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Upside Down

It's been much longer than I wanted to. I haven't been able to read as much as I'd like, to ride my motorcycle on a twisted mountain road, to walk by the sea or to sit down in the privacy of my own thoughts and blog. Working for a living is the most overrated human activity. To take pride in what we do is acceptable but to surrender our identities to our careers is so pitifully vain. I honor what I do but what I do doesn't add or take away anything from what I truly am. Since my last business trip, work has been pressing parasitically on my personal space. I work for a living that's true but I need to eventually take a firm stand and not allow a job, any job, to turn my life upside down. And this brings us to the recipe I chose to share with you today: Ma'loubeh or Upside Down is a Levantine eggplant dish. I often post about local recipes in their most basic form for a purpose. I want you, the reader, to be able to acquire, prepare and cook the dish without ha

Amal Hayati

I was out with the guys last night. We laughed and bellowed. We bickered and fought. We ate and drank then we listened to Om Kalthoum . Amal Hayati (Hope of My Life) 1965, lyrics by Ahmad Shafik Kamel (1919-2008), music by Mohamad Abdul Wahab (1900-1991). I can only translate, to the best of my ability, most of this magnificent love poem and hope that somehow you get to enjoy the voice, the music and the timeless words. For you are, Amal Hayati. Hope of my life, My endless love The most beautiful song My heart has heard Take my life, all of it Just let me be With you only today In the lap of your heart Let me dream Never to wake up again  My Hope, my life, my eyes You're more precious than myself My Habibi of yesterday And now my Habibi And then till the end of time, Habibi Tell me… What harbor am I missing, When I'm in your arms I've never known so much protection Such as yours I've never loved my life Habibi Except for you I faced my hopes

October Rain

Nightly wind puffs From the mountains swirled Carrying sickly leaves Far to the sea A moist breeze stirred the chalky branches Under the dolorous stare of a meeker sun Old Summer wheezed its last breath Mercy-killed by an October cloudburst At long last Rain washed the dusty roads Cleansed taint souls Brought the life back to me A forlorn survivor Of dog days melting in potholes Burdens of happiness gone Less dispirited but longing still For a downpour to sweep me away To carry me to a place I only knew in dreams to make me whole, to paint me green By my window a world goes by Young mothers with babies stroll Their potbellied men buying groceries Teenagers smoking addiction Lean on cars Lovers running out of space Watched by solemn eyes People stuck in stranded schooners Tilting to starboard, capsizing Drunk drivers, intoxicated by chimeras Of heaven and hell Growing beards, wearing robes Beautiful women covering up mentally raped to submission Genera

Hymens For Sale

It might come as a surprise to many but hymens are not unique to the human species. Due to similar biological evolution many female mammals, including chimpanzees, elephants and whales retained theirs as well. And no, there is no embedded wisdom or ultimate truth behind the existence of hymens more than their functional role of preventing infections in young females from external sources. There is as much intended purpose behind a hymen as there is in the persistent presence of the appendix in humans in general and nipples in men in particular. That dealt with and out of the way let us address this very interesting and hot topic (might be wet and messy as well). I first read about artificial virginity on my favorite blog Suffonsifisms written by Isobel . Global Voices' own Hisham also linked to the same subject written in French by the Moroccan Blogger Mounir . In her post titled Artificial Virginity then in  Furthermore…as if it wasn’t bad enough , Isobel addressed the s