To profess to be doing God's will is a form of megalomania. -Joseph Prescott, aphorist (1913-2001)

A dear friend of mine, an artist, a humanist and a self-professed atheist with an absolute and egalitarian renunciation of all religions wrote me a letter. She received information by email, too bad to be true, she thought, about Islam. "I cannot believe that all of what is written here is true, so I'm asking you to write something about this in your blog. I want you to respond to this trash."

Now considering that I've been recently called "Evil" for my secular views by one of the more assiduous Islamist bloggers, personally slandered by an obnoxious and vindictive shaver for my pro-Western disposition and an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist by a Zionist/Crusader mummy I don't find myself well-suited for the task of defending Islam or any other religion for that matter. I am a secular humanist and I have taken a clear position on the matter. I value human thought above all and am ready to challenge any notion claiming to be of divine origin.

But I stop abruptly before I differentiate between the merits and the fallacies of each monotheist religion against the other(s) for the simple and only reason that they are basically similar. They share the same strengths and weaknesses. Where they vary is with their interpretation of divinity and their degree of obsession with rituals. To reply to the venomous anti-Islamic propaganda of Nonie Darwish, founder of Arabs for Israel, is self-defeating. To bring myself to her level of ignorance and idiocy is not an option. She seems to be focused on discrediting Islam, Arabism and Palestine in one sweeping attack. She irrevocably mixes fabrications from the worst nightmarish interpretations of the Koran, archaic pre-Islamic tribal traditions of the desert and the outright lies of Zionist evangelism into an in-cohesive body of thought. And, she fails terribly in convincing anyone who is not already more imbecilic than her.

Every human being reacts to the idea/truth of God within the wide spectrum of one of four different ways. The first is for a person to be a believer of one religion only. The second is to be an atheist. The third is to believe in "God(s)" outside the bounds of religion. The fourth and rarest of all is to ascertain that all religions hold some element of truth in them and could not be mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, the mass majority of men and women falls in the first group and it is from this immense array of humanity that extremists and bigots in all of their known forms, including Taliban, Crusaders and Zionists arise. This is the cradle of Islamist terrorism against the West, Christian genocide against Jews and Muslims and the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians and humanity.

When a Christian converts to Islam and elaborates on her new-found bliss (according to her) without denigrating her old faith she is adhering to what is basically "good" and benevolent in both Christianity and Islam. However, when Nonie Darwish ascertains that she abandoned Islam because it is a terrible religion and deserted Egypt because it is a disgusting country; that she became a Christian and later founded Arabs for Israel she is only being herself, a fake humanitarian usurper and hate mongrel. A Christian, one who comprehends the message of Jesus, is incapable of writing something so despicably vile about another faith. An Arab for Israel, however, is the perfect hayena to do just that.

Nonie, I'm not calling you infidel. You're nothing more than a hate perpetuating bitch.


Anonymous said…
Thank you Abufares for following up on my request! I think I will send my friend a link to your blog so she can read and see for herself other points of view on the subject matter.

It still amazes me how hate can cloud the vision of intelligent people, to the point that they will write lies so intricately woven. The worst of it is that most people read them, and will forget that not everything they read on paper or the internet is true.

w.b. yeats
BIL said…
It is too bad that most people seem to be obnoxious when talking about religion no matter what faith or belief that might be. I tend to believe that each religion has its own merits and no one religion has a patent on being the absolute correct version of believing in a higher authority. When I see people you describe as falling into the first group (what I see a personal failing) no matter what faith they might be pontificating, it can only lead to an outcome of something less than desirable for all of mankind. The ability to be accommodating to the idea that other people might see the world through a different lens is the fabric that can bond all of us together. I agree with W.B. Yeats' comment on intelligence Vs hate. I am glad to see that through your post(s) you try to further a more humanistic cause. It is just too bad not more people take up this attitude. I think that the world in general could have a chance to be a better place for all. Good post, please keep it up! BIL
Gabriela said…
Religion is always a difficult and very delicate subject.
Dubai Jazz said…
Leaving religion aside, the whole idea of being 'for Israel' is stomach-turning as far as I'm concerned. And one should assume that Noine, being an Arab, would be more acquainted with the horrendous crimes Israel committed against the Palestinians (since its very inception). The one great thing about Humanism is that it's universal and all-embracing. Everyone, even bigots like Noine, are entitled to human rights. Assuming that Islam is that horrible religion as Noine and co are portraying it: just because Palestinians happen to be Muslims, for the most part, doesn't mean it's alright to ethnically cleanse them and deny them the right to self-determination.
Abufares said…

