Hymens For Sale

It might come as a surprise to many but hymens are not unique to the human species. Due to similar biological evolution many female mammals, including chimpanzees, elephants and whales retained theirs as well. And no, there is no embedded wisdom or ultimate truth behind the existence of hymens more than their functional role of preventing infections in young females from external sources. There is as much intended purpose behind a hymen as there is in the persistent presence of the appendix in humans in general and nipples in men in particular. That dealt with and out of the way let us address this very interesting and hot topic (might be wet and messy as well).

I first read about artificial virginity on my favorite blog Suffonsifisms written by Isobel . Global Voices' own Hisham also linked to the same subject written in French by the Moroccan Blogger Mounir. In her post titled Artificial Virginity then in Furthermore…as if it wasn’t bad enough, Isobel addressed the subject matter with understandable dismay. She realizes of course that in many paternal societies the dominant males have conspired, due to their own mental impotency, against women and degraded this fold of mucus membrane to the same low level as their fecal honor. She is much nicer than me though and more restrained. The hymen per say is a worthless remnant of less hygienic times. It's a dirty little bugger at best but certainly cleaner than the minds of men who obsessed over the right of women to have an active premarital sexual life. In false pretense they will argue that men too should abstain from having sex outside wedlock. However, since they have impenetrable hymens covering their brains they truly believe that there is a divine message here. Accordingly, a man's sin might go unnoticed and forgivable eventually but not that of a woman. “شرف البنت زي عود الكبريت ما يولعش الا مرة واحدةA girl's honor is like a matchstick. It can only burn once. When a girl ruptures her hymen she becomes fair game for the chimps in her family or tribe. Executing her to preserve their honor still goes on in many parts of the Middle East (and elsewhere) in what is miserably known as Honor Killing.

I am neither advocating nor opposing premarital sex. It is simply nobody's goddamn business. What a man or woman chooses to do with his or her own body is entirely up to them. Screw traditions, morals and customs on a collective basis. They matter to you, very well instill them in your own children. When they become adults they have the right to choose whether they want to remain chaste and pure till they get married or not. Your moral role as parent, father be it or mother, ends when your children reach adulthood. More importantly, you and I have no right to condemn the sexual behavior of others. We see something we do not like, we can shut up and mind our own boxers or undies.

A man's honor deserves better than to hide inside the underwear of women. As to this clever new $15 Chinese device and which is primarily used to emulate virginity so that an idiot of a man never finds out whether "his" woman had her “cherry popped” or not before him I only have this to say: such archaic cultural apes deserve nothing more, nothing less, than an artificial hymen to make them feel like real men. I am glad to add that it is already on sale in Syria.

Xie Xie Zhong Guo, “Thank You China”. I cannot wait for your next invention, an artificial brain in the shape of a dildo. Perhaps this leading Egyptian scholar can stick it up where the sun never shines and dies of an orgasmic fit.


Bana said…
your closing phrase cracked me up! LMFAO!
Shirley Sunman said…
I took this from my blog, man's desperatation for virginity is something I really don't understand:

I think women's objectification in the Arab world rolls down into being either, 'good girls/virgins' or, 'bad women/whores'.
~Why any man would want to marry a virgin is true mystery - where's the good sex going to come from if a woman has never had sex before?~

I once asked an Arab man to explain this prediliction for virgins and he enlightend me with the explanation,
"It wouldn't be nice to walk down the street and meet a man who had had sex with your wife."

I questioned him a bit more and he replied in the same manner, from an Arab man's point of view it's simply about the embarassment that might be felt if you ever had to meet a man who had previously had sex with your wife.

He then went on to expand his thought with a proclomation it wasn't normal to like virgins and was in fact, "a perversion, like when people use leather stuff ..."
Shirley Sunman said…
oh, and thank goodness for Chinese businesswomen
Abufares said…
It was good wasn't it, looool. Well, I really didn't fully notice the humor in it until you pointed it out.
Many thanks for your visit Dana. Always a pleasure.
Abufares said…

If I was walking down the street with the woman I love and I accidentally bump into an ex I see no point in telling the WIL about my past exploits. To me it's tasteless and uncalled for regardless of gender.

Accordingly the excuse presented by this man covers 1/2 of this aspect of social etiquette and not the larger issue of virginity.

