The Power of Dreams

I've lost my mother 10 years ago and I don't recall a single day passing by without thinking about her and remembering a charming word or an endearing gesture of hers. Yet, since she passed away she has never visited me in my dreams, not even once. Even when I go to bed upset or blissfully happy… nothing happens, I seldom dream, if at all.

I know that I'm dreaming in the middle of a dream though. Most of my nocturnal visions are senseless. They are, I would like to think, the offspring of a late dinner or an unstoppable urge to use the bathroom. They are neither good nor bad, they are just the type I forget the moment I open my eyes.

In order not to feel deficient about the lack of my night imagery I entertain another possibility. I'm such an avid daydreamer my brain remains thoroughly satiated with imagination. When darkness prevails my mind simply needs to rest and sleep. I do dream when I change beds, however. When I stay in a hotel I have learned not to even bother trying to get some shuteye on the first night before the break of dawn. Instead I turn the muted TV on and bathe my eyesight with the flickering images. It's very bad when I travel overnight to Damascus for instance. I return home tired and irritated with vague memories of bland dreams.

Alcohol has no verifiable outcome on my capacity to dream. Nonetheless, in good company or when enjoyably alone and after the consumption of the precise amount of spirits my mental acumen is greatly enhanced and sharpened. Some of my stupidest ideas and those rare brilliant ones floated on the rocks of an amber glass. I have become such a master of defining and riding my limit I seldom make the mistake of overindulgence. Well, I do from time to time, but luckily instead of getting drunk I just fall asleep. You would think that I should drink one too many when I'm staying at a hotel for an overnighter. Nah, it wouldn't work. It's true that I sleep like a log at first but not for more than a couple of hours. Then I would stare into the darkness like an unwise, unthinking and unblinking owl until nature calls and I fly out of bed.

Medications on the other hand have unpredictable side effects on me. I avoid prescription and over the counter drugs at all cost if possible. But when I succumb to illness and am forced to take something I end up spending my night naked in a valley of macabre nightmares or fully clothed in a tub of ridiculous dreams. They come in short bursts with a vortex of sweating and high fever. When I read the warning labels on some of these drugs I wonder why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to abuse the sick in such an inhuman way. In particular, I am disgusted with the "Do not take with alcohol" warnings. Why is it OK to mix their chemic filth with water and milk but not with alcohol? In defiance, I didn't heed their advice on several occasions when I was sick. I'm fully convinced that double vodkas had helped me recover much faster than their mysterious inorganic chemicals. It's a worldwide conspiracy and a cover-up operation codenamed Nincompoop Asclepios with high ranking officials involved and in the pay. For most illnesses and diseases a stiff drink or two is the best medicine. Well, that and laughter of course.

I had been anesthetized quite a few times over the years. Just remember that I've broken all four of my extremities at one time or another (I said four not five so wipe that wicked grin off your face). I've also been under the knife once or twice and experienced the amazing effect of general anesthesia. I remember someone asking me to count from 10 to 1 as the drug was introduced intravenously. Why are doctors so obsessed about rendering such a "smart" image of themselves? He could've simply told me to count from 1 to 10 with the same immediate effect. Asshole! Anyway, I stopped at 8, that is I counted down 10, 9, 8… then oblivion. Yet, during another visit to the operating room and as another smart surgeon was trying to put my left arm back together in one piece, I clearly remember leaving my body behind and sitting on top of the ceiling mounted surgical light. I heard the chitchat of doctors, boring, very boring. My vantage point also provided me with an optimal angle to stare at the full breasts of the pretty nurse. I didn't die and come back. My experience was less farcical and certainly more meaningful. I left my body, sat on top of the light fixture, heard a stupid conversation, enjoyed the sight of a cleavage then returned in time to be whisked out on a gurney.

Having been a timid young man, sedatives and anesthetics greatly helped me overcome my shyness with women. I was heavily sedated after a procedure when a gorgeous nurse held my wrist to check my pulse (or whatever). My immediate and innocent reaction was to grab her butt and squeeze. The funny thing is that I did the exact same thing the next day when she came during her shift to check my pulse (or whatever). I was fully awake and she knew it but didn't seem to mind. I told her about my dream of the night before and she giggled and asked me to stop it. Ahhh, women in uniform… but that's an entirely different story, one I will gladly recount when I wake up eventually.