I hope I was able to shed a light on the motives driving this bigot. It's a shame to consider her a humanist as if anyone who badmouths religion (Islam in particular) has earned his/her rights to be called so.

Isn't Ironic that all hell broke loose over Helen Thomas' statement about the Jews in Israel while Nonie Darwish is treated as a champion of human rights because she berates Muslims all over the world?
Abufares said…
You see my friend!!! You are a rare one who belongs to the 4th group I mentioned: Believe that all religions possess some truth in them. Had children been taught this at an early age instead of the US vs. THEM dichotomy the world would've been certainly a much better place to live in and to love.
As a secular humanist I have an issue with religion (in the absolute sense) being brought into the political decision making process. While it's true that Islamists are working toward that end how could we turn a blind eye toward the "Christianists" and "Judaists" already in seats of power and pursuing their discriminatory and genocidal policies in different parts of the world. And I don't mean those who were simply born Christians or Jews but I do mean those who base their decisions on the fact that they are morally superior because of their faith.
Abufares said…
¡Hola my friend:-)

This post is not really about religion. At least I didn't intend it as such. It's about one bigot and the hate she purposely wants to instill in neutral people.
I'm not a religious person at all but I dispute the common ideas of all religions and don't single out one faith and ridicule it or offend its followers. Because in this case I imply that other religions are inherently better and this is the biggest lie in the world. Anyone who believes that his or her religion is the absolute truth while at the same time believing that the others are fake is an idiot. God cannot be so sadistic as to grant one group of people the right key while screwing the others. It's as simple as that!
Abufares said…
@Dubai Jazz
You and I both know that it's all about Israel. Nonie Darwish is just playing a dirty role while at the same time making quite a bit of money.
Her rudimentary logic, raw and hateful, echoes what Zionists have been preaching and indeed practicing for the last century.

Arabs for Israel my ass...
KJ said…
Someone should realize that Palestine is THE place where all religions exist. This whole for Israel branding is exactly as it sounds - just another imbecile with the intention of humanising a psychopath's wrongdoings.

"A Christian, one who comprehends the message of Jesus, is incapable of writing something so despicably vile about another faith" is a sentence that could be said regarding most religions. Her doing so reinforces the notion that she needs to go find a job to keep her time busy away from the nonsense she comes up with on her free time.
Abufares said…
The sentence you quoted was meant to illustrate that Nonnie Darwish's motive was never religious but political.
As for her finding a job the sad reality is that anyone these days can make a "good" living (in terms of income) as a bigot who specializes in badmouthing Islam and/or Arabs. There are plenty of disenchanted people in the west who want to find someone to blame for the economic and political failings inflicted on them. If the US spends half the money she's handing out to Israel at home instead there will be less disenchantment to start with :-)
The truth is so simple but the layers of disguise and deception are many and intricately woven.
Anonymous said…
Abufares, unfotunatliy the mass (alkhatie) criated god as the human image, this happens with animalls too, the god of the dogs is a big and strong dog,

Isalam tried to change that, they did not understand the Islam and used it for their oune benefits,

thank you
Karin said…
"An Arab for Israel, however, is the perfect hayena to do just that" ... this is not only an oxymoron - it is PERVERSION at it's finest!