Those cultures which make a big deal out of virginity are doing so because of the "physical evidence" left behind after sexual intercourse and because they have not fully embraced secularism. Religions (the Big 3 as I like to call them) having always been under the influence of obsessive and compulsive men (and women sometimes) use this physical evidence to promote the idea of design and purpose. I really wonder sometimes what is the great idea of designing men with tits and/or priests with balls?

It all comes down to controlling women because of the taboo nature of sex and religion's obsession with it.

Thank you wgaw for being here. Always a great pleasure to see you around.
The "New BIL" said…
Just reading this one really reminds me of how far (not) we have gone in the form of a collective society. That men must demand on virginity from a woman but they insist on shattering that very essence which they demand and take it as a challenge to do so. Everytime I hear of an Honor Killing, I can only shake my head in full dis-belief. Most often or should I say always it is from in side the girls own family. To think that all that good otherwise which she might have ... it all comes down to one insignificiant thing - sad:-(( Maybe we can educate others that are in a time warp of past to join the "21st Jahr Hundert" and move on to solving things that really matter in this dammed world. Good write and say "Hi" to the travelers when they return tomorrow.
Abufares said…
Glad to see you here.
I couldn't agree more. There's something very important we as collective societies fail to comprehend. At home, and as long as we remain within the bounds of acceptable human decency be it through the comfort of spirituality or the enlightenment of secularism, we can raise our children as we see fit. However, no one should dare tell others how to raise theirs. And even more, once our children are adults we have no right whatsoever to continue shoving our morality or lack of it down their throat.
Once it becomes a crime to interfere or impede individual freedom we will, in this part of the world at least, rise to the level of a "present" civilization. Don't get me wrong, assholes are universal, but at least laws are in effect that protect personal choice whereas our assholes are given microphones and allowed to abuse the rest of us in public.
kinzi said…
"A man's honor deserves better than to hide inside the underwear of women"

Priceless! Abu Fares, well done.
Katia said…
And the hypocrisy goes on...

(Definitely not addressed to you, Abufares, but to retards hiding behind old time taboos like sex & virginity)
I have commented at length and with passion on Isobel's blog but will repeat here this one thing:

If men want virgins - then let them jerk off for the rest of their lives and leave us alone with our hands, lips and dildo's. Save us the hardship and physical destruction of pregnancy and childbirth and thus reduce the overpopulation of the planet. Seriously!

The punishment suits the imbeciles perfectly.
I can't help ask the pointed question: Why do women allow it?
Abufares said…
Some people whether I agree or disagree with I respect soooo much.
You're one of those :-)
Thanks for being here. Always so graceful.
Abufares said…
Hypocrisy goes on but not indefinitely. When you think of Medieval Europe and consider the present you can't be but hopeful.
It's a cycle and sooner or later we'll get on top again.

Ohhh, many women would like that I guess, getting on top ;-)
Abufares said…
I love your passion in more ways than one.
looool (here goes that stutter again)
Or men who want virgins can fly Virgin Airlines, go to the Virgin islands, swim in some virgin lagoon and get raped by a virgin dolphin.
Does that count as an entry in your competition?

As for your question, I'm really as interested in answers as you are.

Why do women allow it, really???

I'm not sure whether we'll get someone here to tackle this inquiry as freely as she wants but if any "woman" is so inclined please and by all means do.

Why do you let men get away with this crap?
Gabriela said…
The world would be a much better place with more people like you, my dear friend.
Isobel said…
Thank you, Abufares, for picking this up and running with it in your wonderfully inimitable way! Brilliantly put...and yes, I had a good laugh over your closing line too. :) Oh, and I absolutely have to agree with Gabriela!
Dubai Jazz said…
Once I was in the presence of dozens aleppo businessmen when the inevitable subject of women, concubines, sexual exploits and sexcapades came up. When the conversation died out, one of them said in a somber voice: "al hamdulilah alathi khalakana zokoora" (thank god who created us males). Some of these guys have mistresses on call when they travel to eastern europe. But when they get married they make sure it's a virgin, and then they make sure she's properly clad when she steps out of the house. Women in our society are under lots of pressure already.
Nancy Reyes said…
I sort of agree with you, but actually as long as it is women who suffer more from pregnancies out of wedlock and PID from STD's I do actually think sex between a man and woman does not only involve themselves.

True, women can abort, but this is traumatic to most ordinary women, and a lot of them decide to have the kid...as the sexual revolution in the US proved, the morality free sexual revolution has been terrible for women and children.

