That's What It's All About

I wonder but without conviction if a truly happy person can be creative. I am on an extended vacation, the longer I've taken in years but it's not just that. For over a month I've been swimming in a care-free state of heart and mind. The time I'm spending in front of my PC screen is not significantly less than usual. However, I'm too upbeat to write except to myself and only my very private thoughts.

Vacationing is partly responsible for my overall elation no doubt but this is not to be confused with roaming like a mindless tourist among the crowd. I've been slacking alone mostly, blending effortlessly with my environment, living my days to the fullest from sunrise to sunset, rising with the birds, strolling in the woods, riding my motorcycle on country roads, skimming the top of fluffy clouds, enjoying the company of old friends, seeing my own reflection in the eyes of the most beautiful of women then falling asleep with the advent of night. I've been here and there but in fact nowhere. This voyage took me furthest away from my own backyard yet I'm at home.

For those dear friends who wrote, worried about my well-being, asking if everything was alright, I have only this to say: I've never been better, more fulfilled, more un-needing of anything than I am right now.

Some are driven by an ambition to improve their future while others by unattainable yearnings. Very few can look back and honestly say, to themselves before others, we've lived our dreams and we're conjuring more.

I knew it all along but now I get to say it at last: that's what it's all about... Life!


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are feeling good
Abu Abdo
BIL said…
So glad to see that these few weeks of late have appeared to be good for your soul. I know, sometimes one just needs to get away from it all (right now that has special meaning for me) (I mean being away from it all). This forces one to be somewhat reflective and take personal inventory of what is important or unimportant. To be able to take that time and ride through a country somewhat unfamiliar or swimming under an endless sky has its own special effect on one’s self and causes the energy to be recharged before going back into the same old daily routine. But happy that all this meandering activity seems to have boded very well for you and your spirits. But unfortunately, all good things come to an end, just remember not to let the next episode wait so long as the last (as you said we only live once). So make the most and have a safe trip back home and say hello to everyone for me. BIL
KJ said…
I knew today was going to be exceptionally beautiful. I woke up and I have never felt so happy as I am today. Like someone who has finally found love.

Reading your news just makes everything even better. I am very glad you are feeling the way you are now and I pray I end up in your shoes [and hopefully not as smelly! :-) ].

Wishing you a great day, every day
Abufares said…
@Abu Abdo
My dear friend
So glad to hear from you!
Happy Ramadan to you and yours and I hope you get to feel even better than I do, or at least as much :-)
Abufares said…
I know what you must be going through right now. It's the journey of the mind that makes us weary or full of glee. The body is there just for the ride :-)
Good things do not last, alas, but and end is always a new beginning.
Take care.
Abufares said…
"Like someone who has finally found love."
KJ you always pick the choiciest of words... and you're right :-)
That's all what it's about... Life!
Katia said…
I'm glad to know that you're happy, even if this means less Abufares-to-read for the wandering souls of us mere humans :-)
Gabriela said…
It's so nice to see such a beautiful and encouraging post so early in the morning.
Some years back I realized life is like it is, and we better take it from the good side: see what we've got and be thankful, instead of even mention what we lack.
Enjoy your well deserved vacactions!
Abufares said…

I feel good!
The understatement of a lifetime ;-)
I'll get back to writing if that's what you really want. I know, I know, I'm going to get back to working too and to the nuisances of day to day existence but somehow it's not the same anymore. It took me a long while to "mature" and I believe I just did, lolll.
Take care and you too have some fun :-)
Abufares said…
You summed it all my friend: "...see what we've got and be thankful"
Right now, there's no man as thankful as I am :-)
Always beautiful to see you here.
Karin said…
I am so happy to hear you're having the time of your life!!

I'll get to this point - hopefully - sometime in future ... after all, one should never give up hope! And you're right - that's what it's all about - LIFE!

Mariyah said…
You have a way of making something so simple sound so beautiful and magical. Your writing is such a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Also, I love the photo of the lighthouse. It has a dreamy quality about it. All the best, my dear friend, for the rest of your vacation and afterward.
Joseph said…
So the heat wave did you good after all, Abufares. lol Welcome back.
Certain things we cannot escape from, no matter how hard we try. But very often in our efforts to escape, we crash into something rather delightful to the senses. The sound of certain things, like for example, the whispers of the stars in the deepest of nights, or the random smell of something in the air that conjures up a beautiful life long memory. A woman perhaps, the blaze of a silent breath extinguished only by a moist kiss.
All these elements, heavily anchor a state of well being in the deepest corners of our minds... Such is life.

I hope I'm not talking shite at this hour of morning. :-)

You have a great Friday Abufares.
yaser said…
I have also reached a stage in my life where I think I have matured..
thank you for helping me recognize that and for making my morning... well, just for making my morning!
have a wonderful weekend
Abufares said…
Never! You can give up anything but not hope.
Thank you for always caring my friend and I look forward your good & HAPPY news :-)
Abufares said…
You of all people should know that the simpler the more beautiful everything is. I have learned at least that from reading you :-)
Lighthouses fascinate me and feed my imagination with unheard of mysteries and fantasies. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of living in one as a keeper. I have to give myself credit for being stubborn as far as my dreams are concerned. I don't give up easily. So hopefully one day I can lean on the railing of this beautiful lighthouse and whisper: "You see!!!"
Abufares said…
"the blaze of a silent breath extinguished only by a moist kiss." Oh come on Jo, you should be writing for a living, I swear.
Everything you said was spot on. One can never escape the nuisances of day to day existence but one can dream. I had a great vacation I must admit and I'm not shying away from the usual "reality" but would take it head one, again and again for as long as I have to. Islands of bliss in a never-ending ocean of sameness are these moments in time.
Abufares said…
The fact that you realize that it takes maturity to fulfill and live our dreams put a huge grin on my face.
Thank YOU for making my day :-)
Anonymous said…
Dear Abufares, glad to heer this from you, vacation should be part of life ,weekly or dayly,
once againe i remember Gelgimesh, after all his strugel with life NUEH asked him ,what are you searching for? go back to your city , get a beautiful wife make children and drink beer,
Abufares said…
Well it should really be that we work for a month and take a vacation for the rest of the year :-)

I'm searching for MY city NEUH. Once I find it I'll be alright.
Karin said…
SO GOOD you had a fantastic vacation!! LIFE is indeed what is all about ... I miss it with every fiber of my being but am confident I will find it again ... one day, hopefully soon!!
Joseph said…
Thank you for this humbling confidence in my writing, Abufares.
Thank you for the inspiration.

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