Pillow Talk

A few years back an Italian colleague was visiting Syria and we traveled together on business to Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia then eventually Damascus. We had nothing to do on our last day before he was to fly back to Venice and I offered to take him around and show him the ageless beauty of the oldest capital in the world. Francesco asked me if we could go shopping and although it was, and still is, one of my least favorite activities I was delighted to help. He was a great travel companion and I pleasantly inquired about what he had in mind. “An oriental dancer (belly dancing) costume,” he told me, his eyes steady and unblinking. I swallowed hard yet kept smiling reassuringly. How in the hell was I going to overcome my acquired modesty and actually ask someone where to buy one of the most sensual pieces of feminine attire, I pondered covertly. I called a friend of mine, a very pretty Damascene girl I once knew and posed the question. “Now that you’re in your 40’s you’re getting kinky aren’t you Abufares?” she laughed teasingly. Despite my long-time familiarity with her I still felt awfully embarrassed. “It’s not for me. I mean I’m not buying it. It’s for my friend Francesco. I mean he must be buying it for someone…”. “Relax, my old friend. You probably don’t know that it’s customary for young Damascene brides to have at least one oriental dancer outfit among the most intimate apparel of their dowry? And, Abufares… I have several myself”, she divulged in the daintiest of tones before we finally hung up.

We walked along the long covered Souk of Hamidieh, Francesco and I. My friend had assured me that they were sold everywhere. All I had to do was ask. I finally summed up the courage and entered a small boutique where nightgowns and other womanish stuff were on display. The store was attended by a twenty-something year old guy. I whispered my request self-consciously. I needed to repeat my question three times before the asshole yelled at the top of his voice in the general direction of a narrow staircase that led somewhere up: “Majed, please show this gentleman our fine collection of dancing outfits.” “It’s not for me…”, I started… but he was already busy serving two veiled clients. Francesco and I climbed upstairs. My face was red with the blood of shame; I could almost feel the tips of my ears burning. I was so desperately embarrassed. “Ahlen wa Sahlen Eyouni (welcome)”, Majed beamed at us. “What do you have in mind? Classy or trashy? A high quality masterpiece or a cheap costume? We have everything from SYP500 to 100,000 a piece ($10 to $2,000)”. “It’s not for me…”, he wouldn’t even let me continue. “So what if it is for yours, man? Alhamdu Lillah (Thank God) we’re not doing anything wrong”. Francesco ended up buying a sexy purple translucent outfit. Majed had to get him from a high shelf behind a smaller size bra since apparently Graziella’s boobs were a little on the diminutive side.

For the last three years of my life I’ve been blogging and reading blogs. My browsing preferences have continuously shifted further and further from the mainstream of the Syrian Blogsphere. There are a dozen Syrian blogs out there which I will continue to read no matter what. Their authors have become enduring friends of mine. I’ve met a few of them and I would love to meet the others. I sporadically read additional blogs depending on the topic of their recent posts as they appear on Syplanet. But unfortunately, instead of finding more interesting reading material with the proliferation of Syrian bloggers the number of what I find captivating had remained constant. The most recent trend is annoying to say the least. People who are deeply committed to a cause, just or not, tend to be boring and really get on my nerves. In that light it’s understandable why I can’t get along with sternly religious folks. They are too serious to take seriously. Granted, they are free to express themselves as they please but they can eventually become a pain in the butt with their righteous persistence.

Not only was I seeking more intellectually stimulating content than the current vexatious craze of religiosity but I also am in dire need to be entertained in this day and age. Life is difficult enough as is. Many of us work and toil to make ends meet and at the end of the day are too exhausted to actually go anywhere. And, when you live, like me, in a small city where very little ever goes on, the internet is our widest window to the rest of the world. Naturally enough, I started my hunt on Syplanet. Are there any new and interesting blogs out there which I have somehow missed or not taken notice of? Don’t Syrian bloggers write anything interesting other than politics, religion or, like me, about nothing at all? I narrowed my search and concentrated on blogs written in English and started randomly clicking on the Syndicated Blogs list. Orchard Blossoms & Moonshine! What in the hell is that? I read the About Us section and became intrigued with the brief yet fascinating depiction the writers chose to present to the rest of the world. Upon further investigation I learned about the myth(s) of Nikkal and Yarikh, two Syrian gods of old. No sooner than I started reading through the blog than I realized that it had to be read from bottom to top. Nikkal and Yarikh are, according to the grapevine, two lovers who are writing to each other and do not mind if the rest of us read their story. I blame them for one thing though, they are not writing enough. I hope they are doing well together.

