In Love with a PC

I bought my first computer, a Timex Sinclair 1000 in 1982. It had a membrane keyboard, Black & White NTSC output, a whopping 2 KB of RAM and weighed in at hefty 12 oz. Since then, I have never been caught alone without a computer. If I am not mistaken, the laptop I'm caressing with my fingers right now is the 9th I've had in the ensuing 27 years and she is the first girl in the bunch.

At my age one would assume that I should be making more sense than to genderize machines but I have always looked at them as personal friends. I have started my blog on a Toshiba Satellite laptop. We became very close over the last few years and I have entrusted him with all of my secrets, big and small. Yes, he's a boy and he has a name too but as of late he's been sick and started showing his age. I knew that he's not going to last forever but it was so hard for me to think of, simply, putting him to sleep. Recently he made two visits to Damascus and Aleppo for maintenance. When my hopes became very slim of his full recovery I started my online search for a new laptop. A good friend of mine suggested a MacBook Pro. I was really tempted but remained hesitant. I was never attached to Windows per say but I did find the Mac aficionados a little on the wacko side. Their loyalty and fierce defense of their platform and operating system were too much for me to come to terms with. Besides, I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone already and didn't think I can handle the pair of them. You know my iPhone reminds me of a show dog rather than a good field pointer. It's beautiful to look at and pet on a couch but it wouldn't stand a chance in today's demanding work environment. The Apple milieu lacked that real world feeling to me and whether smartly or not I opted for a Windows 7 machine. After several days of searching I found exactly what I was looking for and a week thereafter she arrived from Dubai. An HP DV3 13.3” beauty with embedded patterns on her dark blue skin. It was love at first sight and so far I'm truly impressed with the stellar performance of …. (yes she already has a name of course) and Windows 7 in general.

My private online time is a significant part of my life. I say that without apology or regret. I'm still using three PC's (1 desktop and 2 laptops) for work and play. However, with the arrival of my new HP I made a wise and long overdue decision. I moved my personal stuff strewn here and there and entrusted her with all. Will I enjoy the travel of her keys and the touch of her screen when my fingers dance over her body? Will she appreciate the words I type for all to read and my most secret thoughts for her eyes only?

This is our first blog together and we're already dancing to the tune of love!


Isobel said…
She's gorgeous! Congratulations on...coming together. :) I look forward to reading the beautiful words you and ... make together. It looks like it will be a productive and her. I have a little netbook that I'm particularly fond of. We have a similar loving relationship! All the best, Abufares!
mezba said…
Congratulations on your new, er, friend.

I too find Mac users a bit.. odd. Not to mention, elitist! :-P
Chris said…
Hp, not the best
Windows 7,
sweet(probably the best all round) compared to the previous microsoft os's and compared to both the other main os's (Mac & Lin) It is even better than xp, which is better than vista.
I believe its better than my desktop o_O
Does Dubia have Mail Service to Syria for laptops?
BIL said…
A Timex!?? I too have been a fan of Toshiba laptops for some time; they just seem to be a good all-round machine. But needing another computer in the house, we started looking for a laptop. We found the HPs were featured at a local store that day and selected a package deal. They are good platforms and think you made a wise decision. So I will just say "happy computing" and look forward to your future “high speed” posts.
Bis Spaeter <;-)
Anonymous said…
Sorry! Macs are definetly better. Their graphics and easy way to create in the "art department" put them way on top of my list. Plus ever since I've own a Mac my computers problems are over.

I do all my sketches on Photoshop on my mac. I can easily drag them to any program I want to. The same with pictures. I'm not technologically inclined at all, and do not know all the correct lingo for computers, but let me tell you doing brochures, movies, slide shows, graphic art is much much easier ever since I got my macbook!

So enjoy your Window 7 program, BUT MACS ARE BETTER!!!!!!

: P

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
PS. I can not believe your still giving genders to inanimate objects!!! You did that with cars, all females as I remember way back then!!!!!!

w.b. yeats
Karin said…
Really beautiful ... MABROUK!! I am very happy with the Toshiba Satellite I purchased close to two years ago .... it's a workhorse!! Let's see how long it will accompany me ...
superkid said…
مبروك الكمبيوتر الجديد يا بابا بتمنا تمبسط فيه
Abufares said…
Gorgeous eyes can only see beauty all around ;-)

I'm already comfortable typing on her keyboard and touching her screen... Yes she has a touchscreen and she's going wild when I scroll through images or text.

A netbook! They are cute little things aren't they? Do I dare ask? Does she have a name too?
Abufares said…
Thank you for your comment and I like to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your blog.

