Sea Side

Ah, Abu Fares, truth be told, I have not been your way in a very long time. With this piece I was pulling on memories of the distant past as well as some accounts from friends. I would be so happy to travel there one of these days and I would definitely let you know if I was going to be there. I needed a little vacation…so I took one in my mind to one of the prettiest areas of Syria.
Is it going to be another G&A? Well, Abu Fares, I have a proposal for you. How would you like to collaborate on a fictional tale that reflects life in the area – continuing from where I left off? I don’t know of anyone better to write about this beautiful part of the country. It might be kind of exciting to see what we can come up with. What do you say? I would hate to be presumptuous, but I think our readers might enjoy it.

Mariyah (responding to my comment on her post Sea Side)

Over a period of eight months, from October 2008 till June 2009, Mariyah mixed fiction with fact and romance with resilience to create faultless white, bronze, gold and black pearls and wore them in a string around her supple neck. She then sprayed the exquisite beads with the perfume of her boundless imagination and conjured the most endearing fairy-tale on the Syrian Blogsphere, The Story of Ghassan & Alexandra.

Anyone who knows me well enough surely realizes that I'm not the romantic type, or so I would like to believe. But as my hair becomes whiter and thinner, my mind and soul get younger and greener. When I read Mariyah's first chapter of her new work Sea Side and after she invited me to co-write it with her I can't but express my absolute delight and elation. I am honored dearest Mariyah and I look forward an entertaining and sweeping flow of a spontaneous plot. As we follow our uncharted storyline we will be startling each other even before we surprise our readers.

Sea Side will appear in alternating episodes written by Mariyah and Abufares on Mariyah's Blog. She has already started the journey with a breathtaking introduction which had captivated me at least and made my heart leap with joy at her offer. I invite you all to join us there for an undetermined stretch of time. Ahhhh, the never ending stories by the sea… by Mariyah's side.


Yazan said…
This will be a feast for the minds and hearts of all of us!
Mariyah said…
Oh, Abufares! I'm grinning from ear to ear! I am beyond thrilled that we are collaborating. I have always found your writing so absorbing, so full of life and so forceful. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next edition of Sea Side! Thank you again!!
Karin said…
FANTASTIC abufares, I love it! I'll be following it with anticipation, rest assured of that!

You'll continue to write your blog as well, right?
Abufares said…
Glad to see you so excited. Hopefully we won't disappoint you.
Abufares said…
OMG, I just love your grin
Coming soon, my first contribution.
Abufares said…
Thank you for your words of encouragement. I hope you stick around and see what Mariyah and I can come up with.
Assuming each one of us posts once a week I will still have time to write on my blog so don't you worry at all.
It looks though that Mariyah will keep my hands busy, lolllll.
Well, we can hope can't we ;-)
Gabriela said…
This is simply wonderful, awesome news. You both will be the first Syrian authors I´ll be reading.
Can´t wait for a second part... and the subsequent ones!
Abufares said…
I'm even more excited now that you decided to join us. It will be so much fun especially since we agreed, Mariyah and I to surprise each other. I will send her my written episode just in time for her to publish it and there wouldn't be any prior arrangement at all.
I have good news for you. Part 2, my part has already been written. I guess I will wait a couple of days to keep the tension high.
Thank you always dear friend and hope to see you always, here and there.
Joseph said…
Great stuff. One from here and one from there. A double dose of exhilaration, Mediterranean breath and song. Wow! Can't wait to be blown away.

Good luck To both of you.
Unknown said…
As I said on Mariyah's blog. I'm sure I'm gonna love this work (and I have very good evidence for my confidence) that I will proclaim myself your and Mariyah's number 1 fan. A sought after title I'm sure
KJ said…
I demand Moogles be present at one point or another :P
Abufares said…
This is not the post I promised you. That one is proving difficult to put together. You have to give me a day or two :-)
I'm so happy and honored you decided to join us, Mariyah and me on our little adventure.
A beautiful woman, a weathered man and a hot summer on the Mediterranean... We have to be really bad to screw it up, lolllll.
Abufares said…
I'm so humbled to have a fan in the first place. Then for him to be you makes me extremely happy and overjoyed.
Can you believe my feeling as a fan co-writing with my favorite blogger?
I'm ecstatic and will do my best not to disappoint Mariyah and her readers.
Abufares said…

Oh Moogles, come here dear and close your eyes. It might get too hot for you. lollllll.

I already know you well enough to believe that you're going to enjoy the story, which by the way, had barely begun.
Joseph said…
Take your time abufares there is no rush. I already know it is going to be a Big Feast In Paradise

Have a great day
Isobel said…
Well, doesn't this sound interesting - with or without Moogles...whatever that is!! lol! I shall be sure to stay tuned...and by the way...I need to claim fan status too!! I'm willing to wrestle with Omar for the #1 spot!! ;)
XTR said…
Abu Fares,

I have just started reading Mariyah's endearing fairy tale. It was breathtaking indeed!

You have brought us glad tidings! With both of you collaborating, all of us will be engrossed by your story!
Katia said…
I admire both of you very much and I will be looking forward to every chapter of this story.
Abufares said…
Whenever you show up over here my perception of my own writing explodes into colored ribbons swaying in the wind, gently dropping to cover my thoughts, shielding my mind from the blandness of repetitiveness.
I find purpose in your words of encouragement. I'm privileged to have you, Isobel, not as a fan but as a companion I dream of emulating, of being able to write the way you do, of being content with the turns and twists of fate and of being snug in the knowledge that life can only get better, one day.
You honor me by reading me Isobel. To be my no.1 fan is more than I ever dreamed of or cared to believe.
Thank you...feae
Abufares said…
It's my humble opinion that The Story of Ghassan & Alexandra was one of the most significant milestones of the Syrian Blogging movement. We have all been diligent, perhaps a little too eager, to make a point. Be it political, social or religious, the better written blogs needed a stream to fit in, a sort of purpose for readers of the same feathers to embrace. Even when a few of us attempted to write about romance we were unable to give our writing that very essential third dimension where the characters emerge in our psyche and take form and shape.
Mariyah threw the rule book away and embarked on telling a story in small addictive doses. She made those who were fortunate enough to read her fall in love with romance or rediscover it within themselves. If only for that reason, The Story of Ghassan & Alexandra will be remembered as a turning point in Syrian contemporary literature. All the better that it was written in English for all to read. Of that, I have no doubts at all.

Thank you for your willingness to join us, we're both very happy to have you along the way.
Abufares said…
I think Mariyah and I should stop praising each other and get to the fun part... writing our story.

It's my first trial in collaboration. It's my maiden attempt at a long cross country run. As we move further away from the starting point, Mariyah and I will run side by side, hold hands when we get tired and make a dash every once in a while daring the other to follow if he/she can.

Thank you for deciding to stick around Katia and I hope so much that we won't disappoint you :-)
I will be there every step of the way with bells and whistles ... bright eyes and bushy tailed! Can’t wait to watch this unfold! A feast waits!
Abufares said…

Oh pretty girl... It wouldn't be the same without you.

Now that you're here, let the party begin!!!

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