The Dinghy

By sunset, I approached the rocky outcrop that defined the northern end of the long stretch of sandy beach. To cross to the other side one had no choice but to wade through the water. I always sat there on a large rock, never venturing further, before I retraced my steps. I was wearing a faded pair of jeans, rolled. My white T-Shirt, I tied around my head, and my shoes, I hung over my shoulder. The sea came in shyly and kissed my toes. It filled in my footsteps behind as soon as they were formed, obliterating them from existence, erasing them forever from the memory of the sand. I was restless in the summer heat and I had no place I wanted to be at. Driven by the inanity of being I moved forward in the water. The only scent I crave as much as that of a woman is the scent of the salt on my skin. My arms and shoulders were glistening with my perspiration and with the sweat of the sea. I breathed in the intoxicating redolence and dreamed of a hammock underneath a palm tree. The sun reached for the horizon, touched it then took a dip.


I came out on the other side to a strange landscape. I've been coming, almost, here for years but had never taken the final wet steps. How poor we live and die when we abide by the rules, when we accept random limits thrown our way by total strangers or by fate itself. It was a more desolate shoreline, forebodingly marred with reefs and shoals yet tranquil beyond the power of words. Not far from where I stood an olden dinghy was lying on its side, almost dead of neglect, cracked but not broken. Nothing makes me sadder than a stranded boat on dry land. As I approached the motionless craft a shiver ran through my spine. I caressed the ailing wood and sat down by its side. A tear ran down my cheek burning its path as it fell on a pebble and fizzled. I climbed in, the dry timber threatening to collapse underneath my foot with every step I made. I found my way to the only space that admitted my full length, slumped down, closed my eyes and stretched, as vulnerable as the shell I chose to shelter me for the night.

The feeble sough grew closer and louder. Then it stopped. I felt the tender lust of a long and hungry kiss rather than heard it. I opened my eyes but didn't move. I didn't dare even breathe. They were mere inches away. They sat with their back to the decrepit boat and talked in hushed voices. Despite all, no one had ever loved a woman like he did. She cried and leaned her head on his shoulder. Except for the faint murmurs from of the sea, their low whispers and the soft susurrus of their love making absolute silence wrapped me completely with its blanket. There was only sky above them and me. The moonless night left no shadows. He cried too. She held his face in her little hands, reached for his lips with hers and inhaled his pain for him. He ran his fingers through her hair and promised her the moon and the stars, one day. He nibbled at her ear, ran down her neck, reached for her shoulder, made a turn upfront, traced her collarbone, went up her throat, climbed to her chin then bit on her lower lip. I heard her chest heaving and felt her nipples harden as he took them one after the other in his mouth. I love you till the last day of my life, someone moaned as she took his body weight on top of hers, as she took him deep inside. I love you more, someone screamed, their voice carried in the wind reaching as far as my ear but not further. They wept and laughed, then a more raucous silence than I've ever heard. Will you be here tomorrow? I don't know, I really don't, will you? I hope so my darling. I'm floating on the passage of time taking me where I never imagined. Let's go my love, it's getting late.

I was alone when I woke up. I don't remember when I slept or when did they leave. I raised my body slowly and sensed the approach of dawn. I stood up and took a long look at the dinghy I chose to make my own. Tomorrow I'll be back with sanding paper and paint. I reluctantly headed toward the outcrop of rocks and retraced my steps backward in time, awkward in space.


KJ said…
We both are infatuated by the sea my friend. Thank you for this post, it was a realized fantasy of mine I gingerly attempted.
KJ said…
For DJ: hah! I beat u and commented first! Bask in misery!
Dubai Jazz said…
Abu Fares, I'm glad the old boat didn't creak when the lovebirds were at it. The poor guy would have had a premature something or the other. :)

Wonderful post, as usual. Believe it or not, I have a healthy relationship with the sea even though I'm an 'inlander'. And old stranded boats makes me sad too.
Dubai Jazz said…

That's great. I do recall, though, that when I had the honor of first comment here last post, that Abu Fares said, and I quote: "I've known more beautiful commentators" ... so now that the honor is yours, I hope you fulfill that requriement for him...:))
KJ said…
Oh DJ, you're just talking loserspeak! Be jealous and let me enjoy my short lived moment till abufares comments :P
Katia said…
Hot writing Abufares. Love it! Did you paint that?