They are odd that's true, lolll.
Abufares said…
Welcome back

She's my first HP and so far I can only say that I'm absolutely delighted with the performance, the built quality, the aesthetics and the bundled software in general.

I've never used Vista myself but agree with you that it sucks. I'm vaguely familiar with the Mac OS but most experts seem to agree that MS finally made a superior OS in Windows 7.

I was lucky to have a friend leaving to Dubai for 1 week and bring back my HP with him :-)
Abufares said…
It was a Timex and I bought it for $99. The software needed to be loaded from a cassette player every time you turn the machine on.

I use an 11' Sony Vaio during my travel (company issued) and I think it's a piece of junk. Well it looks slim and sexy but that's all. I am very systematic and thorough when I shop for a PC. My final 2 contenders were Toshiba and HP. I wanted a 13" laptop specifically and HP was by far a clear winner. I think I made the right choice and I look forward a long and happy relationship.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
You see what I mean!!! Mac users are so sensitive and well... wacko:-)

I can't wait to hear from Joseph!!!

I've been told that a Mac is better at handling graphics. It seems to be a universal truth but I really never had any serious problem with Windows in that department.

And yes, I still "talk" to inanimate objects. Cars, planes, boats and motorcycles are of course female. Look how beautiful they are. Train and busses on the other hand are ugly males.
Oh Taxis!!! Well they are kind of manly women and they are truly disgusting bitches.
Abufares said…
Thank you. I was very happy with my Toshiba Satellite too for 5 years!!! and I'm glad to tell you that it was finally fixed. But I think it can't be relied upon anymore. It has already undergone a screen failure, a hard disk failure and a power management malfunction. It was hit by lightening once and come to think about it my very first blog was about that storm. Yet it performed admirably for so long.
This new HP Pavilion is indeed a real beauty and I hope she treats me as good as my Satellite did.
Abufares said…

شكراً حبيبي!!! بعرف أنه عاجبك كتير، عقبالك بالرغم من ان ال
يلي عندك ممتاز وما فيه علة، فهمت علي ؟؟؟
Gabriela said…
Laptops haven't caught me. Not yet at least. Maybe if I'd traveled as much as I guess you do I'd had a different opinion.
I've never thought about being in love with a PC. But maybe I'll have to reconsider that. In 2000, we had a robbery at home. The PC, the TVs and VHS were taken away. I replaced everything... but I always considered that new PC as an intruder. I missed so much the older one (not that old, actually: I'd bought it 10 months before it was robbed) and never really got used to the substitute one. I replaced it a year later, and now I'm very happy with my home PC.
I'll get to read Sea Side right away!
Abufares said…
Well may be you should consider a laptop as your next friend. Once I made the switch I realized the huge difference. You can really get close and personal with a laptop ;-)

PC's don't quite replace each other btw. Each one is as distinct as a real person. Come to think about it, some are much more real than many people I know.
XTR said…
I have the DV 3000, which is almost the same! Congrats on your new laptop! Perhaps I should give mine a name?

Hmmm... Serena sounds pretty...

Lol at genderizing laptops!
Joseph said…
Alf mabrouk Abufares...ah that feeling of undressing her and later naked, perched on your lap or perhaps, spread open on your desk revealing all her inner secrets, only to you... What beautiful sins have been committed, all the rituals your hands have done; plugging & unplugging, all the buttons your fingers pressed and unbuttoned... Labour of love, a delicate, steady burning fuse delivers the ultimate spark and she’s turned on! She intermittently moans before she explodes and light up that grin on your face, bigger than possible. Priceless! LOL

Despite falling in love with a “ Sinclair Spectrum 128”, back in 1984 and the easily available machines such as Atari, Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad, Apple and IBM, my first acquisition was of a “Commodore 64K”
(Great package deal at the time, funded by my Dad). I used it mainly, to play games and execute simple BASIC programing commands learnt at school. I played on it and with it for a few years and later distant myself from computers.
All those years the Apple/Mac computers beckoned, but never had the courage to answer the call. Just as you do, when you convince yourself to believe that, that the most beautiful woman you saw on the corner of a street or on the bus, etc. is untouchable or you get told by friends and passersby that she’s not compatible with men! and you turn your back and inevitably walk away...