I am totally on your side dear friend - I agree 100% with your analysis!!!
Isobel said…
Doesn't this letter just play nicely into the hands of the war mongerers? It perpetuates the "us vs them" mentality that helps those who want to try to justify the ridiculous "war on terror" and other such bigoted causes. I looked on to see if the letter was a hoax. Apparently it is still under investigation. But whether or not Nonie Darwish actually wrote it, she is definitely a disease and you called it when you said she was a "hate perpetuating bitch". Arabs for Israel...what a load...of trash. Excellent article, Abufares. Thank you for bringing our attention to it...even if it did raise my blood pressure to a critical level.
Abufares said…
When religion is taken literally, God is lost.
Abufares said…
You're absolutely right, only a perverted sadomasochist could claim that he or she is an Arab for Israel :-)

Glad to see you here my friend.
Abufares said…
I agree with you that there is no evidence that the letter being sent by email is in fact written by Nonnie Darwish. However, it is no mystery who she actually is.
The main point of contention is whether she was driven by humanist urges or political ambitions. She blew her cover and dropped her stinky underwear when she formed the idiotic group called Arabs for Israel. It's like an organization being called: Whores for Chastity or Children for Sodomy... or even worse... Zionists for Peace!!!
Joseph said…
Thank you, Abufares, for saying the things we don't know how to say, calling things by their names.
In the trash and filth infested heads, flies and shit go very well together!...
Carina said…
lol AbuFares, your funny. Love this: "It's like an organization being called: Whores for Chastity or Children for Sodomy... or even worse... Zionists for Peace!!!" hahaha. Well said.

The problem with these nonie darwish types is that they leave Islam for christianity only to become more zionist than zionists and expect us to believe this was a natural process and that Islamophobic zionists just happened to have discovered them and feautured them in every pro-israel anti islamic website.

Well, Its good that zionists are stupid.
Allie said…
I have to tell you, the most striking thing to me about this post is that you said the fourth type of religious person is also the rarest. I had to think about it for a while, because I always thought it was more common than the "rarest." Not common, but more common than that. Then I thought about it, and world events (modern and historical) lead me to see there is no possible way to disagree with you.

It makes me a little sad.

Despite it making me sad, it also cleared up for me the confusion I always feel when people comment to me that they don't understand how I, as a Jew, can have so many friends who are Muslim. To me, I just have friends; to others something inconceivable is happening. So thanks for that; I'm usually too socially retarded to get this kind of stuff without a helping hand.
Allie said…
Oh, also (now that I'm reading the comments):

I found the comments of Helen Thomas to be completely repugnant. It was effectively a polite way of advocating the destruction of the Jewish people. However, it really didn't get a fraction of the media attention (here, at least; I don't know about elsewhere) it would have had she said it about another group of people.

I'd never heard of Nonie Darwish before reading this post, though. I clicked the link so I'll read up on her, but I concur that a person who leaves a religion only to trash it later has missed the mark entirely.
Abufares said…
I'm glad you found humor in my sarcasm.
I personally don't have an opinion about those who change their religion of birth. I find it amusing :-) but it's their business alone. Of course my reasoning relies on the deep conviction that the 3 monotheist religions are more similar than different.
But when someone does change he'd better be modest about it just to illustrate how "benevolent" the new religion he chose is. Otherwise, he would be disproving himself and disgracing his new-found faith.
Abufares said…
It makes me a little sad too that my general observation, inspired by years of experience, is so close to the truth.
No human chose his parents, time & place of birth, name or religion. They were forced on us even before we acquired consciousness. To take pride in any or all of the above is acceptable as long as it's not tinted with prejudice. This is the hardest part and this is what makes people like you so very rare.
To limit our choices in friendship and love to those who were accidentally and by no virtue of their own born to our same religion or country is like watching the whole world through an old black & white TV and insisting that there's no better (or alternative) way.
Thank you Allie for taking pride, without prejudice, in who you are and for gracing my blog with your comment :-)
Abufares said…
The point I was trying to make about Helen Thomas is that she did not get away with her comments when she offended Jews and Israelis in the US while Nonie Darwish being significantly more disrespectful of Muslims and Arabs is considered a champion of human rights.
Carina said…
Allie, telling the foreign jews in Palestine (colonializers) to go back to wherever they came from (since they were forced on the Palestinians) is not the same as calling for the destruction of the Jews. To support israel on the other hand is basicly the same as calling for the destruction of Palestine as that was what happened when israel was established on Palestinian soil - Palestine was wiped of the map!. You can not claim to support israel while at the same time say you dont want to destroy Palestine as israel can not exist in Palestine without destroying it. The Westbank/Gaza/East jerusalem is only 20 % of Palestine mind you. 80 % of Palestine is where israel established their state. A person who support israels so called right to exist (on Palestine) should also support them to have a state on 80 % of his/her own country.
Carina said…
Abufares, i agree, of course people can change their religion if they want, i dont mind as long as its sincere and not in order to serve an evil agenda such as the zionist one.
Allie said…
Abu Fares,