One thing naturally leads to another, which brings me back to the beginning of this post, not oriental dancing per say but the realm of the erotic. Why do we work so hard on hiding our emotions, feelings, yearnings and longings? These two lovebirds, Nikkal & Yarikh, have one link on their blog roll: Pillow Talk. I clicked expecting to find another romantic or poetry oriented blog but I was in for a huge surprise. Fantasia, as she chose to call herself, is without a doubt one of the most sensual women I have ever read (and seen judging from her personal photo). I have no idea where she’s from. She doesn’t write Erotica, she breathes it in and out and makes it morph into something so wholesomely decent while concurrently being so lewdly amatorial. Obviously she started this blog only recently but she intrigues and excites me beyond reason. She just feels everlasting. She is a woman, the real woman in every woman out there if given the chance. How much more pleasant this world of ours would be if everyone could innocently enough convey Fantasia’s message. No shame, no remorse, no regret, no guilt, no fucking nonsense. We are highly evolved beings that strive on love yet in the course of our infant civilization we have managed to muddy our purity with culpability. We invented religion initially to provide solace and comfort to our restless souls but soon enough our own creation spun out of control and took command of our consciousness. For no reason whatsoever, for no fault of our own we accepted that we are guilty until proven innocent. We had to work so damn hard all of our lives to appease the God who had created us without even giving us the option of not choosing to be born at all. We had an exam to take and that is the only course our lives were meant to follow. Love/Sex became the primary target and the absolute taboo of the religious institution.

Even for me, a man who has broken free out of this vicious guilt trip a long time ago, I was still somehow trapped within the layers upon layers of shame and ignominy. I couldn’t buy an oriental dancer outfit without being senselessly embarrassed. Blogging has helped me a great deal into coming to terms with myself. I now fully accept that I am what I am and it’s the most gratifying feeling any sentient being could ever achieve. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are married, whether you have children, whether you are a professional, whether you are content, whether you are lonely or not. All that matters is to feel the freedom of being alive and conscious without preconditions or limitations.

Thank you Fantasia for showing me that Erotica could be more virtuous than hypocrisy and certainly much more fun. Keep on writing please and make this world a better place to live and love for all of us.

Link to Pillow Talk


Anonymous said…

I agree with what you say, but how can you be completely sure that Fantasia is a "woman" and not a man posing as a woman?


w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
I may have not known when I first wrote this post but now I do.
Fantasia is one of the most wonderful and beautiful women out there.
I have to thank her for so many things, among which, how liberating it was to read her then to write this piece afterward.
Dubai Jazz said…
Thanks for linking to these lovely blogs!

Wallah malak 'aleel ya Abu Fares, nafsak khadra we dersak 7loo! LOL

Some people may think of these subjects as 'inappropriate', I personally have absolutely no problem at all reading such blogs. In fact, I wrote two pieces of Erotika myself. There were supposed to have been funny and erotic at the same time. One was named 'The Diary of a Smooth Stalker', and the other 'The Culinary of Delicious Cunnilingus'. I shared them with some cyber friends on one of my many fake profiles on FaceBook and I was told I made some people 'wet'. Not sure if that is a good feedback or if it was the outcome of the funny or the erotic part?