As technology progressed and the internet became mainstream, I decided to buy a desktop, and one was custom built to suit personal preferences of mine... and it, being a Windows 95 operated machine it was a love hate relationship from day one. Viruses, freezes, crashes, the screen of death, the blue one! and what have you. Things improved noticeably with the introduction of XP which I installed and enjoyed working with for many years to come. Infact, I / we still use XP at work with minor network issues and slow responsiveness.
Eight years ago, a very dear friend of mine gave me an IBM Thinkpad laptop as a present. It was the sexiest thing in black after Cat Woman. Four years later my Thinkpad was stolen from my office at work. Despite losing irreplaceable material on the laptop, the incident remains, one of the best things that ever happened to me. After much deliberation and search for a replacement, I was to meet again with an Apple/Mac computer, this time it was the “Mighty 17” Aluminum PowerBook G4”. from that 1st moment I’ve set my eyes on it, I knew I wanted it. I wanted it bad. I cannot explain in words how much I fell in love with it... and how. The rest is history. I never looked back... The experience was sweet and rewarding.
I happily went for seconds and now I’m in possession of a “17” MacBook Pro Aluminum Keys” equipped with a 1920x1200 inch Hi-Resolution Antiglare Widescreen Display on which, even “Shane MacGowan” looks handsome and sexy...LOL

Yes, I am Apple/Mac biased, the beauty of Apple is that they make hardware and software together. Apple has some of the most innovative teams ever created in the business, yet I do not deny the fact or forget that the father of PC’s, Microsoft has created many globally successful applications, one most successful application in my opinion in the history of computing is the Microsoft Office suite.
At the end of the day both Operating Systems will execute the job, both have their weaknesses & strengths, the only difference is, the Apple/Mac will execute it, evoking, involving and tickling all of your senses.
Thank you Abufares, for allowing me the use of so much space. Good luck with your new laptop, may it bring to you so much more inspiration and securely maintain all of your secrets.
Abufares said…
Serena is a beautiful name. Tell me the truth, do you ever find yourself talking to her?
Abufares said…

Your comments often make my day. This one in particular was a special treat.
Of all the computers I worked with the Commodore 64K remains my favorite. I discovered my way, like you, with BASIC programming, I played my first game (Strip Poker)and disturbed the neighborhood with my failed attempts to learn music on the Commodore.

It was really a tough and emotional decision for me. My heart wanted a Mac and perhaps if the need/urge to buy came at a more leisurely time I would've made the switch to Apple/Mac. In all honesty though, Windows 7 is as close to a dream come true as possible.

And Joseph, I did spread her open on the meeting table in my private office late in the evening when no one was around... and took her.
Unforgettable :-)
XTR said…
Loool! I think I should start by saying, "I love you Serena!"
Unknown said…
First of all Mabrook.. She looks great, and the fact she has Windows 7 is a bonus.

Can't wait to read your posts from this beautiful machine.

P.S I love that Picasso quote you have on the side. I don't think we're too far from the day when they will start asking questions.
Joseph said…
I’m always dead chuffed with your replies Abufares. Thank you, so very much.
I was 14 when I, for the 1st time, stripped a woman, playing Strip Poker on the C64K. LOL. My C64K came equipped with a musical keyboard that clips onto the computer’s existing keyboard saving me the hassle locating keys. All my attempts to learn music failed miserably. The C64K also came equipped with a Light Pen stylus. It was the most amazing thing being able to draw with it on the TV screen. I also failed miserably playing the Jet 747 simulator. So passengers were crashed to their definite death on my computer. Their screams still reverberate on my conscious!

I’m glad you are happy with your laptop and Windows 7. Truth is, I have never used the infamous Vista or Windows 7. So far all I hear is praise about Windows 7 and that’s a good thing in todays market, Microsoft, seems to have done some good deed with it. PC users deserve some eye candy.

Have a nice day.
Abufares said…
Why not!
Can you imagine her answering: I love you too my handsome man.
Abufares said…
Alla Ybarek Fik wa 3a2bal fare7tak!

.... is already asking me questions :-D
Abufares said…
The first application I bought for my Sinclair and later for my C64 was a flight simulator.
I did real well on those and eventually flew full WWII aerial campaigns on MS Flight Simulator and civil aircraft all over the world.
I need to post about flying soon and I will.
Isobel said…
In answer to your question...yes, she does have a name. :)
Abufares said…
Sigh... lucky girl:-)
Fantasia Lillith said…
I know how you feel ... I do. I am the same with mine. I have the special edition - first time ever high class designed by Vivienne tam netbook - and I remember the first time I typed on her little red keyboard ... She is called Sevy. Yes ... she.

She's hot, feminine and sexy ... why divorce form from function.

congrats - it's a good looking one!
Abufares said…
Welcome back!
You should imagine how I feel since my PC is a She. I will privately tell you about her name ;-)

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