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My dearest friend Isobel tagged me in a most attractive way. Her blog sits on the very top of my favorites list. Problem is, she doesn't write often enough, kind of like me. Children have their own ways of distracting their parents and I guess this is the major reason why she's sparse with her posts. Recently though, she's been on a roll. Ever since she discovered that she is the direct descendant of a beautiful Sioux Princess she has become a rather prolific blogger producing one great post after another on an almost daily basis. Among the thousands of her adoring fans I doubt that there is anyone more loyal than me. To read Isobel's Suffonsifisms every day is a perennial dream of mine. I only hope she continues with this pace least I and her groupies suffer from the consequences of a severe withdrawal syndrome.

Her tag could not have come at a more opportune time for another reason. Lately, I've been uninspired, plain and simple. I have returned home early Friday morning after four days of work in Rotterdam and one of play in Amsterdam yet couldn't sum up my thoughts to put together a coherent post on my blog. Thing is, I'm moving again in a couple of days, on another business trip. However, unlike what many creative people advocate (I'm not implying that I'm creative) that they perform best under pressure I'm not like that. Work is unavoidable labor rather than an enjoyable vocation as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather be doing any of a hundred things instead of toiling my ass off, including crochet and knitting. Oh that reminds me of this miniature crocheted coat I saw in a storefront in Amsterdam. You know, it's a woolen cloak to keep the little one (Willy) warm on cold Dutch nights. "Little" being a figure of speech and totally relative to a coat worn by the human owner of the penis. Since it's on display it could only mean that there are buyers for this stuff. Now, and just for the sake of argument, if a girlfriend or a kinky wife buys a crocheted coat for one of her man's most important attachments I can see the humor in it, weird but haha funny in a way. But what if some jerk actually buys himself or more precisely his little one a crocheted coat? I see him in my mind standing naked in front of a mirror, shivering in the cold while his member is warm and happy. I should've got it in beige might be running through his mind, hands on hips, swinging his torso left then right. Next time I'm in a meeting with a bunch of boring stiffs I will try to guess who among them might be wearing a crocheted coat underneath his suit. It will certainly make my time flies much faster. They will wonder about that smirk on my face and it'll only prove enigmatic to them. He must know something about the stock market that we're not aware of, they might reckon, or he's on good terms with the CEO. Oh how unsettling a smile could be if timed correctly!

You guessed right, Amsterdam was loads of fun. I spent my last two hours in the hotel lobby engaged in an absorbing conversation with a charmingly classy woman. Unreachably gorgeous, she was. Her words very much like her looks were simply beautiful.

That brings us back to Isobel and her tag. What are the first 16 songs you get when you hit the shuffle button on your MP3 player? And here's my answer, this is what I listened to this morning on my iPhone, while I was working :-)

1.    Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Simon & Garfunkel
2.    Subhan Allah - Fanaa Chand Sifarish
3.    She – Charles Aznavour
4.    Awakher el Shita' – Elissa
5.    L'eté Indien – Joe Dassin
6.    Tell Your Mama – Norah Jones
7.    Open Arms – Journey
8.    With or Without You – U2
9.    Something in the Way She Moves – James Taylor
10.    Betiggy Sirtak – Nancy Ajram
11.    Avant De Nous Dire Adieu – Jeane Manson
12.    Suleima – Malek Jandali
13.    Runnin' with the Devil – Van Helen
14.    Fallin' – Alicia Keys
15.    Jai Ho! (You're My Destiny) – A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
16.    Biestehi Habibi – Elissa

Thank you Isobel for thinking of me and for the beautiful inspiration behind this mediocre post of mine. Thank you dear readers for reading so far and, if you have the time, tell the rest of us about your random list of songs. You can of course write about it on your blog or in the comment section of mine.


Karin said…
LOL - you gotta be kidding me but having been to Amsterdam many years ago, nothing surprises me anymore .. I have just a bit of a problem with the "execution" or maybe better "logistics" of this "little Willy" to be worn! It is like a condom ... or does this thingamajiggy have some kind of soft rubberband in order to prevent involuntary slipping? Hahaha ... I imagine potential owners who chose between striped or checkered ... maybe polka-dotted or in hot neon colors ... it is cracking me up - never a dull moment, that's for sure!

