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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spanking the monkey and Beating the Beaver

Earlier this Ramadan I promised myself and my Habibati Readers to stick to recipes till the end of the lunar month. Until yesterday I was well on my track to keeping my word. Oh OK, I sneaked in “When I Need You” last week but it was a spur of the moment thing. I just felt like dancing that's all. If you find it in yourselves to forgive me keep reading. Otherwise, you might as well stop and doodle your noodle or air your orchid instead. This post, for all practical purposes, was supposed to be a soup double header. I intended to describe and explain the recipes for two of my favorite bowls, Lentil and Red Soups. However, extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. After conferring with Abu Kareem we decided that I'd better address the pressing matter of masturbation in Syria first.

Apparently our Syrian youth is obsessed with playing with itself. If we are to believe what an authority on the matter wrote a few days ago on his Arabic blog (boy are we lucky that the new enlightened herd is sticking to Arabic) jerking off has reached unprecedented levels in the country. Boys are unable to concentrate on their studies and are looking very pale before prematurely ejaculating and losing consciousness in schools. Their balls are blue and sore as hell and when they sneeze or cough they are allegedly pissing in their pants. They are falling on their backs after bleeding to death from their weenies. Those who don't die on the spot and once they get married are preferring to take matters in their own hands instead of in between their partners' legs.  And, yes brothers and sisters, girls, Lord Have Mercy on us all, are doing this despicable, blinding and atrocious act secretly without the written consent of their male pimp, sorry chimp. They, someone hold me please before I pass out, are losing their virginity to their fingers out of wedlock.

Local doctors are at a total loss. They have classified the masturbation frenzy as epidemic, endemic and pandemic (all at once). According to one informed source who has confided in me after recently returning from a trip to Syria (the new enlightened herd very much likes using this phrase or something similar) the bathroom is the most likely crime scene for these psychotically sick and abnormal boys and girls. While unsuspecting parents are watching Bab El Hara, the boys are spanking their monkeys and the girls are beating their beavers.

Now that you have a better idea about some of the content of the enlightened herd's agenda why don't you join me in promoting a Week of Blogging Against...

Let's all use the comment section to reach a consensus. We, the bad guys and gals (the Ze3ran) of the Syrian Blogsphere and our regular guests need to initiate our own Week Against Something. All ideas are welcome and the stupider the better. This is activism at its best. How about a few days of lobbying before we start our valiant attempt at draining this septic pool of stink and shit. Let's move ahead, forge our destiny and join forces together in beating our meats or around the bushes to reach an unprecedented Syrian Orgasm against absurdity, hypocrisy and sanctimony. I leave it literally in your hands ya Mala3een.


bint battuta said...

Excellent idea. You could use
as the theme tune of the campaign (lyrics

XTR said...

You know Abu Fares, you have such an amazing and powerful way of expression. At first, I was chuckling at the title itself- Spanking the monkey and Beating the Beaver. That’s great euphemism, I’ll give you that, but frankly I think you hit the nail on the head!

However, once I continued reading, and when I reached the part where you said, and I quote, “Those who don't die on the spot and once they get married prefer to take matters in their own hands instead of in between their partners' legs.”- I was cracking up!

Masturbation is a very sensitive (and complicated) topic, and not many like to talk about it. Some people do it for fun while others for satisfying their needs. In any case, I think this insatiable act must be avoided all together.

You were somehow exaggerating with your description of the gravity of the situation where everybody is hormone crazed, but for the humor effect, it is very funny indeed!

Despite the fact that the majority of our youth -probably more than 90%- are doing it, and despite that doctors claim that it’s absolutely natural if not a healthy act, I still think that it’s better not to do it, until it’s absolutely necessary.

To be blunt, I think I can originate the root of the problem. From what I’ve been hearing from most of the guys, the main dilemma is that not everybody has intermittent or even regular “wet dreams” to cool down their throbbing reproductive parts. To top it off, sometimes the “little man” wants to come out uninvited, which can cause quite an embarrassment because of the bulge in the pants, especially in the mornings! This can last for several hours during the daytime, which can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention that masturbation is the main culprit for energy drainage.

So guys, I know that this is a very sensitive and personal topic, but as a piece of advice, it might be a good idea to stop “spanking” the poor thing, at least for a while.

Dan Humphrey said...

