I've been out of it... Blogging that is, among other things.

Work surrounded me, trapped me in and overwhelmed me by its utter persistence and futility. I was fed up with the whole work ethic crap. We were naturally built to have fun, you know, like eat, sleep, make love then eat and sleep some more. Some bastards came along the way, maniacally obsessed with control and psychotically enticed by the prospect of turning everybody's life around them into a miserable and grim existence and... and they managed to fuck it up for the rest of us. Feasting till we drop on our backs was deemed inappropriate behavior. Climbing trees to find a solid branch for an early afternoon nap became a waste of time. Spotting a sonsie female while drinking from a spring and jumping her turned into "a thou-shalt-not". Chains were conceived and forged, taboo, religion, labor, military, slavery and ultimately capitalism took over, brutalized our ingrained indulgence and sodomized our innate wantonness. With the rise of civilization came the demise of man. And woman of course.

So I decided to take a vacation.


Unknown said…
BRAVO, Abufares!!! Have a fantastic time. :) Is that you with a vacation "glow"?
Gabriela said…
I was thinking exactly the same thing Isobel just mentioned on her comment.
I hope you have great days off. As for me, I'm enjoying some days off too. It's delicious to do just one FORGOTTEN thing: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Karin said…
Gosh I envy you all ... I have even forgotten even the meaning of the word "vacation"!! Nevertheless dear friend - have a FUN TIME, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE ... and make sure you maintain the "sexy glow"!!;-)
KJ said…
You're looking very handsome Abu Fares! Hahahaha! Enjoy your holiday my friend :)
Stefan Dumas said…
Holy shit Abufares what's that miracle diet you're on?
BIL said…
I would like to know your secret on how to get that “Wash Board” abdomen! I could not imagine that all that and a tan to boot in just days…I need to get your Personal Trainer on contract. But alas, sorry to say I just do not have the time with my working 90 hours a week right now. Some day….Hmmmm those AB muscles. So go ahead and enjoy yourself and dazzle the ladies (It could be that it is a vacation but not rest and relaxation)! Maybe work could in the end just prove to be the rest you REALLY NEED! Have a good one and say Hi to all. BIL
Abufares said…
I always let my body tan more than my face so that when I'm fully dressed people take me seriously. I mean you know with my looks I have to work so hard on being heard instead of being devoured by hungry eyes :-)
Abufares said…
The art of doing nothing, a lost one indeed.
I'm resting and relaxing and letting my mind wander as far away from work as possible.
I am glowing, aren't I???
Anonymous said…
Abufares, once you said (time is more than mony)

Abufares said…
My glow is perpetual and unstoppable my friend :-D I can't help it even if I try...
You should take a vacation and soon. Being in desert country perhaps a trip to the Caribbean or Cancun would do you good.
Abufares said…
It must be the sea air :-)
Have a good time too. Any chance of you coming over soon?
Abufares said…
@Stefan Dumas
It must be the strict regimen I follow. 2 beers every night before bedtime.
Thank you for dropping by:-)
Abufares said…
I think the Lighter Beer is helping ;-)
And can you believe it! No personal trainer, I did it all by myself, lolll.
You take care and try to wrench some fun out of the grim work environment. I know it's hard but FUN is a state of mind after all.
Abufares said…
Oh yes my friend.
Money...!!! in one of its more useful forms is used to wipe our butts.
Time, on the other hand, should not be gravely wasted but rather happily enjoyed.
Theodora quilts said…
Hello there ,I was serching the web for shanklish and I stumbbled upon the post that you wrote in 2007 ,my husband and I read it through and through and enjoyed it immensly , my husband is from homms and he says that they make it there the best and his grandfathers little village close to safita, before the 70's it was called bdada now it is dawra al rifeeyee it is on your way to al mushta I am sure you are very familiar since you go to the villages looking for shanklish.My husband claims that the best is in Homms just as you mentioned your uncle had always the best shanklish there.
Abufares said…
Thank you for dropping by. But of course I know Bdada and I still call that beautiful village by her real name :-)
The whole area there makes delicious shanklish but you need to tell your husband that he should consider Bdada as a Tartoussi village and not Homsi, lolll.

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