As to the songs ... the answer is simple - I don't own a MP3 player! I - so far, prefer CDs -for the car at least .. maybe down the road it'll change!

Getting ready to relocate - I can't wait!!!
Gabriela said…
We´ve been tagged, my friend! I guess muy list will have to wait some days, though. I have a new post, on one hand, and on the other, I have to make the list. You know... I don't have an iPod, mp3, not even a walkman from the good old days.
For real! :D
Karin said…
OMG ... you're right Gabriela, I found out just now (that we've been tagged!
Will have to work on this list ... :-)
I got one of those "coats" for my stepfather for Christmas as a joke gift!!
Unknown said…
Abufares, thank you! I love the fact that you're always willing to "play"! What fun! I enjoyed reading your music list. It looks as though we are similar in our tastes - rather eclectic. :)

Thank you also for your lovely compliments about my blog. What else can I say, except I'm so glad to have you as one of my most loyal readers and commenters? Blogging almost feels like I meet the same bunch of wonderful people (the commenters)at the coffee shop, drop a topic of conversation, and we all discuss. It's comfortable and very pleasant. Oh, blogging is FUN!

Now, I can't not comment on the "Willy warmer"...BAH HAHA HAHAHAH!! Frankly I think it should have little eyeballs and tails...I mean if you're going to make a crocheted tube, why not take it a little further, give it some character...a "Willy worm"...I mean that's far more catchy...and cute too. *grin*

Ok...I'd better stop before I go too far. :) Fantastic post, my friend!! Thanks again.

Karin!!!! You're moving AGAIN?? I need to catch up with you.
Unknown said…
lol Abufares, if this is what you call uninspired I can't wait to see your inspired posts. That meeting trick is gold!

As for your selection, we definitely share a few singers, namely Norah Jones, Charles Azanvour, and Elissa. I love listening to Norah Jones, on a hot summer day with a sweating cold beer within arm reach.
Abufares said…
Ahhh! You're asking specific questions about the "Willy Warmer". A birthday coming up perhaps?

Well, I need to make it clear that I didn't try one on, lolll.
It is like a condom with holes and I assume it has an elastic band or perhaps a cord/string that you tie (not you actually) in a pretty knot.

Oh you're so much fun Karin :-)
Abufares said…
It's funny you should not have an iPod, mp3 or whatever. You're so much like me I guess. I'm a new comer to the digital music age. Actually my iPhone, a terrible choice for a business phone was promoted to my "personal" mobile toy while I reverted to a Nokia for the "yawn" labor part of my life.
As such I'm enjoying music mainly while I walk, ride my bicycle, travel around in airplanes/trains/taxis and waiting in airports.

My list is growing constantly and I would very much like of you to suggest a few songs from Peru that I should add to my collection. I prefer songs (with names of artists) rather than albums, they will be easier for me to find and download.
Gracias Gabriela :-)
Abufares said…
Of all people of course it has to be you, lolll. It is a very funny joke gift you're right. To your stepfather... Uhhh, subtle hint of irony there :-)
Thank you for being here. March has been quite hectic for me. I will return to your blog and read everything I missed. Yours require concentration and a proper frame of mind and the hell with Willy Warmers!!!
Abufares said…
Well you started the whole thing :-)
Yes! I am an eclectic person (it sounds sophisticated) and I plan to use this term in describing myself more often.
"Hi. I'm Abufares and I'm eclectic."

I simply love your blog so whatever I write is not only a compliment and you're right blogging does feel like carrying out a pleasant conversation in a cafe or pub (I prefer the latter).

If I'm not mistaken I did spot a "coat" that looked very much like a mouse. It was, however, rather casual and more like a joke while the crocheted ones were more solemn and to be worn specifically on formal occasions. Share with me this plausible conversation on the terrace of a chateau between 2 gentlemen sharing Cognac and cigars on the balcony after dinner.