@KJ & DJ: keep it down boys ;-) Btw, it's premature ejaculation, not "something or the other" :p
Gabriela said…
Hot writing, as Katia said before me. And yet, not gruesome at all.
I guess only people who have your talent can achieve that.
Yazan said…
I once made love behind an old deserted dinghy. I only hope, if someone was to be lying in there, he'd be as sensible as yourself when telling the story.

Wonderful writing my friend.
Abufares said…
@KJ & DJ

OK guys!!! You're both cute ;-) It's really hard for me to decide who is cuter. I need to follow you a little longer to make up my mind.
Abufares said…
Glad you enjoyed my little story. Unfortunately, I can never paint. I just put a link to where I got the photo from... my mistake.

I love it every time a beautiful woman whips DJ's ass. He's such a master of screwing up... "premature something or the other", lolll. Can you believe the length he went through to avoid a premature ejaculation :-)
Abufares said…
Saludos my friend.
You know that I never intended this story to be "hot". As a matter of fact even when I published, it never occurred to me that it will be considered as such.
Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I find myself glowing in the light of your support.
Abufares said…

So that was you, lolllll.
Glad you enjoyed it my friend.
Karin said…
What a fantastic story abufares ... I was totally fascinated while reading it! Where is that place? Beach of Tartous?

To Katia and DJ: Thanks Katia for spelling out "premature ejaculation" for DJ's "something or the other" (what's wrong with calling things by their names?) ... had the poor guy found out though there was someone only some inches away in the darkness eagerly absorbing every whisper and sound of their making love, I guess it wouldn't have been any of that but the shock of his life and a MAJOR frustration for both!

Fantastic writing abufares ... I absolutely love it!
Angie Nader said…
i have been reading your posts for a while...and really they are beautiful.
you should write a book...or have you already?
anyways...ur awesome!
Abufares said…
Thank you for coming my way Angie and you're so welcome over here on my blog.
I should write a book you're right. Not because I believe myself to be that good but because it's a dream I need to fulfill.
Hopefully soon :-)
Again, it was so nice of you to drop by. I tried to leave you a comment on yours, about your 11 hours desert ordeal, but for some reason I was unable to.
Abufares said…
Hello dear friend.
It was on a beach somewhere north of Tartous.
Never a voyeur, I didn't actually see anything which left me absolutely free to bathe in the joy of imagining their love making.
They were so beautiful, so much in each other... Perfect!
Anonymous said…
Very romantic. Nothing like a night at the seashore for romance... The smell of the ocean, the stars, the murmur of the waves, its just perfect!

You made me long for our old J-36, and the wonderful sailing days.
w.b. yeats
It is 4:30 a.m. and sleep has been robbed from me ... it remains illusive. So I grab my net-book, turn it on and without even thinking - stop to read your post. Again. As the nightmare that woke me fades with the soothing melody and images of your story I find myself grateful for your blog.

Once more you have delighted. The emotions you convey, the images that flashed like an old movie in my mind were tender, mournful, soulful and sensual. The romance and infinite story of human love and compassion. The need to shine, to be loved ... and to love. Well done my friend. Your talent is great... your heart greater.A
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats

The sea
Uncounted treasures within
Unknown lands beyond
Untold secrets across
A whisper, a whimper, a smile, a tear then some laughter
The sea
Abufares said…
I hope by the time I complete my response to your comment you're already back in the tender arms of sleep.
I want my writing to bring your nightmare to its knees, to illuminate the dark passage you just crossed, to run the letters of my words through your hair and to whisper in your ear to sleep my dear friend, just sleep...
We are not alone, you and me even in the utter moments of solitude, we're never alone.
XTR said…
Ahh... the sea... redolent of salt and adventure… Dinghies, the classic hammocks underneath palm trees, and romantic love stories! How intoxicating indeed!
Anonymous said…
"The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man was ever alone on the sea."

