Syria is...

"In 800 words or less, please finish the statement "Syria is…" You may choose to focus on a personal story or a singular historical event that you feel embodies the essence of Syria for you. Or, you may choose to think more about Syrian history at large or what it stands for."

I received an invitation from Creative Syria, one of the more interesting Syrian sites on the internet, to participate in writing a personal assay about the land of my birth. I am honored of course that my article was published along with 7 excellent mind and heart inspiring pieces of the highest caliber written by acclaimed and accomplished Syrians from around the globe.

The illustrious list of fellow countrymen included:

Hassan Raymond Tahhan, M.D. - United States
Elie Elhadj, Ph. D., Author - London
Nour Chammas, Attorney - Cleveland, Ohio
Mazen Salhi, Engineer - Canada
Jamal Mansour, Author - Canada
Offended, Architect - U.A.E.
Ayman Hakki, MD/Prof Georgetown University - United States
Bisher Imam, Ph.D., Prof UC Irvine – California
And yours truly, Abufares the architect from Tartous

Please take your time to read all of these entertaining and enlightening compositions by topnotch Syrian professionals and me then leave your comments there where they truly belong.

My special thanks go to Camille Alexander for being kind enough to invite me to partake in this most enjoyable endeavor in the first place.


Anonymous said…
Syria is me,Syria is you..
golden words.
Fantasia said…
WOW - what an honour!! Congrats my friend! and such poetic words, I can't say I am surprised you were invited. Bravo ... Bravo.
Anonymous said…
Gabriela said…
Congratulations! ¡Felicitaciones!
I have to say, if I'd were asked to say in 800 words or less what is Peru, I'd be breaking my head about what to say.
I'll read all the 7 pieces you shared with us.
All the best.
Anonymous said…
It intrigues me how you could criticize in so much humbleness. I love the true imagery of both the good and bad.

TThe following sentence tugged at my heart: "But she was not born yesterday my Syria."

And the ending is so sharp and static, it could bring anyone weak to their knees. cheers! This one is for Syria :)
Abufares said…
@anonymous 1
glad you've dropped by.

Thank you for being there and here. We are true friends (in answer to your question on your own blog:-)

Thank you so much for this beautiful clip. I still prefer that you use any name instead of anonymous though.

It's indeed difficult to sum up our emotions and feelings about HOME in 800 words (or less). However, I think that this sort of limitations fire up the imagination and the inspiration at the same time. I hope you enjoy all 8 articles.

@Batoul Abaza
Thank you for coming over. I criticize with humility because in the end I'm criticizing myself. If I couldn't see the BAD about Syria I would never be able to appreciate the GOOD as in all other things in life.
What I like about your comment is that it satisfies my own vanity. My 2 favorite parts (of my own writing :-) were "But she was not born yesterday my Syria" and the ending.
So here we go we are in total agreement.
I checked your profile but couldn't find any indication to a blog you write. Was that on purpose or does it simply mean that you don't have a blog?
Anonymous said…
Abu Fares,

Beautifully crafted! You took us to the depth of despair only to rescue us with the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. We often tend fot forget that our lives are but a blip in the sweep of history. We would like to see everything work out for our country in our lifetime; but sometimes all we can do is hope that the next generations will get it right... And they will.
saint said…
"A magnificent human tapestry, millennia in the making was ripped apart in front of my eyes while Syria lost her way and succumbed to her external injuries and internal bleeding."
Amen to that and thanks for the tragical description, the country in bad need for artists give accurate depiction of reality.
Abufares said…
@Abu Kareem

I'm glad you enjoyed it my friend.
I took you exactly where my life has been taken me ;-)
Our days are indeed but grains of sand on the beach of history. I rest my hope with the coming generations. I pray that they don't judge us too harshly.
Abufares said…
I never saw Syria in any different way. I'm torn between her human beauty and monstrosities entangling our lives and shaping them.
Everyday of my life I knew happiness and sadness side by side and this is the only reason why I bother write in the first place.
Thank you Saint for dropping by.
Anonymous said…
The bad cannot be ignored as much the good cannot but be appreciated in Syria but I'm so jealous over Syria to the point I refuse to even criticize it. I'm trying to shed the weakness off and start looking at the dark side. Theres one to everything after all.

About my profile, its to the top left under my email indication "My web Page" but anyhow, this is my blog:
Anonymous said…
Read all the essays. I must say I liked yours the best.
: )

w. b. yeats
Abufares said…
Thank you for your repeat comment. Now I need to start enjoying your very special blog.
Abufares said…
@w. b. yeats
Oh, but how can I expect anything but this from you.
Thanks is too little a word :-)
Anonymous said…
Abufaresg congradulatios, i,m in patagonia,fly fishing for trout, i always try to find a way to look for your blog, we are honnered to have Abufares le
Unknown said…
My special thanks go to Abu Fares for being kind enough to partake in this most enjoyable endeavor in the first place : )
Abufares said…
It makes me very happy to know that you still have time to read me when you are fishing. WOW!
Abufares said…
I have to thank you for your kind invitation and the interesting choice of topic.

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