Lujayn said…
you lucky devil! siggggghhhhhhhhhh........
Gabriela said…
I hope some day I may share similar photos.
¡Saludos Abufares!
Joseph said…
Marhaba Abu Fares,

“Live and Let Live“, “Pillow Talk”, “Happy Mothers Day”, “Flirting with the Devil”, “The Cave”, “The Fellowship of the Scotch”, “Sandstorm”, “Syria is...”, “Hands”, “The Young and the Senseless”, “Stuffed Zucchini in Yogurt Sauce - Kousa b Laban” and last but not least “Paris” 12 posts since my last knock at your door.
I read each and every post with great interest. I guess an apology is in order for not making an effort to acknowledge...and in particular when I did not congratulate you on being chosen by the Creative Syria for the “Syria is...” topic. Well done Abu Fares.

The truth of the matter my friend is the fact that I could be the laziest b*****d more no less.

Paris has a special place in my heart; its one of those places that could easily be mistaken for a dream.

On a different note, a friend of mine sent me a bottle of home made Arak a couple of weeks ago (drawn by his father in Tannourine / Lebanon). This is no complement but only the honest truth... with the first sip of this beautiful Arak 2 persons crossed my thoughts, my friend's father and you Abu Fares... Have a nice day.
Isobel said…
Beautiful photos, Abu Fares. What a beautiful city. I hope I can visit some time too!
Haifaa said…
Dubai Jazz said…
The third photo looks absolutely like a computer rendering. It's uncanny.

Enjoy your trip and please report back to us about your womanly encounters in Paris soon!
Anonymous said…
salout, ya Abufares,
Abufares said…
Hello my friend and thank you for worrying about me on FB. I couldn't reply yet since I've been living in a suitcase for the last month.
Until I can tell you the same over there, I'm OK as in there's nothing to worry about.
Perhaps my next blog will provide a better explanation.
Abufares said…
So nice to see you here. I hope that you'll get a chance to travel all over the world cause there's nothing as rewarding as the voyage itself.
Abufares said…
You've been greatly missed and thank you for keeping up with blog.
Paris is a dream. I just posted the photos but I intend to write about it soon.
Abufares said…
Paris would be even more beautiful when you grace her with your presence.
I hope I run into you there or elsewhere :-)
Abufares said…
@Az3ar's Fan
You are nicer.
Abufares said…
This is La Defense area. Amazing modern architecture. Not my style but the contrast is breathtaking.
Ah, women... that's all you have on your mind apparently. Well I hope I won't disappoint you, indirectly.
Abufares said…
Saluten ya Anonymous:-)
yaser said…
those places seem very diverse, and the images reflects beautiful places and a talented photographer as well:)
waiting for your next post to give the context of those nice pictures.
Joseph said…
Thank you Abufares...You're very kind.
Haifaa said…
No, you are nicer.
Abufares said…
Thank you so much. I'm a very beginner photographer with a very simple camera. I really would like to get into "the real thing" but there are so many things I like to get into :-)
Hope you get a chance to read my newer post about Paris.
Anonymous said…
I can hear you Abu fares.....beautiful. I can see Paris through your writing.....tell me, does Paris have male friend. Don't tell me Germany is one of them, I was not attarcted to it. Well maybe I visited Germany at the wrong time of the year. but hey, thanks again for a nice blog, I know that as you get older, it gets worse(I mean with women), I meant it gets better. I have met a lot of dirty old men ;). salamt from VA
Abufares said…
@ from VA

Paris has a Tartoussi man chasing her from street corner to church to cafe to hotel room ;-)
Am I one of the dirty old men you met?
Hey, I'm not that old :-)
Fantasia said…
It has been too long .... but Oh how I want to go back again. With my Love by my side ... to get lost in Paris as we get lost in each other. To be like an island of two in her ocean.
Abufares said…
With your love by your side.
You said it all ;-)

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