I would like to say that this was such a funny post, yet most of the things you said are all true. Guys & girls have wants and needs and it goes as follows: wants- masturbation and needs - sex sex sex and more sex but nowadays since we have things like PETA (something to do with animal cruelty), we also have something similar, Frankly there was a group about these people who are "anti- masturbation" people. It's for people who think that Spanking the monkey is just wrong. Some religious people strongly agree with this. But like what Sara Michelle Gellar said in one of her movies "Teenage Horniness is not a crime, open your hearts and your minds..." and so on
but if you don't like the word masturbation we can simply call it "(insertthenameofthehormonecrazedromeosandjulietshere) happy times".

Dubai Jazz said...

when you're bored and horny
at home late at night and lonely
the porn selection will come in handy
and your day will turn out dandy

she on top or doggy style
don't matter the position
bitch be ready and docile
in your mind you set the condition

don't forget to clean up the mess,
and perform your Ightisal
haul ass to the priest and confess
forgiveness be in order, pal

once in a while I get sick
bored with the layout of my palm
so once in while I'll dip my wick
& some vageegee will make me calm

Dubai Jazz said...

i thrashed and shuffled in my bed
knowing for sure it ain't insomnia
for hours I could think of nothing else
so i gave in to the mania

white, cool linen pants
an imagery so overwhelming
I capture snapshots during the day
and in the nights, i do the developing

the next morning i'm staring
sheepishly at my screen,
happy, spent and overjoyed
i scored 5 handjobs with my fickle queen

but then this dude appears
through the blueness of the screen
guilt he tries to seed,
fear he aims to breed,
but his words fall apart at the seams
of the cool, linen pant,
I tell him i ain't so keen
fuck off with your righteous rant

Dubai Jazz said...

و أخيرا فقد قالت العرب:

وإذا حللت بوادٍ لا أنيس به.....فاجلد عميرة لا داء و لا حرج

و اعذرونا على الاطالة

Jillian said...

You know, I would participate, but over here in the States, the Great Problem of Masturbation has gotten so bad, people are doing it on buses, subways, in the street, in the cinemas...even in class.

You Syrians will have to fend for yourselves...soon the world will be taken over.


Anonymous said...

99% of people do masturbate (aka fucking their hands "Neka7 El Yad"). This means Hands are bitches and we should not touch them. So...
Week against handshaking.

Gabriela said...

I support the initiative.
Do people in Syria use the same arguments they use here: masturbation is bad, you'll get blind, you'll have hair growing in the back of your hands... and a very long etcetera.

Abu Kareem said...

Abu Fares,
I told you that you were funnier than me!

abufares said...

@Bint Battuta
Great theme song indeed.
However, we're seeking a motto, a campaign slogan:

Blogging Week Against...

So do I take it that your suggestion is:

Blogging Week Against Playing with Your Noodle.

abufares said...

That masturbation is sensitive I agree with you, otherwise it would've not been enjoyable. However, that it is complicated is open to discussion. I think that the unnecessary burden of Guilt is the root of the problem. Many societies have move forward while ours is still struggling with its own concept of sexuality. Accordingly, we have extreme cases with a disruption of a nice and smooth continuum of sexual preferences and practices.
We have yet to learn that sex, like food and drink, is something personal to enjoy and that it's nobody's goddamn business.
We still need your contribution for a slogan.

Blogging Week Against...

abufares said...

@Dan Humphrey
Thank you for your comment.
It's amazing/surprising/awful/stupid how religion sticks its nose under the garments of boys and girls. As if the stink of the world and its failure (religion's) to solve any social problem over the last several thousands of years is not enough.

Slogan Please...

abufares said...

Oh man, I really admire your poetic prowess. I think you are in a class of your own. The line of the linen pants won me over and I felt the goosebumps under mine.
Be that as it may, I was expecting that you might be our source of inspiration in coming up with the slogan we're seeking. We, the Ze3ran of the world, know that we can depend on you.

abufares said...

You see why we're a little disappointed with Obama here in Syria. We expected him to help, in particular with the rampant problem of masturbation.

And for your information Jillian, we invented masturbation in cinemas. It would be a little difficult to touch ourselves in micro-busses (too close for comfort), we don't have subways and we sit 3 per seat in the classroom so we do have an excuse for letting you get ahead of us as far as creativity in the States:-)
How about a slogan please???

abufares said...


Thank you for providing the first candidate for a campaign slogan.