Thanks for clarifying; at 3am, I didn't entirely understand what you were saying. :) I'm still reading up on her, but being anti-semitic or anti-Islamic is inherently nonsensical and I can't get behind either philosophy. People are just people; when you (editorial sense) stop trying to list all the ways we're different, it's much easier to see that we're far more similar than we'll ever be different and these shallow animosities just start looking as silly as they really are.

On the rest, I mostly agree. I see no harm or downside in taking pride in the various things that make us who we are (not only our religious beliefs, nationality and ethnicity), but that pride should never outstrip the ability to recognise that what makes other people proud of the things that make them who they are as being valid.

The tiny part I don't agree with is that it's hard to have that openness. I think it should be the most natural thing to see that there are more similarities between people than differences. Or maybe it's only "not hard" if you tend to look at things from an overall perspective instead of an "us v. them" one.


I believe the point you might have missed that I was trying to make (inarticulately it appears) is that the Jews didn't "come from" Germany or Poland. Our roots are in the very same land as the roots of the Palestinian people. Throughout the history of Jews being in Germany and Poland, Jews have been exterminated in large numbers at seemingly random times. I do not only refer to the Holocaust here. In America, we're not exterminated in large numbers (although we also deal with issues of anti-Semitism here). But we didn't "come from" America either. We "came from" the same place the Palestinians (and other groups, by the way) "come from."

Supporting the right of Jews to live in this land does not preclude supporting the right of Palestinians to live in it too. There are serious mistakes being made on both sides of the argument that so far are keeping an entirely peaceful solution from happening, but that doesn't mean that an entirely peaceful solution can't occur. It just means that BOTH sides need to step back and evaluate things in order to find a way to peacefully cohabitate. But it's not going to happen as long as the "us v. them" mentality is being used as the dominant paradigm.
Abufares said…
You've raised quite an interesting mini-debate on this post. Thanks!

I quote: "The tiny part I don't agree with is that it's hard to have that openness."
That wasn't really an opinion but rather an observation. I wish I was wrong but with the current state of the world I think it's a somehow accurate description. Moderates are not as raucous as extremists. Their case is less vocal and certainly possesses less emotional appeal.
Political Religion precariously plays on the thin chord of mass hysteria. Unfortunately, it's finding listening ears.
Carina said…
I just posted a reply but it didnt appear so ill post it again (with slight moderation).
Allie, thats not correct, only a small amount of todays jews actually originate from Palestine (and they were living fine with the Palestinian Muslims and Christians before the foreign zionist colonializers started their project. Many of the ancient israelites converted to other faiths a long time ago, others became assimilated with other people, intermarried generation after generation so their descandands can hardly be called israelites today after all the blood mix that occured. There are also Muslims who "originate" from Spain in the sence that their great great great great great great grandfather was from there, but they are today Syrian or Hijazi Arab due to the fact that their ancestors married arab after arab. They have no right to go take Spain. Dont tell me that polish jews are not polish when they look polish and have polish names, culture etc. A russian jew looks like a russian christian, an ethiopian jew looks like an ethiopian christian, an iraqi jew looks like an iraqi muslim, an argentinian jew looks like an argentinian christian etc. Before Israel and zionism the jews around the world did not walk around considering themselves to be middle eastern or oriental except those living there in Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. Israel was founded by white ashkenazi european "jews" of khazar and european origin. When Arab, iranian and other oriental jews migrated to occupied Palestine "israel" they were treated very diffirently from the euro-jews, the western and eastern groups had very little in common and the diffirence between them was like between any other western and Eastern person (this diffirence is still widely existing in occupied Palestine). Just a few days ago, over 100 000 ultra orthodox jews were demonstrating because they didnt want spanish/oriental jews to be forced by the government to go to majority white-euro schools and vice versa.

