No Honor in Honor Killing

The 29th of October is International Day of Solidarity with Victims of Crimes of Honor. To all the psychotic men who believe that killing women restores their honor. To all the worhtless men and submissive or manly women who blame the victim and the murderer. To all the cowardly lawmakers looking the other way. To all the timid souls toward the savagery of tribalism, traditions, awkwardness, and yes even religion. You are ALL partners in crime.

There is no honor in Honor Killings.


Unknown said…
Well said, Abufares. Bravo.
Gabriela said…
May the souls of all these victims rest in peace...
Anonymous said…
hey Abu Fares ,

religion has nothing to do with honor crimes ,keep that fact in your mind ok ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
idit said…
good post
kinzi said…
Thanks for adding a strong masculine voice, Abu Fares!
BIL said…
Abufares, a wonderful post and something that needs to stay in the forefront as what I would have to say is the greatest injustice in the world today. To your contributor "Anonymous” saying it is not part of religion, its practice is a misguided folly by males primarily in the Islamic community – sad as it is the stats speak for themselves. This is what I found when going to Google and searched the “history of”. As your readers can see it may not be directly linked to religion ... it certainly is intertwined with an association of the Islamic faith. How sad that is in that it gives all Muslims a bad and unjust black eye in the face of world opinion. This is a short condensed version of what I found:
Honor Killings date back to the pre-Islamic era. In those times men were encouraged to kill their baby daughters alive to avoid the possibility that they might dishonor their family. The prophet Mohammed called for this to end. However, the practice spread throughout Arabic countries but remains a global issue, with violence and killing in the name of honor being recorded in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Britain, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Sweden, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, Venezuela and the West Bank. Despite this, the majority of honor killings occur in the Middle East, in Muslim settings. It is important to note that Islamic law and religion do not support the practice. The practice in fact has tribal roots which precede Islam and can be traced back to the Hammurabi and Assyrian tribes of 1200 B.C. It stems from a belief that women, like livestock and land, are the property of men, and that it is a man’s role to ensure a stable family structure. A woman’s virginal status is seen as both the property and responsibility of the man. While honor killings violate various rights outlined by the Declaration of Human Rights, legal systems in the countries where most honor killings occur allow for the practice to continue with no or minimal repercussions. These countries include Jordan, West Bank and Palestine. Other areas where the law makes some form of allowance are Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Peru, Syria, Turkey and Venezuela.
Let us stand up and put an end to this darn @#$% once and for all. Again Thanks for the fine post. BIL
Anonymous said…
Hey! I do not know what happened this morning, but when I tried to comment this window did not come up...

Anyway, this is a very important short and precise post, and I'm very proud that YOU were the one to post it. I agree 100% with what you said.

Take care Abufares,
w.b. yeats
Zoubida said…
The first time I've heard of crime of honor was about rape victims killed because, well... they were raped! The rapists? Not even a slap on the hand.
You did well to mention the submissive/manly women accomplices of such crimes. They play a major role in perpetuating the horror.
Abufares said…
Thank you for your unbending support to not only this but all just causes.
Your minimalist list of Victims of Dishonor Crimes is too long if it contains a single name.

You're a beautiful person Isobel and I'm more than happy to be your friend. I'm very proud :-)
Abufares said…
Thank you for caring
For being the wonderful human being you are.
Abufares said…
I was going to disagree with you but BIL actually said everything I could've used in my counter argument and more.
I wish you were right of course. I wonder whether you read a couple of the blogs (Arabic written)which discussed the topic "Honor Crimes".
These lads are deranged individuals. Religion, used as fuel in their stupid bigoted logic about "adultery" made them dangerous.
Abufares said…
Thank you
Abufares said…
I can't say that I'm writing about the folly of men with any kind of pleasure. I'm really disgusted that I have to address such a topic, that we still live in a place and age where morons with a pen (or a PC) use the occasion to attack the victims by saying that some of them committed adultery and in the grand scheme of things deserve their fate.

Their presence (these psychos) among us is a manifestation of whoreishness beyond the honorable job (in comparison) of prostitutes.
Abufares said…
Well what can I say???
You really wrapped it up very nicely and right on the mark.
Many thanks for your thoughts.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
Thank you for trying again and finally succeeding in leaving your comment. Awareness is the first step in eliminating ignorance.
Abufares said…
This is so sad but unfortunately true.
It's my opinion that the submissive/manly women whom I clearly targeted are the most culpable accomplices in the crime of Honor Killings.
They are the worst and they are a Muslim woman's worst enemies.
Thank you for your comment.
Abu Fares,

Very well said. There is absolutely no way to justify, excuse, minimize or look the other way when it comes to honor killing. It is about time for religious leader, who spend way too much time spouting senseless edicts meant to compulsively micromanage people's lives to take on this most pressing of social issues.
Zoubida said…
""It is about time for religious leader, who spend way too much time spouting senseless edicts meant to compulsively micromanage people's lives to take on this most pressing of social issues.""

There is a paralel in Quebec's very young history regarding catholic clerics all to busy micromanaging people's life while ignoring major issues. It ended-up with the "revolution tranquille".
Abufares said…
@Abu Kareem
Micromanagement is exactly what religious leaders and sociopaths enjoy doing most.
They're not mentally equipped to do anything useful thus they revert to interfering with other people's lives by dictating the Do's and Dont's.
Ignoring them is the easy way out. Confronting them intellectually and standing our ground is our best strategy.
Abufares said…
Thanks for the link. Very interesting.
KJ said…
Eloquent as always, abufares! Such a shame this happens at this day and age.
Milli Schmidt said…
A statistic for England:
Homicide: On average, two women a week are killed by a violent partner or ex-partner. This constitutes nearly 40% of all female homicide victims. (Povey, (ed.), 2005; Home Office, 1999; Department of Health, 2005.)

It is interesting to consider male violence against women in a wider context, then honour just becomes one particular justification connected to a particular system of cultural meaning. In other contexts it is justified by other means, but the outcome is the same.
Abufares said…
The mere existence of gender inequality is a shame. Nothing can justify this.
Abufares said…
This is such an eye opener.
If we peel the layers of religion, culture and traditions and we get down to the basic male domination instinct (due to physical power superiority) we conclude that violent crime against women (by their partners or ex-partners) in the West is driven by the same force as Honor Crime: Crude Animal Instinct!

Thank you for your very valuable contribution to the subject.

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