Blogging Week Against Handshaking!

abufares said...

All the arguments I have presented in the post were actually advocated by the blogger who thoroughly addresses the subject.
The difference is that I'm a clown and I don't know what I'm talking about while he is a learned man of science and theology combined. Ohhh, we have so many of those, there's almost one in every family (if not more).
We call them Oulama' ... You might in Peru call them by their real name: Assholes.

A slogan please :-)

abufares said...

@Abu Kareem
I might be funny but you came up with the idea.
Besides you are head of the committee to pick the winning slogan for our Blogging Week Against....(whatever)

Dubai Jazz said...

Dear Abu Fares

I apologize for falling short of the Ze3rans expectations. Since I like white linen pants, I suggest we blog against Lycra pants. That’s it.

A week for the promotion of linen pants and the prevention of the Lycra.

What do you guys reckon?

Anonymous said...

Its shape is suspicious and not acceptable. Virgins may think bad thoughts looking at this evil vegetable. Scientific evidence has been found that eating, or looking at cucumber decreases fertility and cause impotence.
Even it's name (cu-cum-ber) is suspicious.

Blogging Week Against Cucumber.

KJ said...

LOL Abufares, wallah ennak nahfeh! Imagining people fainting in schools and on the roads of Damascus hahahahaha.

Dunno man but regardless of any scientific evidence that moron put, "s2al mjarreb w ma tes2al 7akeem" is the way to go in these issues. And millenia upon millenia can attest that no one has been blind, fainted or prematurely ejaculated since then. And if the latter happens, there are ways to go around it and like they say - practice makes perfect!

Hamza said...

you guys are on a league on your own. I am willing to join forces with whatever I can. I was impressed with Dubai Jazz's poetry.

XTR said...

Abu Fares,

Of course it’s none of anybody’s business! I never meant to condemn masturbation or suggest that it’s a sinful act. Masturbation is a way of exploring one’s own body and sexuality, and is done whenever necessary. I was just saying that- just like what you’ve humorously mentioned in your post- excessive masturbation can lead to many problems.

To elaborate on this matter a little more, masturbation can be a problem when it interferes with your daily activities.

wgaw said...

Blogging week against huge sparks

yaser said...

Blogging week against using soap in the bathroom.
we are going to get real dirty..

saint said...

In support of loving oneself, reducing blood pressure, and healthy flushing system:
Blogging week in support of:
Ooh, oooh, oooooh, aaaaaah

Maureen Thomas said...

Dear Abu Fares,

I’ve been reading your blog for years and now I can’t resist putting in my “five penn’orth” (as we used to say in my youth!). I’m a retired English teacher of English in my mid-seventies and I find both your way with the language and your sense of humour totally admirable.

I have not contributed before because my link with Syria is a tenuous one, through my dearest friend, Kamal Labwani, whose sense of humour matches yours. Also I am refused a visa to visit your beautiful country, so reading many of your posts only adds to my “nostalgia” for a country I have never seen. I also wish I could speak and read Arabic because it would make my present work much easier and I would also enjoy your blog even more.

However, this time I feel I have something to add to the “discussion” from a different angle. As a teacher, it was occasionally disconcerting to see a look of preoccupation come over the face of a boy sitting in the back row of the classroom and be pretty certain it was nothing to do with the brilliant English lesson I was delivering. What to do? Order “all hands on desks!”? Far too draconian! Avert my eyes, focus on the keen girl at the front and carry on, was all I could think of to do.

Please tell young Fares that his photographs have prompted me to go out and buy a chicken which I really didn’t need. Should I send the bill to him?????

Joseph said...

Week of Blogging Against Schlong & Muffin... tools of the devil...LooooooL. Go have a Burrito instead. It'll do you the world of good.

Anonymous said...

blogging week against BAB ELHARA
Abufares elazeem shoukran..great as always.

Dan Humphrey said...

Blogging week against hormone crazed Romeos & Juliets

abufares said...

Thank you for enlightening us with your hand-on experience. We now have empirical research to refute the absurd hypothesis advocated by the "Guilty Masturbator" and company.

abufares said...

Welcome on board. DJ is our (Lonely) Mutanabbi;-)

abufares said...

How about when daily activities interfere with masturbation?
We should find a way to resolve this issue as well.

abufares said...