Gabriela said…
And I could say: Ahhh, men in uniform... LOL!
About medications, and those infamous papers that always come enclosed, i avoid reading them because they make me feel so anxious about side effects I prefer not to take the pill at all.
Saludos desde Lima, AbuFares.
Joseph said…
It seems like you're in a great mood abufares. Neyelak 3ala hal nagzi...I hope I'm making

Check the following "Danish decor of the 70s as seen through, um... cinema. (It's all well cropped, safe for work.) " Via JNack

Do cameras dream, I wonder!

Have a nice evening.
KJ said…
You never fail to amuse me my friend.

Like you, I spend most of the day daydreaming, and unlike you, I also dream vividly at night.

I should probably post a dream or two.
Abufares said…
Men in uniform you say... hmmm, well I was a soldier once:-)
Although I must admit that I looked slightly younger (-20 years) and slightly lighter (-20 pounds).

I do hate medications and take them only when absolutely necessary.
Salam men Tartous, Gabriela
Abufares said…
I was in a good mood when I wrote this post true... I was waiting for something to happen (after I daydreamed about it) and it did:-)
Thank you for the link. Don't you think people looked weirdest in the 70's??? They had so much hair (even the women, LOL)
Abufares said…
You go ahead and post about a dream but you certainly wouldn't me to do that.
My last one involved sitting on a toilet with no walls or door in the middle of a busy and crowded street.
Katia said…
Is it Ok to tell you that I sort of stopped at the title... to pick up where I had left before?

That's how powerful my daydreams are ;-)

Delightful post, as always!
Abufares said…
Daydreaming... sometimes I think it's the fuel that keeps us going.
Thank you for dropping by, your presence here is always a joy.
Anonymous said…
I started reading your blogg and thought it was all about dreams, then it ends up with doctors and anesthetics, which is something completely different...

I remember my dreams constantly (we all dream even if we do not remember the next day, right?); My dreams are always very weird, long and convoluted experiences. Some are happy dreams, some are pure agony, and very few are sexy and steamy; needless to say all are extremely strange!

Anesthetics... I had my share. Always knock me out very quickly. The feeling my be good in the beggining, but once you wake after an operation and reality hits is no FUN. Painful...

Good reading, like always. I specially liked your nurse : )

You are a good story teller Abufares!

w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
For all I know the whole post could have been a dream. Didn't I start by saying that my dreams are senseless???
My experience with anesthesia has been reasonably pleasant. "My nurse" is a clear example of how serene my waking up is :-)
Anonymous said…
You are lucky! First you get a nice female Nurse, and friendly to the boot : )

After my first twisted ovary operation, a very large nurse woke me up, forced me out of bed and told me I had to walk. The amount of force I had to use to be able to use my stomach muscles after they had been cut up was so strenuous, I threw up all over! It was very disturbing, sad and disgusting.

Even though she was correct, I did need to start flexing those muscles, I could have never imagine how painful it was going to be.

w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
Ahhh, but I didn't tell you about the huge male nurse who had to "shave" me once. I didn't mention where the uncalled for "haircut" was needed either.
The horrible things he did to me... Unspeakable... sob, sob, sob...
Anonymous said…
He, he! I can Imagine : )

An unsolicited "haircut" The Horror!

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…

i dream of wild EUFRATES with its beatifull riffels
i deam of the AASI with its blue water and delicuos eel fish,
i dream of the BALIKH river and its deep and slow waters,
i deam of the AFRIN river and its BONI FISH,

I dream of all those places that are gone forever,

i do not dream of people, i hate crouded places, i hate mass histery, i hate polution,

Abufares said…
My friend, I'm afraid they are all gone.
Not only did the people get screwed over the past few decades in Syria, our most precious natural resources have totally disappeared.
Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed, I feel like packing and leaving.
Anonymous said…
Isobel said…
Well, Abu Fares, I day dream during the day, and dream while I'm asleep at night. Apparently my entire life is a dream...or a nightmare...depending on which side of the bed I got up that day!! lol! I can never understand how people can't remember their dreams...but I suppose part of why I can remember is because I'm such a light sleeper.

