With our best wishes for the holiday season. Cheers!!
Ingrid and Joanie

It was a glorious Sunday in December in a beautiful European capital. I took the train from the airport and arrived at my hotel a little after 9:00PM the night before. I removed my clothes and toiletries from my suitcase and neatly arranged them in the closet and on the bathroom vanity. The room was small but cozy and comfortable, with an oak desk set in the corner, a comfortable Corona chair not far from the window and a palatial bed taking most of the remaining space. I took a quick shower, dressed warmly and walked aimlessly in the light snow in search of a place to eat.

My meeting was an all-day affair on Monday. Normally this type of business trips gives the traveler very little chance, if any at all, to unearth the treasures of his destination. I was lucky, however, not to have found any available seat on the Sunday flight and had to fly 24 hours before. I had the whole day free to myself to roam and discover the city.

I woke up early and refreshed. The snow had stopped falling overnight leaving the streets below thinly veiled in white like a pretty bride on her wedding day. There was no point in shaving my beard and it is absolutely unnecessary here to disclose my toilet habits for the innocent reader. Suffice it to say that I decided to have breakfast, hop back to my room (well to use the bathroom) then go out on an unguided and unplanned tour. Oh the delicious smells of food and coffee in the morning. Whenever I am traveling my capacity to eat, especially breakfast, is quadrupled. Business hotels are almost deserted on Sunday mornings but that did not stop me from having a hearty meal of eggs and sausage, croissants and cake, fruits and cereals, bread and cheese and coffee and tea. More than an hour later, I felt like a happy blimp ready to take on this dazzling and promising winter day. I took the elevator back upstairs for one last call of nature.

A housekeeping trolley was left unattended near my room and I had to squeeze myself between it and the door. The moment I stepped in, my eyes took the nonsensical scene instantly but it failed to register properly in my brain. There they were, two plump chambermaids half-naked on my bed in , shall I say, a very compromising position. I felt candidly sorry for my interruption since they seemed to be caught up in a moment of rapture. I vividly remember the wobbling breasts, or was it only one, of a reddish buxom in her late fifties. Her sweetheart was younger and a tiny bit smaller but was indubitably doing something with her mouth when I chattered the moment. Her lips were frozen in an expression that wildly ranged between appetence and disbelief. They both froze in time and space and stared at me.

“Please, don't mind me at all. I just need to pick up something. Well, come to think of it, I really don't need it right now.” I blabbered, honestly meaning every word. “I shouldn't be back till the afternoon. Please stay and have a good time.”

As I was leaving, my eye fell on the minibar. I opened it and took a sharp look at its content. There it is! I took out a half-a-liter champagne bottle and two glasses from the top. I apologetically approached the night-table by the bed and placed them there quietly.

“My treat, ladies. Have a nice day.” I strolled through plazas and alleys and wandered by a river. I had a generous lunch with a bunch of happy folks under a huge tent. Beer and wine flowed freely on our table. Most were lonely people just like me but that did not stop us from feeling like we were lifelong companions. It was an unforgettably perfect day, nothing less than what my luring and flitting ménage à trois deserved.

My return flight was scheduled in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. After a long day at work, interrupted briefly by a light lunch and concluded with a fancy dinner, I returned to my room late Monday evening. A box of chocolate, a bottle of Champagne and a short Thank You note, signed by Ingrid and Joanie, tickled me pink and kept me delightfully warmhearted.

My two lovely chambermaids still remember me. And, they sent me a Christmas card!!!


Joseph said…
Anonymous said…
is it a fantasy?
BIL said…
Strange town and strange customs, a business trip....Hmmmmm let me get this straight - a Xmas card:-))
Stranger things have been known to happen and brings new meaning of bringing the world together!
Salute' !!
Dubai Jazz said…
An absoutely lovely story!

hmmm, Brussels? :)
Gabriela said…
I loved this story... I can imagine your expression whrn you found out! In Spanish speaking countries there is a very popular cartoon, Mafalda. When she is speechless, her face is drawn mouthless.
How mouthless must have you been!
¡Saludos desde Lima!
I am laughing and grinning ear to ear ... How wonderful!!!! you have such a gift for making me think of a new story ... and how very ... well ... girl on girl? hmmmmm...?