@Maureen Thomas

Dear Ms Maureen
I always had a weak spot for pretty English teachers.
Had you been mine when I was a student I would've had a huge crush on you:-)
I'm honored by your visit and by the fact that you've been reading my blog all along. English has pervaded my consciousness early on in my life and has always been my favorite means of self expression.

I owe a lot to Dr. Carl Wooton
( ) who taught me creative writing while at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. He was the most influential teacher of my entire academic pursuit. I had him for one course only but his words of encouragement and support to the only foreign and non-English major student in the class motivated me to become the hungry reader I still am today.

I really hope that someday you can come here to Syria where I will be glad to hold your hand (if you don't mind) and show you around this very unique place. It's somehow ironic that you finally commented on one of my most absurd posts. It was simply a farcical response to the mediocrity invading the minds of a large part of our learned youth. I worry more about the future of this country from the archaic and chauvinistic "religious" undercurrents than from the lack of political democracy. At least on the personal level, we are still left alone up till now.

I will tell Fares that Ms Maureen liked his photos and I join him in inviting you to the most delicious stuffed chicken we can prepare in our humble home.

Cheers and thank you for dropping by. Why not come again, anytime.

abufares said...

To All The Guys/Gals Who Suggested a Week Against (Whatever)

Thank you so much for your commendable effort and contributions. I have a suggestion, if I may. How about we agree on a date when all of us, bloggers at least, initiate his/her own campaign against something. Why not make it even more confusing to the uptight and stiff "Syrian Moral Majority" as they believe themselves to be by starting several meaningless campaigns simultaneously. How about Friday the 11th of September. Each one of us can write a post that we are starting a week against ....
(We don't have to write more than this post of course but it will be fun to fill our blogsphere with concurrent/controversial/contradictory weeks all at the same time. I suggest we use a bilingual title for the post.
Any in favor of this stupid idea, please BLOG on Fri 11/09/09 with a blog titled:

Blogging Week Against .... (use your wildest imagination)

Many thanks, further suggestions are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Blogging Week Against Energumen Priggs!

w.b. yeats

The Syrian Brit said...

I propose a Blogging Week Against Nose Picking..
This is a much more serious epidemic/endemic/pandemic than monkey-spanking or beaver-beating ...
It is a hidden plague that is threatening the very fabric of our morality..
School kids are skipping classes to go nose-picking in dark alleys.. Family break-ups are at record-high levels as spouses abandon each other to practise that evil habit...
Stupid?.. No more stupid than the Arabic blogger you report on, I assure you!..

p.s. Excellent post, as ever, Abu Fares..

abufares said...

@Syrian Brit
You've been greatly missed. You do that on purpose don't you???
More than your comments, your writing on your own blog is what I'm talking about.
So far, your suggestion is my favorite. It's hilarious indeed. Come to think about it, it certainly is more valid than all the weeks promoted so far on the Syrian Blogsphere.
Come back SB, we certainly need you.

abufares said...

@w.b. yeats
It's perfect especially when I feel even stupider to promote something I absolutely have no idea about :-)

Joseph said...

I agree with you Abufares. Syrian Brit's suggestion is my favorite too and certainly is hilarious. Thus, making my suggestion sound painfully stupid...LOL
Abufares, one has to admire your energy and readiness to give every one of us, your blog followers, friends and passers by a little of your time, space and more importantly a little of yourself no matter what the subject or occasion entail.

Well done.

أنا سوري said...

I posted s funny comment before this one, or at least I thought it was funny. After some thinking, I didn't want to sound sarcastic of a noble cause, and I sure wasn't, but some might interpret it differently. This is a great idea Abu Fares. You never seize to amaze me. How about a campaign for stopping child labor, or the use of young children to make money? No child under 10 should have to work, and no child period should beg for money because someone told them to.

abufares said...

I like Syrian Brit's suggestion a lot but I was expecting Abu Kareem (the committee head) to approve.

I appreciate every comment from readers, friends and passersby as they fuel my will to keep blogging. I'm humbled by most and I'm very happy to be around special people (like you) who make my day so much nicer simply by dropping by.

abufares said...

@Ana Sourie
I read your earlier comment and thought it funny too. BTW, I have probably used your same source to come up with a few "euphemisms" for the atrocious act of (uuuh I can't even say it).