Trips on anesthetics is not something I've ever experienced nor grabbing a nurses butt (never had the desire) so I really can't comment from a personal level. I did, however, get a kick out of your stories. Great post!! ;)
Abufares said…

Ahhh, but I know you so well. You didn't like this post that much. Don't worry, I don't like it either :-)

As a matter of fact, it's one of those that were written on the spur of the moment. Usually, when I have nothing to say I post a recipe, LOL. That's what I should've done.
Like you, I'm a light sleeper and never had the desire to grab a nurse's butt. Can I say that it was just a bad dream... One that oddly enough I can still remember ;-)
Isobel said…
Correction, Abu Fares! I did like it. I just wasn't sure how to comment on it. lol! I always enjoy your posts no matter how much you ramble! ;)
Abufares said…
I stand corrected.
Uuuhhh, it feels so comfortable, LOL
Anonymous said…
Oh Abu Fares, thats exactly how I lack dreams lol. I wake up swearing to tell the person I dreamt of them but forget the dream in its entirety the same instance! I'm a big day dreamer though.

LOL@ backward 10 and "pulse(or whatever)" Its funny to hear the other side of the table but I'll avoid fully cofessing I wear the uniform :P Good day to you sir.
Abufares said…

Ohhh, an angel of mercy in our midst.
Can you check my pulse (or whatever) and I promise to behave, LOL.
Joseph said…
abufares, I think everything in the 70's was in excess, from shag to toe, lol... and not so long ago I have travelled extensively (in my previous line of work), where women in uniform were in abundance.
Very often I found myself chilling by the pool in one down to earth Hotel in Colombo (Sri Lanka), where mainly French/German female tourists wandered nonchalantly brandishing unshaven armpits bursting with Yuk
Have a nice day.
Ah my friend ... if only you had the dreams I have. Complete with opening and closing credits at times!
I think I write my stories in my sleep. They percolate and the next day I'm writing it all down in a frenzy trying to capture it all before ... like a butterfly ... it's bright wings pass me by gone forever.
I have even been awakened by an orgasm coursing through my body from my night journeys ... I wake, confused but .... well .... I shall not complain. Is it wrong? I don't know - it just is.

As for daydreams .... I prefer to make them realities whenever possible. It's gotten me in trouble - but it's also made for an interesting life.

Nightmares are another matter. I do not wish to give them importance by talking baout them.
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's day before this Sunday arrives : ) I will have a full-house as all the family is coming over for Father's Day Lunch. Planning to cook for a big family is always a little overwhelming, but in the end very satisfying. We always have a good time and lots of laughs. Maybe the wine has something to do with that... : P

Changing the subject, I had a very weird dream last night. I was travelling on a sailboat towards and Island were the parents of a good friend supposedly live. The boat docked and kept on going up hill with wheels and the mast down. The house was way up hill but had the ocean right beside it also. The water was crystal clear, and there was a man tied down inside the water. He was turning blue, but nobody seemed to care. In fact they all seem to think he was happy that way... It was a long dream, so I will spare you the rest!

best of wishes to you on Father's day.
Love always,
w.b. yeats
Abufares said…

Well I consider myself open-minded but Unshaven armpits?!
Besides not being able to afford a razor blade what's the excuse... it's just so cobwebee, LOL
Abufares said…

Well of course, what else to expect of you.
Is it wrong to be awakened by an orgasm?
I so wish I get such a call but somehow wet dreams have always eluded me (even when I needed them most:-)
Some daydreams were not meant to be fulfilled at the spur of the moment. Being the delicacy they are, they cook over a very low fire... and they need time... plenty of time.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats

one of the weirdest dreams I had involved me and a goat. No, no, it wasn't kinky or anything but there I was sitting somewhere with a goat.
It went on and on and on...
When I woke up the look in the goat's eyes was the only thing I could remember.
Shivers still run down my spine when I remember the look in her eyes...
Oh, the brute severity, the unspoken burden, the unfulfilled aspiration of a lonely goat staring at a strange man in a dream.
Anonymous said…

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