I would have loved to publish them on my blog, but I am sure such a step will be met by a swift and decisive block from our good old Etisalat.
Abufares said…
Well it really depends on who you were able to get wet, lol.
I'm indeed Green and Sweet :-)
Your titles certainly don't leave much to the imagination. But knowing what a good writer you are I'm sure they will be a pleasure to read.
And it was my pleasure to introduce these 2 sites. I have really enjoyed reading them tremendously.
But I have an ulterior motive as well. I'm defending freedom of speech, especially when it is so entertaining, sensual and pleasant.
Anonymous said…
Abufares said…
Thank you so much for the link and here it is in English:

Anonymous said…
I'm waiting to see the response from your female blogger friends on this one... For some reason this kind of Erotica/Fantasia usually is more inclined towards the male.

Maybe, and of course I'm speaking for myself, female fantasies tend to be more on the romantic side than on the erotica side. I did not look into the sites you suggested, so I may be way out of line on this one.

Still, freedom of expression is a great luxury and one us westerners take for granted.

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Abufares,just i wanted to put it,but you were faster.
Syria is heart of the globe.
And you are our star!

Abufares said…
Oh An, that was you...
Well thanks so much for your praise. i did enjoy it :-)
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
The first one Orchard Blossoms & Moonshine is very romantic.
Pillow Talk is romantic, erotic and very sexy.
You should take a look (or more).
Karin said…
I noticed that so far there are only male commentators ... ;-)!

I "absorbed" some posts of "Pillow Talk" and have to admit, the sweet sensuality, temptation and eroticism they express and radiate are stunning - and capturing!

You're right - we're stuck in our own old ways and completely forget that outside these self-knitted boundaries there is more to be discovered, different ideas, other ideologies ... feelings, emotions, sensations!

Sensuality is not "bad" nor vulgar, not immoral nor embarassing but a painfully sweet, tempting aphrodisiac. Few understand it ... and even fewer cherish it.

It's the cherry on the whipped cream of life. Without it, life - and love - is bland ...

Yazan said…
This has been my secret land for the last few years! ;)

Dania said…
I'm not a big fan of erotica, but I appreciate it alot and I have some all time favorit pieces that I enjoy.

I think that being embarassed of our own fantasies is some how a reason behind us enjoying it so much, the secret factor in it is something that cetainly can turn us on.

would I ever enjoy having sex in public? that's a question I always have in mind, I think the freedom and the idea of being completely exposed, naked, fragile and completely TRUE is something that I would enjoy and that would be extremely liberating.But Sex to me is more like a spiritual essential thing that I wouldn't like to expose.
Abufares said…

W. B. Yeats is a woman, and a very beautiful one at that :-)

An, I don't know. I hope she/he enlightens us and confirms.

DJ is too much of a man :-))) but everybody already knows that.

Sweet sensuality is the best description of Pillow Talk.

The insistence that there is something inherently wrong/sinister with sex and that it should be heavily regulated is what I can't accept. It's nobody's business and eroticism is indeed a very delicious cherry.
Abufares said…
Well, well, well... and you've been hiding this for a few years ;-)