-I'd say, a rather chilly night, isn't it Thomas?
-Indeed it is. Good thing I'm wearing my Crocheted Willy Warmer.
-Oh you've got one of those?
-I sure do. My wife, Mildred, got it for me for my birthday.
-How thoughtful of her. She got me one for my birthday too. Say is yours black by any chance?

I'd better stop before I go too far myself, lolll.
Abufares said…
I have 2 all day meetings coming up this week. I will put this plan into action hoping to ease the pain.

Elissa is rather delicious isn't she ;-) I mean her voice, I really do... that was an unfortunate statement I made. How immature, how childish of me...

PS Omar I'm not justifying myself to you, we both know how true my above statement about Elissa is and I'm sure you agree with me but we never know who might read my response to your comment and I might get my ass in trouble for it. So let's just pretend...
(Elissa uhhhhh disgusting isn't she?)
BIL said…
Just when I had thought I had heard it all you manage to pull off yet another zinger :-) But then again nothing would surprise me when you said it was in Amsterdam that you seen one of these little wonders. As for the song list … I'm afraid I do not have a top ten list as you. I am more on the line with Karin (good luck on the move) and Gabriela in saying I too do not own an ipod/MP3, I simply enjoy listening to whatever is on the satellite radio in the car (station 23) has good music and no interruptions. Enjoyed the lighter side of life with this post and I will say safe travels this week and say hello to all. OBTW when is Fares going to do his next post? Best wishes BIL
Unknown said…
*sputter...sputter...gulp...lmao* I should not read your blog while eating breakfast. Things could get messy! Oh that Mildred...
KJ said…
So tell us about the OTHER kinky stuff you did in Amsterdam old man! Wallah malak aleel!
Abufares said…
Indeed! The only surprise in Amsterdam is that if she fails to surprise you.
As I indicated earlier I am a newbie to the portable music world but to tell you the truth I'm enjoying it tremendously. I always listened to music in solitary moments and the mp3/ipod... are great gadgets because they are geared toward that purpose.
Abufares said…

Sahha wa hana
I'm glad I made you smile... laugh...
Abufares said…
You have to wait till you get over your teens... then I would tell you all :-)
Anonymous said…
You find the most absurd little gifts! Hilarious!

As for my first 16 songs... I have so many different playlists depending on the mood, but i guess I will choose from the one I use when I paint. Here it goes:

1. 3 AM- Matchbox Twenty
2. Wild World- Cat Stevens
3. We're all in this together- Ben Lee
4. Viva la Vida- Coldplay
5. Thank U- Alanis Morisette
6.Tears and Rain- James Blunt
7. Sunshine on Leith- The Proclaimers
8. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
9. Smooth- Santana
10. The Dock of the bay- Otis Redding
11. She said- Collective Soul
12. Sex and reruns- Matt Duke
13. Pura sangre- Jarabe de Palo
14. Meet Virginia- Train
15. For what it's worth- Buffalo Springfield
16. Bang Bang- Dispatch

And many more...
saludos y cariños,

w.b. yeats
Joseph said…
You come back from your Northern travels, and off you go traveling again. Be safe in your travels, Abufares.
I got a willy warmer one Christmas, 14 years ago. This, was before I married Kirsten. Her mom, Breda (RIP) gave it to me as a joke, I was living in Dubai back then lol. I’ve tried to wear it on..., once, for the fun of it. I can tell you this, It doesn’t stay on. Well, unless one gets an....you know what! But who needs a willy warmer when one gets an... you know what! lol

I don’t play in shuffle mode! But, according to my iTunes, the following tracks were the most played in the last 2 months, mostly on my iPhone and mostly on the train.