To claim that jews (as a whole) originate from Palestine is like claiming that Christians (as a whole) originate from Palestine. The ethnic diffirence between jews is the same as the ethnic difirence between christians or muslims.

Nobody has a right to force himself on a area, land and people, especially not in the name of a God that they didnt even believe in when they established israel with the help of Britain.

Had it not been for zionism, then the forein jews would not have flocked to Palestine, they would be fine living in their own native lands among their own people regardless if that people were majority christian, atheist or Muslim. The Middle eastern jews would be living in their respective middle eastern countries being part of the arab people. Maroco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen all had jewish communities that were part of their mainstream arab communities, they were not foreigners, some of them learned hebrew (just like some non-arab muslims learn arabic).

As for europe, people were executed and hunted down not only for being jews, but for being protestants, catholic, lutheran, women, handicapped and whatever based on where one lived. Europe used to be a very dark place. Its not anymore but even if it was it still wouldnt make it ok to go to someone elses land which isent even located in europe to steal it, rename it and lie about it.
Carina said…
The problem is not with jews living in the middle east, the problem is with israel, zionism and how foreigners forced themselves on Palestine and the area, just like colonializers do, even worse actually because the colonializers did not kick out 75 % of the people, nor did they wipe the country they colonialzed of the map nor did the colonializers bring in millions of christians to replace the expelled natives. Had jews migrated to Palestine naturally and not as part of zionism (which Britain helped them with), and had they become Palestinian citizens and been part of the Palestinian community then there wouldnt have been any conflict today just like there is no war or conflict between Arabs who migrated to the US or Latin America 100 years ago, those people are basicly just like any other American or Latino, arabs in South America are often named Carlos, Juan etc. There is no conflict because the Arabs did not try to steal their land nor rename it or kick out anyone, they came to be part of it. I dont blame extremists vs moderates for this conflict. There is only one to blame and that is zionists, regardless if they are referred to as extremist or moderate. The Islamic extremists wouldnt be extremist regarding the jews had it not been for zionism. It was from the Islamists that the jews used to be protected before zionism.
Allie said…
Abu Fares,

Politics and religion really do take perfectly good situations between people and much them up completely, don't they?

I'm glad you're happy that I started a mini-debate, though I have to say it was entirely unintentional on my part. :)


During certain portions of history you're correct that Islamists protected Jews; during other portions of history you're entirely incorrect. However, that is NOT the issue for me.

The issue for me is this: Arabs and Jews are the same people, who have lost their way over political and religious disagreement (and this has happened many times in the past; the current situation is not the only instance of it). What needs to happen is that we ALL stop looking into the past to see who wronged whom at this or that time and instead look into the past to observe which mistakes not to repeat and also look toward the future to see how we can move forward from where we are right now. The answer doesn't lie in a "get rid of the state of Israel" solution. It lies in a, "we're both here; now let's stop rocketing and blockading each other and figure out a way to live with each other peacefully" solution. As long as the blame game keeps happening and no one wants to budge on finding a solution that's amenable to BOTH sides of this argument, there won't be any solution at all. I can't agree with the concepts that no one can be happy or that only one side can be happy. If dialogue can be opened and the violence stopped, a solution really can be found.