Thanks for the link. I should look into it some more.
You see, we need this literary diversity. I am sure we have masters and mistresses of the art in our midst but as if this is our last bastion of defense we are reluctant to let go of our inhibitions and openly discuss what turns us on and what we fantasize about.
This is a sort of auto-inflicted mental terrorism and repression. Thanks to the internet men and women can now expand their horizons and share that communal feeling of sensuality across the globe.
There is still a very big difference between pornography and erotica. Those who can't tell the difference don't know what they are missing. It's not what adults are doing that makes the difference. It's the artistic expression in painting, movies, sculpture, music and words which sets them apart.
Abufares said…
Love and sex are pretty close to each other but when they are juxtaposed in a relationship every orgasm becomes the BIG BANG.
I think very few people could actually fulfill all of their fantasies, many of which are conjured simply enough because of the improbability of ever consummating them.
The power of dreams, especially daydreaming, is a potent yet to most latent talent. To put these sensual mental images into words is not an easy task. Only a master, or a mistress, can stay on the high wire of pure eroticism without succumbing to vulgarity.
Anonymous said…
An is a 100% Man,with a strong mustache. I respect all human(female & male).
And I like your blogs.That's it.
Cheers mate!
Nour said…
Great post Abu Fares. I completely agree with you. I believe that religion has become a tool to repress our feeling, emotions, intellect, imagination, etc. rather than a means of spiritual exaltation and rational moral guidance. I really don't understand why sexual attraction and sensual feelings have become so taboo and such a cause for discomfort and disturbance that we have to actively repress them. Our society has a long way to go before we free ourselves of all these social and religious shackles, but it's very refreshing to read a Syrian blog that is taking on these taboos. Thank you.
Abufares said…
Thank you for your first visit to my blog.
I'm also very glad that you seem to agree with my general discourse on the subject of sexual repression.
I have always thrived to tackle thorny social, political and religious issues affecting my compatriots and me on my blog. You might find, however, that I don't take myself too seriously as long as nobody steps on any of my toes.
I have been to your blog several times and greatly appreciate your own effort at spreading secularism as an alternative way of life. An alternative that is, in my opinion, our only hope in this part of the world and beyond.
Lujayn said…
I remember the first time I was walking in Hamidiyeh Souq and some guy starts calling out to me, "have I got a dance outfit for you". I was mortified. Who the hell did he think I was?? And I hurried away, not wanting anyone around me to think I could be even remotely interested in a vulgar dance outfit. Truth is, the respectable, conservative often veiled woman who buy those trashy outfits see no shame in embracing their sexuality while I was embracing the role of a straight-laced puritanical prude, despite my ‘liberation’. I liked both links, Abu Fares, although I suspect Nikkal and Yarikh are one and the same. Fantasia is gutsy – she doesn’t do much of the ‘dominate me’ erotica which seems to be the norm. I like that she respects and enjoys her sexuality. For now, we can read her in the UAE. The censors seem to have gotten to Yazan’s link already.
Anonymous said…
First of all, thank you so much, Abufares, for mentioning us in your wonderful post. It was thrilling to see your perspective on our blog and romance and erotica as well. Yarikh and I (yes, Lujayn, we are two people) were inspired by each other to write to one another months ago and since we are both writers, decided to share some romance with the rest of the world - or at least the blogosphere. No harm in sharing some love!! :) We intend to write much more and look forward to visits from our existing fans and any new ones of course! Thanks, again, Abufares. Nikkal
Anonymous said…
It is not every day that I find myself utterly speechless. Those that know me, would agree I am in fact one that annoyingly always tries to get in the last word. It's a bad habit I know.

But - I was brought to tears and my words failed me. By a total stranger.

I can only humbly, incline my head and share the surprise I feel at being understood and so fully supported by someone I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Erotica, is by it's very nature, a difficult style and genre to embark upon. For one you often have to deal with a lot of wackos that troll or bible thumpers that have a lot to say about it and understand nothing.

More, as a woman, it is not easy to be seen as a serious writer or as a serious person. No, you become the "bad girl" or the "whore". Yet, there is such freedom in accepting ones sexuality. The beauty of the gift that is sensuality.