Maybe we need a bit of balance here. In Spanish countries, including the Philippines, the father is proud if his girlfriend/mistress has a kid, and pays for their support even though not married.
Abufares said…
Thank you for being here even when you have no idea what it means to me. I read your comment by email as soon as you posted it (my last night). It made me feel good and re- focused my attention on the beautiful rather than the ugly things that make up a life.
Abufares said…
Well, you've probably just read my reply to Gabriela. This goes to you too. I felt, for a brief instance, that I was being strangled... then I read her and your comments and a sense of peace overwhelmed me.

We go on this voyage in life having no choice as far as our starting point. Those of us, with enough hope to change the world, can pave their own road and reach their desired destination.

Thank you dear friend for making everything brighter.
Abufares said…
After they thanked God that they were males they should've thanked him too for being assholes so full of shit.
I know many men who deserve what is happening... I will leave it at that;-)
Abufares said…

There should've been an educational revolution to go hand in hand with the sexual one especially with the under-privileged socioeconomic classes which were hit hardest by its effect.

Conceiving children whether in or out of wedlock should and must be a very learned choice. Humans and a very limited number of species (dolphins for instance according to research) have sex for fun rather than for the purpose of reproduction only. While the oceans can afford the "mistakes" of dolphins Dryland is becoming extremely overcrowded.
Traditional societies are increasing far more rapidly than those that are fully liberated.
The way I see it, premarital sex has no significant effect on the global population explosion at all.
Ral said…
Hi Abufares can i try to answer your question Why women accept this?
women like man in our societies are raised in the wrong way...to accept male superiority..their instinct sense of justice and dignity is biased by relegion... tradition...so they accept abuse as it is a destiny..and when it happenes to one of them to protest she risks loosing her life or her children..and she will live a social nightmare...then her story will be enough to spread fear not revolution among other women.....do you think it is easy for a woman to face these choices of loosing life, children....what do you think?
Abufares said…
Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you mostly.
The problem is that collectively we are masters of denial. We don't accept that we have tremendous social problems, that our families are staying together (more and more) because of coercion not out of love. We ridicule the West for their high divorce rate, the huge numbers of single parent families, their extramarital affairs, the lack of cohesion and compassion between generations yet we fail to point out that our strong family ties do not come cheap. They are eroding our individual freedom, they are on the account of the happiness and humanity of one partner very often (women mostly but men sometimes). We don't have as high a divorce rate because we want to keep face socially not because we are happier. This we fail to even admit to ourselves.
To make matters worse we carry our neurosis and instill it in our children. For every DO we teach them they learn 10 DON'Ts. Why don't we admit that we have become such a negative culture, afraid of its own shadow and hiding behind its middle finger?
I'm not favoring THEM over US. This is not it at all. I simply believe we have to let go of our self induced illusions.
Most of us are leading double lives and many who are not... are not living at all.
Joseph said…
Good one Abufares. Well done. Your replies to some of the comments are even better, if I may add.
Abufares said…
Always a pleasure seeing you here.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why you make it a big issue.Chinese inventor found a lot of stupid Arabs and Muslims believe in the fucking hymen,so,wanted to make a lot of money from this product.and i think they make it cheap ,because the inventor thinks,the same user will use a new one later..

The stupid people need this kind of product.Please have a look at this ivention in this webpage:


It allows girls and women of all ages the ability to neatly pee standing up like men.

I think now,many surgions will lose these kind of cleints.

I don't think this issue deserve this article,or to spend a minute for writing and discussing..

As, Rime says you are one of the bes writer about the life;(I just read your past posts)!

Thank you for sharing us your thoughts .

Ral said…
men suffer too i agree totally sometimes directly sometimes indirectly..both men and women suffer from this negative culture you mentioned....abufares what a beautiful mind you have!
Who said…
Abufares said…
I am an Arab and a Muslim and I don't agree with you that we are stupid.
I think that was an unfortunate and chauvinistic statement on your part.
Virginity is important not only in Islamic and Arab countries but in many parts of the world. The entire population around the Mediterranean basin considers virginity an integral part of their cultures. While its significance is eroding in larger urban centers, the small villages of South Italy and the many tiny communities in the Greek islands still consider premarital sex as a taboo.
While I personally do not like writing about controversial subjects, events sometimes sweep me along and I react by writing.
I didn't even state my point of view on virginity in this post except saying that it's nobody's business. The primary purpose behind my blog is to practice my own freedom of expression and that of others.
Abufares said…
I'm so happy to read your comments. Not only because we seem to agree on many issues but more because we do so for the same reasons.
It takes a beautiful mind to appreciate another :-)
Anonymous said…
I also,don't agree that Arabs or Muslims are stupid,at all,apologise if you understand i mean that!;but i mean who still use lie or use these things to cover what they done.I think both males and femals are guilty in this issue,nobody is brave enough to say the truth,so you see such this product.
I think Islam sort out this matter,but those think they are Islam keeper destroying the meaning of Islam.