Now that you are turning the table and advocating a noble cause indeed "against child labor" how can I refuse? I was hoping to reach a consensus among us by this coming Friday 11/09. Apparently, and as per our true nature as Syrians, such consensus is only attainable in dreams.
What I'm going to do this Friday is post Blogging Week AGAINST SOMETHING. If we the bloggers agree to do that, even for fun and sarcasm, we would have served a good purpose. I don't know whether you've read about the ridiculous blogging campaigns promoted on the Syrian Blogsphere over the last year or so. On Friday I intend to match their ludicrousness just for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...

in this moment i really wish i am a blogger to dedicate a whole blog against narcisstic personality spread among syrian men...this is a disorder however it is very well tolerated in syrian society among all social classes and (we) mostly women should live with, like we said in french(il faut faire avec),please Abufares for the sake of syrian women i know you deeply respect aboard this problem with your powerful words.

abufares said...

I wish you were a blogger too. Thank you for being here and for pointing out this very important and annoying trait not only in Syrian men but I dare say in Mediterranean men in general. In Lebanon, Turkey and Greece for instance they are as bad as we are.

Syria is a nation of narcissistic and self-proclaimed important men and it would make for a very interesting article indeed to write about this topic.

I will gladly oblige and coming soon a subjective post by the man who not only respect Syrian women but love them very much as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Abufares, you don´t know how big faver the young Syrian do to Syria by Masturbation, it is green sex anyway, that means sex with responsabilicy, echologically correct,
let´s call it :

ps. many yeas ago whem MAU-TSI TONG
dicided that only one person per family is permited in china people sail that he was a bad person, china now with 1.5 bi, and the whole world is suffering ,imagen it they were 3 bi, we all should thank him,at my opinion he was the best governer of the last cicle,

abufares said...


Green Sex indeed. I never thought about it this way and your comment is very enlightening :-)

Thanks my friend, always a pleasure to see you here.

Anonymous said...

Energumen: a person believed to be possessed by the devil or a spirit; fanatic.

Prig: a self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others.

I think I confused you because a miss-spelled Prig
: (


w.b. yeats

GottfriedStutz said...

Abu Fares and everyone,

Why a week of blogging against something? I suggest a week of blogging for a noble cause.

How about a WBEMT - a Week of Blogging for Education on of Masturbation Techniques? This would enlighten the well-meaning but ill-informed blogger who calls masturbation "nikaa7 al-yad", thereby ignoring a whole range of approaches which do not require the use of hands.

Think of the benefits of the WBEMT:
- Our readers' knowledge and vocabulary of will expand (no puns intended.)
- Their creativity will increase (no puns either.)
- Being positive is a good way to spread your message (no puns, obviously) and to rub it in (believe me, no puns.)
- We will win the debate single-handedly (no pu... oh what the hell?)


GottfriedStutz said...

Sorry for the couple of mistakes in my comment above. You would think I was typing with one hand only!

أنا سوري said...

My appologies Abu Fares. I didn't read all the comments and responses before I wrote mine. It still is a great idea. It'll make it even more enjoyable if it was ridiculous and outrageous.

Anonymous said...

What about you Abu Fares when you were young?

abufares said...

@w.b. yeats
Priggs did confuse me you're right.
Now that I'm better informed, I think it's a fantastic idea to have a Blogging Week Against Energumen Prigs;-)

You know I really like it, Prigs and Pricks sound the same.

abufares said...


Man I'm overwhelmed by great ideas. I'm lost in a sea of wisdom.
With this vast array of splendid and eligible candidates I think that we should all hit the blogsphere simultaneously with various schemes.

I just feel like being serious for a moment. Have you (all of you) noticed how the English and Arabic Syrian bloggers are so totally isolated from each other. They exist in separate parallel universes. Every once in a while some one from either side takes a dip into the Realm of the Others, get pissed off about something and blogs about it. A big commotion ensues then the ripples die down and each return to his/her shore safely.
We're talking about apples and oranges here, aren't we?

abufares said...

@Ana Sourie
Let's see what we can come up with on Friday. I'll be waiting to read your post:-)

abufares said...


When I was young..?