So, Abufares. I thank you. For taking my breath away and for showing me that I am indeed bringing joy... in my own way. Thank you.
Gabriela said…
You've made me curious... I'll be visiting those links.
As for me, blogging has become an important part of my day, too. I really hope I may find enduring friends in unimaginable places.
¡Saludos desde el Perú!
Abufares said…
You mean to tell me an "outfit" was not part of your dowry? :-(
It's indeed very strange that while we hold liberal and secular ideals we are always burdened by the accumulated dust of a intellectually deserted society. Writing about my embarrassment was therapeutic.
Well according to Nikkal, she and Yarikh are 2 "writers" in love with each other. I personally tend to believe her.
Fantasia whom I just found out that she had left a comment on this post is such a fantastically erotic woman with a HUGE heart.
I hope you, I and the rest of the world can continue to enjoy her writings along with the best the world has to offer.
Abufares said…
You don't have to thank me at all. It's me who needs to be grateful. First, for bringing me so much pleasure in reading your blog and second for honoring me by your visit and comment.
The mere fact that you are inspired by each other is a clear indication that we have not lost it all in the midst of the absurdities of the material world. I'm glad that you plan to write "much more" as I will be following your blog very closely.
Anonymous said…
I hope to read all your comments on my blog and want to thank all of you for what you have said. I will continue to write. I had no idea this would be "such a big deal". I have taken my freedom of speach for granted. No longer.
Abufares said…
How absolutely thrilling it is to find you here.
First I need to welcome you since over the last few days you have brought me so much joy.
We were total strangers true but after our "correspondence", and despite the fact that it was relatively brief, I came to know you as a woman with a heart of gold. Well of course, your body and everything else about you is so fantastically sensual but it's who you are on the inside that makes all the difference.
Your erotic writing is a breath of fresh air in an enclosed elevator of the first class section of a jetliner while watching, touching and eating a pretty secretary in an out of this world menage a trois.
Abufares said…
I can assure you that will you enjoy these links tremendously.
I will be thrilled if you take me as a friend and if one day you decide to come to this part of the world just let me know. Until then,
¡Saludos desde Syria!
Abufares said…
Well of course you should make your comments directly on Fantasia's and Nikkal & Yarikh blogs.
Freedom is such a fragile and delicate ideal and should never be taken for granted.
I am already a regular reader of your blog. If I wanted to get drunk I could've bought 2 6-packs of beer. If I needed to get horny I could've checked Youtube. Instead, I sip each post of yours slowly like a glass of exquisite Scotch and let it settle up deliciously in my mind.
Haifaa said…
I have always said unless Arab women rid themselves of sex restrictions and the virginity male made law, we won't get anywhere.

I am not a fan of Erotica but hey...it is all good.

I have to share my cousins directed me to a a conservative salafi website that has a section for married people only. I was stunned to read instruction on how preform certain acts, discussion about penis size etc... Yes, the site is from the Qassim region.
Anonymous said…
OK, so now that Abufares has confirmed that I am boring, allow me nevertheless to express a few thoughts. The notion that Arabs and/or Muslims don't do sex, erotica, sensualism, etc. is completely unfounded. It's not taboo, as long as it's halal, i.e. within a marriage contract (and those are easy to get these days, name your time limit ... even though that is not exactly Islamic, but I digress and that may be one of the reasons I'm considered boring.) Anyone who has seen Viagra ads on channels from countries in the Gulf knows that sex is, ehem, hot.

This post and the nice blogs to which it links has immediately brought two specific writers to mind, which may interest some of you. The first is Anaïs Nin (20th century, started pre-WWII), a very interesting character whose books became even hotter after she died. In particular, she published at a late age the erotica she had been writing for an anonymous contractor for 1 dollar a page. Name your taboo, it's there. One of her lovers was Henry Miller, whose own books (staring with Tropic of Cancer) were considered obscene and banned in the US at the time.

The second is Almudena Grandes, a Spanish writer whose book "Las edades de Lulu" (The ages of Lulu, I'm pretty sure it's been translated into English) I discovered while in Spain without having a clue about the contents. It was a bestseller, and I bought it amongst other books and boy did it make for unexpected reading. Spanish director Bigas Luna turned it into a movie later, I never watched it and wonder how it could have been made for a mass audience.

Good writing makes all the difference.
Anonymous said…
I am familiar with Anaïs Nin. As a matter of fact I frequently have discussions with one of her students. I am not familiar with Almundea Grandes. She writes in Spanish only?
Abufares said…
@Az3ar's Fan
Arab women... and men should rid themselves of so many restrictions not only as far as sex is concerned but more importantly on restricting the thought process itself.
The Top 3 topics of best selling books of all times in the Arab World have remained constant and unchanged:

1- Cookbooks
2- Dream Interpretation
3- What To Do on the First Night (or other sex manuals for married couples)
Abufares said…
I don't know where you got the notion that I included you in the boring people category. Let me see...