We don't need to solve this problem by another mistake.

Have a nice time with highest respect to you and all your readers ,

Abufares said…
Thank you for your clarification. I was certain that you didn't mean it that way but couldn't leave it the way it was.
In theory I agree with you that we should not fight hypocrisy with lies. However, extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. Perhaps blurring the line between what is real and what is an illusion will eventually topple the principle itself. It might take a long time to overcome centuries of archaic traditions but it will happen in the end. History taught us that no one can stop progress. They can slow it down, they can reverse its flow temporarily but eventually nothing will stand in the way.
Thank you again, I very much appreciate your second comment.
Anonymous said…
This believe, along with cutting the clitoris of young women so they can not feel any enjoyment during sex is just BARBARIC AND DISGUSTING!

It is beyond me why women in some parts of the world allow it to happen, except for ignorance and fear.

w.b. yeats
Joseph said…
Thank you Abufares. Always a gentleman.

I have sent you 2 emails in the past month or so. Would you do me a favor please and let me know whether you've received any at all...

Have a nice day.
Who said…
fantasia Lillith said…
I think part of the problem for many parts of the world is that education itself is denied women. Hard to fight when you have no rights, no education and this no words to fight back with. Collectively women would stand a chance - it is how they came to have the right to vote among other things in the Western world.

Abu fares - I think you really hit home. I remember my grandmother saying to me: "HA if I had been allowed to divorce your crazy grandfather I would have!" This from a woman that fought in the underground during WWII and survived a work labour camp. So, you see as brave as she was risking life and family during the war, social branding is more powerful still.
Abufares said…
I've been having many problems with my own laptop (not the one I use during my travels) and which I use for personal purposes including blogging and email.
Anyway, I got your excellent Secretary Selection Tool and found it very useful :-)
Abufares said…

Your grandmother's example is a perfect illustration about the overpowering effect of culture and religion on social and individual behavior.
However, in a free and democratic environment these effects will erode over time since women (and men) are guaranteed to exercise their freedom of choice. They will veer away from the restrictions of culture and the impositions of religion gradually. Society as a whole will become less cohesive. Family relations will deteriorate and even individually people will be increasingly alienated.
Is that a price the more closed societies like ours are willing to pay? Do we favor the Western social version?

I, and I speak only about myself, if faced with this ultimate choice will say YES. I will stand to lose a lot but we can't have it all and this I'm realistic enough to realize and accept.
Joseph said…
Hope your problems are sorted now. I was more interested in knowing whether you've received my last email dated 22 September 09 as it contained a 4 set wallpaper design I've designed for your iphone based on a design I saw on the net.
BuJ said…
hala Abu Fares,

our good friend Dubai Jazz pointed out this hilarious post to me.. it's great that these things are getting a good "support" from the Arab blogosphere, as opposed to being "bled" dry by the capitalist societies of today!

i kinda touched on the topic here:

Anonymous said…
The same way you are telling us that we have no right to "shove morality" into other people heads, you do not have the right to shove your immorality into other peoples head.
In my opinion, and i am sure the opinion of millions of others (probably billions if they knew the truth), is that you are sick. Now, i know that it is your right to have "freedom" "freedom of speech" and all that stuff,but thats probably the only reason why i wont insult you. Though the really sick thing is how you get others to agree with you, and the way people like you twist other peoples mind. I used to like your posts, not anymore. Guess you really cant judge a book by its cover, nor judge a blogger by his posts. By the way, it wont matter if you deny this comment to get on your site, at least you'll read it. If you approve of the post, the more the merrier.
Abufares said…
you gave me no valid reason to delete your comment. Although you wanted to insult me you restrained yourself to the best of your ability but couldn't not tell me that I'm sick. I let it pass since your comment was neither racist nor chauvinistic. You disagreed with me and that is perfectly within the bounds of common courtesy.
I think you're wrong when you said that I make people agree with me. I don't harbor such intentions and I believe that those who commented before you have a mind of their own and are as intelligent as you are and possibly more. I said what I believed in in the same way thousands, millions or billions as you so aptly indicated said what they believe in BUT I happen to have a different point of view. On the other hand, there are thousands, millions and billions who share my opinion that sexual preferences are nobody's business.
I also made it clear that I'm neither for nor against premarital sex. I only asserted everybody's right to do as they choose. I'm not saying this in self-defense btw as I'm not seeking your or anybody's approval.
I never expected everyone to like or agree with my opinions. That you don't like my blog anymore is unfortunate. In a way, it's my loss but I can't do anything about it if the only way to keep you as a reader is to hide behind the shadow of my finger. I mostly write about non-controversial subjects but when I do I say what I believe in and I do so regardless of whether I'm going to lose or gain readers.

