the wrong post :-)
I knew all along that it's about this one.
It's a fantastic link and a ridiculous story indeed.
Joseph said…
Thank you Isobel & Abufares. A ridiculous story indeed.
I failed to mention that Poor Fellows is a poem written by Pablo Neruda.

Abufares, I wasn't looking either. "I swear to drunk I'm not God!" lol
KJ said…
Why would the doc examine her if she was already married... No wonder she is having sex with someone else in the car!

The more people inhibit sex the more deviant it becomes. The mind boggles.
Abufares said…
You missed the stupefying logic.
She was married and divorced before!!! Yet the medical examiner still had to determine if she was a virgin or not.
I wonder what kind of doctor doesn't feel ashamed of getting involved in this perversion.
Lak Kess ekhta mella balad wa mella 3alam if their honor is between women's legs.

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