أنا سوري said…
Hmmmmm, very juicy Abu Fares, lol. Was that in Amersterdam, if it's not a fantasy that is. Love your style.
Abufares said…
Abufares said…
I might be weird but what kind of fantasy is that???
Abufares said…
I had to change/camouflage very little in this story. Mainly the names (of course) and the place. I intentionally kept the city, unknown. As a matter of fact it doesn't have to be a capital but it is in Europe nonetheless.
Although the possibility is remote but I do have colleagues who read my blog and who are based in this same city. Ingrid and Joanie are too dear to me to jeopardize their jobs in any way.
Travel is always a delight. I have seldom been disappointed.
Abufares said…
@Dubai Jazz
I'm glad you liked it.

hmmmm, could be? Why not? lollll
Abufares said…
I have lost my mouth indeed :-)
but it was only for a brief minute. Actually much less.
My main thought was that these 2 lovebirds, for one reason or another, couldn't keep their hands and mouths off of each other and that their timing was wrong.
Today, I'm so happy to have met them and under these exact circumstances.
¡Saludos desde Tartous!
Abufares said…
Ohhh then my story had the exact and perfect effect I wanted it to have.
1- Make you laugh
2- Inspire to write a girl on girl, looool.

I can't wait to read it :-D
Abufares said…
@Ana Sourie

Some of you guys really think I'm sick or something.

I've had a few fantasies in my life but not like this. Although the girl on girl is .... very tempting indeed, even for a shy, conservative and conventional guy like me.

Glad you enjoyed it :-D
BIL said…
Diplomacy has always been a demonstrated attribute of yours……but conservative – Nah:-)
However, you are correct in saying travel brings out the most interesting facets of human nature. Enjoyed the read and say Hello to all. BIL
Karin said…
WOW - chuckle chuckle ... I can't but grin from ear to ear!!

You have proven to be a real gentleman and handled the hot-spicy surprise (which would have made the size of my eyes increase to the one of a medium saucer as well ..) with utter diplomacy!

I bet they won't ever forget you .. just as you will definitely remember them - always!
Bubidu said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubidu said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abufares said…

In line with my character, I had 2 options:

1- Act like a gentleman (which I did)
2- Join in the fun (but I was not invited)

:-) :-) :-)
Abufares said…

Everyone is always welcome to comment. We disagreed last time on a principle. Although I consider myself liberal and secular I avoid the defilement of dearly held beliefs. And, that has nothing to do with my personal point of view. In terms of religion in particular, I'm very opinionated but I keep some of my ideas to myself in order not to offend others.

To the matter at hand, of course this is pure conjecture on my part, I had the feeling (or so I liked to believe) that both Ingrid and Joanie were married but sick/bored/fedup/unfulfilled as far as their dumb husbands were concerned.

This, in fact, is what made it so sweet :-)
mezba said…
Lovely situation to find oneself in. Too bad they didn't invite you in the fun! Now you know why is Europe so 'open' minded!
Katia said…
Out of all people, this had to happen to you, Abufares! Mo ma32ol ;-)

This is probably the number 1 male fantasy and you got to see the tip of the iceberg, which is more than most men will ever see really, so you're right to consider yourself very lucky mister! Beside, I'm glad you and not another man ended up walking in on them, because you at least avoided all perversion and kept it all lovely and sexy.
Abufares said…
Well assuming that they were interested in having me around, i didn't stay long enough for them and for myself to get over our shock.
My mistake, certainly!
Europe is indeed open minded but I bet you this happens everywhere, more so perhaps in the not so open-minded areas of the world.
Abufares said…
Well is it THE Male Number 1 Fantasy? I'm really not sure but you just put an idea into my head. Why don't I post about it? I mean, why I don't I invite men and women to write about their fantasies, anonymously if they so choose and post what I think are the best entries?

I saw a huge tip of an iceberg, lollll.
You know to this day I wonder if they kept at it after I left...
I hope they did!
Anonymous said…
This is interesting. Very, very interesting. You should come and talk to me, son. Ve could have a very long, long chat.

Dr. S. Freud
Katia said…
You should do that Abufares, invite people to write about their fantasies. I think many people feel comfortable "at your place" so you could definitely give it a shot!
Abufares said…
@Dr. S. Freud

Something tells me you're a pretty doctor ;-)

I could see it in that curvy "S" of yours.

Since I'm a "son" to you, can I sit in your lap while you psychoanalyze me, lollll.
Abufares said…

You know for some reason this post attracted all kind of weirdos and I had to delete their "stupid" comments.
I'm starting to have second thoughts on whether this is a good idea or not but I haven't totally abandoned it all together.
Anonymous said…
Just plain crazyness. Seems like a Fellinni movie.

You were very nice about the whole situation, and accomodating!

Goodness, I would have been so shocked that nothing like giving them champagne would have come to mind!

w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
I've always been so thoughtful and sensitive to others needs. lollll.

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