I'm glad you didn't pursue your initial urge to insult and forced me to delete your comment. You gave me the opportunity to reply to what I consider a partially good argument.
I never took not agreeing with me personally on my blog or IRL.
Whether you come again this way or not is entirely up to you but thank you anyway for saying what's on your mind in a somehow acceptable manner.
Anonymous said…
I respect your thoughts, and somewhat intelligence, though that is the problems these days. All the intelligent people have corrupted minds - no offense mind you-just my point of view.The reason why i don't like your blog anymore is because if i support it by visiting it, then it would be the same as supporting you point of views, the fact that you aren't against premarital is enough to show your intentions though, and on that fact i built my opinion on you and your way of thinking. And the fact that you might not be harboring intentions of [civilian] propaganda and/or supporting premarital doesn't mean that you aren't making others think you are. Whether you are doing it intentionally or not matters meagerly because it is still being done.The only reason, btw, why i didn't insult you is not for respect or anything of that kind. It is because Islam doesn't allow me. Which i cant say for you. You claim you're Muslim, though your acts claim otherwise.I just wanted to clear that up, and cant do much more because it is not my place to judge people's religion publicly, also from Islam.
Abufares said…
You didn't insult me because, as you pointed out, your doctrine prevented you.
I, on the other hand, didn't insult you out of respect. To you but most importantly to myself.