But again, it won't be found until everyone stops pointing fingers at the other guy and instead can say, "we all have some blame; now let's find a way fix it."
Allie said…

Sorry; I missed your first reply until now.

You are correct that there are different types of Jews. What you are not correct about is the level of assimilation that you believe occurred. Was there assimilation? Yes. But never before did it exist on the scale it exists on now.

You are also correct that many, many Jews converted to other religions. What you might have forgotten, however, was that VAST amounts of those conversions occurred by force. I think your knowledge of Jewish history is a little shaky, but that's okay. My knowledge of Arabic history (outside of the incredible contributions related to mathematics, which is probably not something anyone other than me is interested in discussing) is probably equally shaky.

Regardless, Israel/Palestine (by the way, Palestine was the name that region got after its name was changed; just as its name is now Israel after having been changed) was not just randomly abandoned by Jews. Jews were forced out of the area, by multitudes of nations. Despite that, the Jewish people have never believed anything remotely along the lines that this little region of the world isn't our homeland. There are even prayers said routinely (and have been said routinely since the Diaspora first came into existence) related to intended and desired migration back to this homeland.

Now, this being our homeland doesn't mean it's not other people's homeland too. That's not an assertion I'd make because it'd be patently untrue.

You are correct that different types of Jews have arguments; the Ashkenazim v. the Sephardim and so on, but this is something that happens in Islam and also in Christianity. In every religion, really, where the option to say, "this little difference between us is enough to produce hatred between us" exists.

The last thing I want to mention is that ethnicity as a whole is a social construct not a real, biological thing. I mainly want to point this out, because I feel like you're getting hung up on ideas that people have created to inspire and maintain division rather than cooperation. This spirit of mutual anger and finger pointing is entirely without value, because all it does it hold us back from finding a solid resolution that works for everyone (which is my only real interest regarding this tiny piece of land). I'm trying to dissuade you from maintaining this position (the position of anger; not the reasons you feel the anger), but I realise I am failing miserably at doing so.
Carina said…
Allie, its easy to say "lets not look at the past" when your not the one who lost your land or got to have a zionist state on your country or next to your border as the people of the middle east have. I dont understand how you can deny visuable facts. Polish jews are polish, they are not from Palestine, russian jews are russians, from russia! Latino jews look just like any other latino religious group, ethiopian jews look just like other ethiopians. When jews started migrating to the newly founded state of israel, people used to help each other out based on which ethnic people they belonged to, the polish jews helped fellow polish etc, This is not even something worth discussing, its something obvious. The early "israelis" did not view each other as one people, this is wishful thinking from jews living in the US who for the most part are ignorant of reality.

Palestine gots its name from the biblical Philistine, the diffirence between changing it in the past and changing it now is that in the past areas used to be renamed all the time, but now we are living in the era of states, one can not go to Iraq, steal it and rename it to Babylon just because it was called Babylon in the past!

What happened to the ancient israelites when they were forced out by the romans is not what happened to the jews of today, likewise, what happened to the early Muslim arabs is not what happened to Bosnian Muslims or Indian Muslims. The ancient israelites were close to the Arabs yes, the modern day jews are not, far from it unless your talking about arab jews in which case they are close to arabs because they are arabs (duuh). The Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese are a mix of all the various people that settled the middle east, some are even descended from israelites. It would be madness for an Syrian to go Greece and steal it because he has some greek ancestors (or think he has as in the case of jews).

As for diffirences within religions, islam does not have diffirent sects depending on which ethnic group one belongs to, neither do Christians. Only jews have this, and they have it on a country they stole in order to create a land for jews.

I dare to say that religious jews were treated better by the Islamists than they are by the zionist regime today (with the exception of those who conspired against the muslims), moreover jews were treated a million times better by Islamists than how Arabs are treated by the zionist state created in the name of judaism. Even Palestinians with israeli citizenship (those who managed to remain in Palestine after zionist terrorist groups ethnicly cleansed it) are treated like third class citizens as if they are the foreigners and not the russians, latvians and french.
Carina said…
You talk about the blockade vs rockets as if those firecracker qassams are the reason for this conflict. The reason for the conflict is the existence of israel on Palestine. No need to play around with words or trying to make it seem as both are equally to blame. The source of it is israel PERIOD.