The rooms were so much colder then
My father was a soldier then
And times were very hard
When I was young

I smoked my first cigarette at ten
And for girls, I had a bad yen
And I had quite a ball
When I was young

When I was young, it was more important
Pain more painful
Laughter much louder
Yeah, when I was young
When I was young

I met my first love at thirteen
She was brown and I was pretty green
And I learned quite a lot when I was young
When I was young

Pain more painful
Laughter much louder
Yeah, when I was young
When I was young

My faith was so much stronger then
I believed in fellow men
And I was so much older then
When I was young
When I was young
When I was young

(The Animals, 1967)

Isobel said...

Abufares, sorry its taken me so long to comment. I read your post the moment it went up but I was too...wound up...about the "inspiration" for you post to comment without spewing piss and vinegar. Although the humour in your post definitely helped to quell my fire a little, I'm still perturbed. I just can't believe anything as asinine as a "Campaign Against Masturbation" is getting attention at all - a mention on Global Voices???? OMG! I mean, let's not waste our time thinking about something that is truly a problem in the world like starvation, violence, war, child labour, etc...lets focus on policing self-pleasuring. Perhaps the blood flow to their brains is somewhat stale. I have an idea...go and jerk off...and maybe, just maybe the invigoration and fresh blood supply will improve their focus (I won't hope for intelligence). Therefore, my campaign is a counter campaign - "Against Sexual Frustration" - let's usher in a satisfied, invigorated, bright new world - one hand at a time (or maybe two)! Thank you for allowing me to vent. :)

abufares said...

Better late than never.
Everything you wrote I agree with completely. I used satire to muffle the angry voices in my head. I can't believe that a young literate man wastes his mental energy on writing such nonsense. That he doesn't want to "jerk off" is totally understandable. He is free to use or not to use his body anyway he chooses. But to actually promote a campaign to stop masturbation is such a crazy and rediculous idea. Perhaps he thought that we should have "Dickheads" policing bathrooms and invading the privacy of homes to catch, prosecute and perhaps eventually execute offenders. Whatever he was thinking it pains me to know that this mindset still exist anywhere in the world.
I love your theme for a Blogging Week. In fact, from a personal perspective it is the closest to what I have in mind.
Very inspiring.
Thank you as ever for being here.

Anonymous said...

Abu Fares is master!

Fantasia said...

I know send them the link to my site... those hypocrites!
Thank you for the sugar of your humour to make this medicine go down. *walks away in a sultry sulk*

abufares said...


Master Bate?

abufares said...

How come I didn't think about it:

It's a foul tasting, sad, miserable and despicable guilt trip young men and women have to go through. Your site is indeed the best medicine;-)

Fantasia Lillith said...

Abufares! LOL yes well ... in time I am sure my site will be blocked. I tell you. A reader from a country near you just told me that Pillow Talk is no longer available. It's insanity I tell you!! Insanity!!

Joseph said...

Thank you Abufares for your ever pleasing replies...

abufares said...

One good thing about our men in black is that they still don't care much about blocking SEX :-)
They are too busy with the absurdities of politics.
I can assure our youth, middle-aged and elderly that we can enjoy Fantasia's eroticism for a long time unless she decides to run for office.

أنا سوري said...

Ok Abu Fares, here's my response . Hope you had a nice Iftar. ;) Tell me what you think.

bambam said...

Congrats ! You and the campaign against masturbation made it to news week :D here
But seriously last i was there was the week against homos and now this ... I think i should be checking the syrian blogos for my daily dose of hilarity !

abufares said...

You know what I find ironic? I don't like writing about controversial topics at all.
However, I can't keep quiet to the onslaught of self-righteous bullshit flying all over the damn place all of a sudden. The only other option I have is to shut up and let this invasive mindset infiltrates and corrupts our diversity (the mistake the average people of the region committed IRL).
Freedom of speech, whether through blogging or any other creative medium, is the last stand against a new wave of oppressive and totalitarian attack from an extremist and alien (yes Wahabi Islam is alien to us in the Levant)attack.
Had the communists, Americans or Icelanders tried to change who we really are here, I would've reacted as hard as I did to push them back and to protect our unique diversity.
Thank you for dropping by Bambam. It was a pleasure reading and replying to your comment.

Jazzie Casas said...

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Unified Realities Foundation said...

Dear Abu Fares, you have been a forward thinking scholar to warn syrians. I had few years read that masturburation attracts great negativity on the person doing it from the Divine dimension. That knowledge I got from a scripture. But then I didnt understand the depth. But Syria and the war and your blogging about it before the war now connects the dots.
Wish to be in touch with you..hope you are doing well by Gods grace.