When it comes to others, there are very few things I am against to tell you the truth. Each one to his own, I believe. But to judge people is not to be taken lightly.
We disagree on many things but the only thorny one is your attempt to classify and judge me. This might appeal to your own sense of right and wrong, to your own understanding of religion and its purpose in our lives but not necessarily to everybody else. You are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are right and that I am wrong. I have no such convictions, or illusions.
I'm not embarrassed nor feel guilty when I change my mind or admit that I'm wrong. You don't have that capacity.
Then again, to each his own :-)
Anonymous said…
So you are really convinced that I am wrong and you are right? And yet you reply to me with courage, but you hide behind you feasible words which have no truth. As I said, I follow Islam, every rules which I know. You also wrote that, though you think I see it in my own shade of light. That's a lie. Does Islam tell you to have premarital sex ? No it doesn't, and you know that. I don't understand how you say that I have my own understanding of my religion, and how you say that others don't think in the same way. All true Muslims, who understand Islam, will have the same opinion (more of a fact than opinion.) I also have no doubt, whatsoever, that I'm right with my opinion, because I got evidence and Islam on my side. I also not only not insulted you because of my respect, that is what I mean by my last comment of not insulting you because of my religion, I meant that my religion teaches me to respect people, and to have respect.
You also hide behind the cliché of "admitting that you wrong, when wrong", but yet you are the one who doesn't have the capacity to admit when wrong because you know you’re wrong and yet do not admit. As I said, you hide behind feasible attempts of defending yourself, of which only small minded people would believe you in.
You also say that judging people should not be taken lightly, yet you judge me by writing "I'm not embarrassed nor feel guilty when I change my mind or admit that I'm wrong. [You don't have that capacity.]" Also you judged that I didn't insult you out of respect, but you have an excuse for that, because I didn't specify how Islam taught me not to insult in my last comment, I guessed that you would have experience with the teachings of Islam. You are also "excessively sure" of having no illusions, but being sure is not proof and does not validate it as fact. ;) I hope I do not bore you with my freedom of speech.
Abufares said…
I'm not hiding behind anything. My understanding is different from yours, plain and simple.
I don't take everything for granted. If that makes me a "false" Muslim in your eye and in the eyes of the Joumhour Al-3oulama2 then be it.
You didn't bore me at all but what's the point?
Anonymous said…
We know that our understandings are different. Thats not the issue. Nor did anyone talk about "taking things for granted", unless you mean premarital sex should be taken advantage of. I am just pointing out that Muslims(Islam) do not believe(believe as in support) in premarital sex. It also doesn't matter what i see you as. Btw whats Joumhour al-3oulama2?
I asked if i bored you out of pure respect, as i don't wish to bother anyone. Its not up to me to consider you a good Muslim or not (if you are...), i am just trying to point out some stuff, especially to your readers. I try my best.
btw are you superkids father?
Abufares said…
Last night, when I read the comment on Superkid's I knew that it was written by my anonymous commentator.
I am happy to know you're only 18. I wasn't half as smart as you are at that age. Although, to tell you the truth, I was more convinced that Islam is not open to interpretation.
I don't impose my ideas on anyone, my son included. And, yes I'm the proud father of Superkid. Just a word of advice, if you permit, I don't think you should take it upon yourself to enlighten me or my readers on my blog. I have already read a little in yours and if I ever comment there it will certainly be something positive and pleasant.
This post was about my point of view. If you go on considering anyone with a different opinion as sick you will stand a lot to lose. While I wish you the best of luck in life I hope that you realize that it comes in a continuous spectrum of colors. Don't reduce it to black or white.
You're always welcome here but don't count on liking or disliking everything I write. We are not that simple.
Chris said…
lol, i thougth you would pick up on that comment, though i realized it after i posted it. You know, the abufares, and fares thing. I couldn't believe i didnt think of it before i posted.....
I also appreciate your compliment, more than you think.
I also hope you realize that i only commented bad on this post, you would know why.Though i would appreciate if you can tell me what you mean by We are not the simple and what you mean by Islam isnt open to interpretation?
I am not 18 btw, younger than that, and i didnt reduce it to black and white. More like i optimized it to Fact and fiction, what it is telling readers. I also chose anonymous because your blog isnt familiar grounds, not for a hit' n run, if you know what i mean. You probably compared the ip's of the comments. I am a baklorian , for the record
Anonymous said…
* that
Abufares said…
It was not the IP at all but rather your style. I detected the subtle similarities:-)

"We are not that simple" means that humans should not be reduced to Pavlovian creatures and identify their world as either good or bad. There are many states in between and this is where most of us naturally live.

Anyone who believes that he/she knows more about Islam than me is defeating his/her own belief. That God chose to make his message complicated and not understood directly by me is outrageous. That my own understanding is frowned upon by others is ludicrous. When I was young I agreed with your own notion of "True Islam" but I no longer do. I don't take text literally anymore.

There's no clear line between what you call fact and fiction. Life doesn't work like this. Most of what you believe as fact might be considered as fiction by others and vice versa.

Q- Do I believe in premarital sex?
A- I believe it's none of my business. I believe that no one has the right to flaunt religion in the face of those who chose to have premarital sex either. It's nobody's goddamn business.

Q- Does that make me a bad Muslim?
A- I really don't care about how I'm being evaluated by others. I'm the "best" person I know so far and when I meet a "better" person I will be the happiest man alive.

Good Luck with your Bakaloria!
Anonymous said…
I am not on the same level as you. When i ask, Does that make me a bad Muslim, i don't think of it as how people see me, i think of it how God sees me and how i see myself. Same with fact and fiction, when i think of a fact, fact-ionize it with the world in general, not by opinions. And same with other things in life. I work with the "pure" fact, and i understand that you work with opinions. To me Islam isn't the way you/I (or others) think of it, it is the way IT IS. I am not sure you understand what i am saying. btw Luck isn't enough for Bakaloria, trying to find a way out, you know any?
Abufares said…
To me, nothing is the WAY IT IS. I question anything and everything.

We disagreed and that's it. No big deal. You shouldn't work so hard on convincing or being convinced. I have no intention to make you change your mind. I know where you're coming from and how you're thinking and I accept and respect that. If you can't accept and respect how I think then avoid reading me. It's that simple.
Anonymous said…
? why are you so aggressive, i am not trying to convince you?!Though i could care a little less( i care about alto of things). I am trying to make you know how i think. Thats it. I don't know why you would think so, but i am sry if you feel that way.....
All the smart peeps question anything and everything ;)

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