I dont have time to argue obvious things. World wide jews would be better off rejecting israel instead of encouraging it or trying to legitimize it as israel is what causes the biggest anti-jewish sentiment around the world today. Peace will never be achieved with the state of israel, its not possible, it never was. This is not coming from pessism, its reality. Israels strength comes from the weakness of Arabs, that weakness wont last for ever. The crusaders lasted more than 200+ years in the middle east, eventually they were defeated, why? because they forced themselves on this region.

I will not be taken hostage by the word "peace" just to sound politically correct, i know how zionists reason and how they have infiltrated the "peace camps" to sell their version in a less obvious way, its not working and they wont achieve what it is they want to achieve.

Israel is doomed to fail, i just hope world wide jews are smarter than going down with it. Jews should not be fooled by zionism or the lie of creating a "israeli nation". Its like turning all the Muslims around the world in to saudis or all the catholics in to Vatican-Italians.

I wont reply anymore on this topic as its a waste of time to debate with someone who make excuses for israel (even if you mean well).
Allie said…

I agree with you completely that we're not really making any headway in moving toward understanding one another. But I do thank you for engaging in the discourse with me. It was informative and I appreciate having had the opportunity.
Fantasia Lillith said…
These things always give me a headache ... *sigh* I think the one sentence in your post that I absolutely adore is: "They (religion) share the same strengths and weaknesses. Where they vary is with their interpretation of divinity and their degree of obsession with rituals."

I am an atheist that believes in spirituality - not sure what "group" that puts me in. But I look at this and only feel disappointment in humanity. Where is compassion, sharing and respect? (please note - I did not say Love).
Abufares said…
Dogma, having a firm grip on humanity is making life void of the "original pleasures".
In its battle against "original sin" organized religion has stigmatized happiness without accountability, without a price to pay.
Anonymous said…
"Many of the ancient israelites converted to other faiths a long time ago, others became assimilated with other people, intermarried generation after generation so their descandands can hardly be called israelites today after all the blood mix that occured. There are also Muslims who "originate" from Spain in the sence that their great great great great great great grandfather was from there, but they are today Syrian or Hijazi Arab due to the fact that their ancestors married arab after arab. They have no right to go take Spain. Dont tell me that polish jews are not polish when they look polish and have polish names, culture etc. A russian jew looks like a russian christian,"

Carina made every bit of what she said up.

Most Hebrews are still following the Jewish faith. The reason why is that it's more than just their religion, it's the telling of their history. Did you never bother to notice that it evolves explicitly around the Jewish ethnicity? (So does Christianity, because Jesus Christ was a Jew.)

most Jews living in outside Jerusalem do not mix blood with the locals, because Jewish blood is required to be Jewish. Some believe both parents must be, and other say only the mother need be. Either way, they're not supposed to mix blood with outsiders, and they typically don't break that rule.
(People say you can convert to Judaism, because you technically can... But, you really can't. Because Judaism is all about blood.)

Because most "Polish-"Jews did not mix blood with Polish natives, they are factually not Polish once they cease to have Polish nationality/citizenship. Yes, they have Polish names. Yes, they speak Yiddish, which is heavily Polish. But, they do not carry Polish blood, and they do not look Polish. Someone who claims that either has only seen Jews, and never Poles. Wait, wait... You've seen Poles, you just don't know they're Poles. Because over half of them are mere models you namelessly see in advertisement. And, over half of the ones you see (named) are not sporting Polish names anymore, because real Poles were hit hardcore by racism when they came to U.S., and because Polish matrilines cease to have Polish names as they marry non-Poles. (It's mostly Polish women who's faces find their way into magazines and onto TV. Not really sure what's up with our men, they seem to be less successful overall.)

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