The Old Man and the Sea

w.b yeats
Abufares said…
Ahh... the sea indeed. Angry or at peace there's no place else I'd rather be.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
Thank you for quoting from one of my favorite books. I first read it when I was 10 and you just made me thirsty for another voyage, with the old man and the sea.
Joseph said…
abufares, farther than everything, you took me back to the debris of my childhood and my growing up years, to the shadows of deserted things and forgotten a town in the south of Lebanon. My town... to a spot, a skeleton of a building forgotten by the people and forgotten by time.
I don’t remember how or when, but without deliberation I found myself there on the first floor. A space with the least possible amount of structure that could very easily be mistaken for being a draftsman rough sketch on a drawing board.
Below, white earth all around and an old narrow road, secretly snaked down to the horizon separating us from the final resting places of the dead, little chambers like a hamlet for dwarfs.

...The car was parked on the northern side exactly beneath where I stood slanted and stiff as if I was one of the concrete beams with the eyes of a 13 year old boy filled with horror as I watched through the car’s sunroof and the front windshield, a man and a woman fondling each other. His hands, one through her unbuttoned top full of her exposed and glistening breast and one hand stretched deep in the darkest abyss of her vast region. Her hands, one wrapped around the back of his head almost swallowed by his thick bushy hair and one hand reluctantly feeling and pressing on his penis... Locked in a kiss their heads moved like a choreographed dance for robots.
Unlike you abufares, I could not hear anything in that shattering silence but the throbbing of my heart rippling through every vain in my body.
The captured moment was like a scene from a surreal silent movie without the accompaniment of the circus music. I never really saw their faces and I never saw them again. I very often went back to that very same spot where sometimes I’d sit and wait hoping that they might come back... sometimes I’d while the hours away listening to the dead across the road snoring in the comfort of their pine crates.

Thank you.
Dubai Jazz said…

Well, that was kind of obvious, wasn't it? I mean, 'ejaculation' is much more wet and less PG than I would have liked.

BTW, how old are you? 18 is usually the age below which I don't riposte to comment with sexual implication. ;)
Dubai Jazz said…
Abu Fares,

Ah, I like it too when my ass gets 'whipped' by a beautiful woman.

But I couldn't be sure since her blog is by invitation only. So just in case, do you feel equally thrilled when my ass gets 'whipped' by average-looking or ugly women?
Dubai Jazz said…

You're right, there is a whole host of stuff that could happen to a guy caught with his pants down. Nonetheless, some people still do it in public for the thrill of getting caught, others -- and I suspect these couple are amongst them -- do it in an outdoor secluded place (yet still a public property) because they can't afford to get a vacant house (financially and socially).
Abufares said…
Deeper and deeper you dig. I can't believe this exceptional ability of yours. Were you born with this talent or did you acquire it as a skill the long and hard way?

Don't you think that making love sometimes defies classification? Why do people do it on the floor when it's more comfortable in bed for instance?
Where and when are so insignificant as compared to how and why.
Abufares said…
Man this is good! Real good.
Some memories are forever burned in our consciousness and one day, all of a sudden, something happens and brings it back to life. Vivid colors, rich smells, luscious textures and the tickle of a breeze conspire to stop time then reverse it in the eyes of our mind.
Thank you for sharing your moment. Your depiction of which was simply beautiful.
Mariyah said…
“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls” - Kahlil Gibran

This quote made an impression on me some time ago and when I read your exquisite post, it came back into my mind. Honestly, Abufares, your writing defies description...its so beautiful - don't ever stop.
Katia said…
Dear Abufares,
Thank you.

@DJ: Just "Katia" would do.
Abufares said…
You know it's so strange that Gibran's words are as beautiful in English as they are in Arabic.
As for my writing, only a beautiful mind like yours can appreciate the beauty within and that love is not a bond at all but rather, as Gibran puts it, the empty spaces where the winds of heaven can freely dance.
Joseph said…
Thank you abufares, your generous words mean a lot to me.
Allow me to add that not only you have taken me back in time but unknowingly you have delivered a much needed kick in my butt, which very often has committed me to break my silence and leave comments on your blog/posts in the capacity of more than a sentence or two...

Good Morning.
Karin said…
@ DJ ...
You're absolutely right - I agree wholeheartedly! :-)
Anonymous said…
Another favorite Quote comes to mind...

"For whatever we loose, like a you or a me, it is always ourselves that we find by the sea."


w.b. yeats

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