1. Koop Island Blues / Koop
2. Kokuhaku / Marcheselli Produzioni
3. Holy Lie (Empire d'Ivresse Suite) / Dhafer Youssef
4. Tara Un Angelito [Dezrok's Ambient Mix] / Monica Ramos
5. Release Me / Oh Laura
6. Spiral Dance / Tulku
7. The Call / Cantoma and Pathaan
8. White Rabbit / Jefferson Airplane
9. Rendez-Vous Manqués / K.Mouzanar
10. Cool / Samiah Farah
11. L.I.B.R.A_R.A.D.I.O
12. Solo Por Tu Amor / Manuel Franj
13. Via Payuta III / Platon Andritsakis
14. Paroles Paroles / Alain Delon/Dalida
15. Aya (1984) / Dhafer Youssef
16. Ventura Highway / America
17. Rahda Ramana / Tulku
18. Solitude / Karunesh
19. Woodstock / Matthews' Southern Comfort
20. Us and Them / Pink Floyd
21. Tango Serenato de Schubert / Gustavo Montesano/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
22. You Know I'm No Good / Amy Winehouse
23. You've Got me Thinking / The Beloved
24. Pipeline (Instrumental) / Alan Parsons Project
25. Un Bel Di / Aria
Neetu said…
Hi & good morning Abufares, As always very enlightning blog and was surprised to see song no. 2 on you playlist. you listen to hindi songs also. :)
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
ahhhh what a beautiful selection.
Quite moody you still are I can see, lolll.
Abufares said…
I guess you didn't get the suspenders that go with it LMAO.
I'm in Venice and I'm looking out of the office window right now and watching a ship entering the harbor. I should've not been alone :-)

A very interesting collection. Pipeline/Alan Parson's Project. That's something isn't it???
Abufares said…
I have a few Hindi songs on my iPhone and I really like them all. I even have them in a 30 minute playlist and sometimes on my bike I listen and feel transported to India... a place I would love to visit one day.
Joseph said…
Sorry for the late response, Abufares. And again, welcome back. I had a very busy week followed by a long Easter weekend. I was kept busy by the girls; Kirsten my wife, Pia our little one and the cats, lol.

Your guess is right, I didn't get the suspenders! :-)

How could you be alone, Abufares, with a beautiful imagination as such. But, what a serene moment that must have been!

I take pride in my varied musical library. Alan parsons project would be among my top rated bands / artists. Pipeline is very nostalgic, intense and very often complicated. Yet, as simple as a lullaby... for big boys!

The reason I said I don't play shuffle is due to the fact that when it comes to music, I like to be in control, the immediate present, and even the cue between a song and another, dictates what song or piece of music should follow. I could be very moody, no in fact, I am very moody... and grumpy my wife would certainly add, lol. But, on Thursday last, just before hopping onto the train, I decided to give the shuffle a go. Thanks to, Isobel and you, Abufares, the following is the manifestation of this rather very pleasant exercise!
I have to admit though, half way through "This Pretty Face" I was interrupted by a phone call, which in turn, pushed the brackets of the time line to wider than that of which the train journey to my destination permits. I resumed playing in shuffle mode immediately after arriving home starting at #14.

Midas Shadow / Al Stewart
Down Like Rain / Jesse Cook
Nothing Ever Happens / Del Amitri
Ya Habibi / Malouma
Kravchenko - fair / Richard Patterson / Little Odessa / Sound Track
Ammonia Avenue / Alan Parsons Project
Eye Of The Storm / Camel
Sleep / Amanaska
Survival / Camel
This Pretty Face / Amy MacDonald
Chal Chal Alayea El Rumman / Ilham Al Madfai
Who We Are / Camel
You've Got Me Thinking / The Beloved
A Different Space / Bob Holroyd
Al-Hallaj / Dhafer Youssef
No Promises / Icehouse

Have a great day.
KJ said…
ra7et 3aleina lakan!
Abufares said…
I never shuffle my entire library either. As a matter of fact it was the first time I do that and Kermal the beautiful eyes of Isobel :-)
I sometimes shuffle within a playlist but not always. It really depends on the mood and a change of sequence sometimes could be very unsettling while at others I welcome the surprise element.
Great collection of topnotch music you have on your iPhone.I think I'm going to download a few of them songs.
Abufares said…
Please explain yourself ASAP or you'll be shot.

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