"People who are deeply committed to a cause, just or not, tend to be boring and really get on my nerves".

Hummm! But remember, I have met you already and found out first hand that you are one of the most un-boring women out there.
But I guess you would like to hear that again, women (and of course men) always like this sort of compliments :-)

You brought back memories of the days when I was young and foolish. I'm still one of the two, BTW. I was in Larnaca, Cyprus and found a a bookstore at a corner of an obscure street where I bought a whole bunch of books. Among which, Tropic of Cancer, which I read over the next few days on a nice beach where topless women always came to sunbathe.
I've never heard of Anaïs Nin and Almudena Grandes but you just made me very curious. I know what my next book list will include now.
Muslims/Arabs DO lots of sex and erotica indeed but the topic is treated publicly like a dirty secret at best. And, to write about it openly is something still unheard of with very few exceptions (i.e. Nizar Kabbani). Erotica is a very tough genre and needs a mind full of love in order not to make it obscene.
Fantasia's writing had this effect on me.
And Rime, have you noticed how the majority of the commentators have been women so far, with the exception of (DJ, Yazan and An). Interesting, isn't it???
Haifaa said…
Abu Fares,

You are making me laugh. Perhaps emancipation will come with wet dreams interpetation.

I jest.

Could not agree with you more many restirctions can be rid off. Have you read this by As'ad Abu Khalil? Tell me what you think.
Abufares said…
@Az3ar's Fan
Thank you for the link to this great article. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
I am happy to be here and thank you for the welome. You will love Anaïs Nin and Almudena Grandes. They are part of my collection and old friends. If you are curious for others, let me know!
Abufares said…
Now that you have whetted my appetite, I'm always curious.
Haifaa said…
Here is the link to the salafi website. It is amusing to say the least.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Haifaa said…
Hey, Anon. you are on a roll with the Qassimy.
Anonymous said…
So let me get this straight: the best you could come up with was that I was "un-boring" (and what person wouldn't want to be called that) ... which you found out when you met me. In other words, my writing is doubly confirmed as boring. I see.

Abufares, when in a hole, stop digging. :)

As far as I know, Almudena Grandes writes in Spanish, but I've checked and the book is translated into English.

Did you know that the perfume by Cacharel, Anaïs Anaïs, was apparently named after Anaïs Nin? I find this trivia rather un-boring, liking the fact that the French know how to honor their writers, even one of their most controversial ones.

I think we women are responding to prove we're not chicken and can handle any subject, as one of your commentators wondered how we would react. Which says a lot about your male fans. :) (Sorry guys, but you clearly can't take the heat.)
Anonymous said…
Abu Fares, what an interesting post! I've been to Pillow Talk and had a look. Fantasia is truly a gifted writer. And you're right she does exude sensuality. Its refreshing to read something so uninhibited but not vulgar. The power of her characters are that they are joyfully alive without exhibiting the clichés that one often comes across in erotica. Orchard Blossoms and Moonshine also looks like its off to a good start. I truly enjoy a good romance and I like the hint of mystery behind this site. I hope there are more stories on both sites to look forward to. Nothin' like a little sumpin'-sumpin' to shake things up, eh Abu Fares!! ;) Thanks for this.
Unknown said…
Abou Fares,

Last week you told me "you are always welcome here"

So I believed you. But today I found out that you called me boring.

What's not to like (And appreciate) about this post?


Or this one?


I suggest you read it twice if you did not appreciate it enough the first time.

Then tell me if you still enjoy those other shallow blogs you liked above.
Unknown said…
Yazan ya aleel el-adab, rou7 dros.

And "Dubai Jazz" ... ya 3eib elshoom 3aleik. Tfeh... esh hal-neshe7? ... wet??

3al 3emoum, yalla sakroulna hal-blog el-faltan. nQel3ou kelyatkin men hon.
Abufares said…
Once a dumb man enters into an argument with an intelligent woman the more he tries to explain the deeper he'll be digging down that hole.
BORING was never about you. There was an immediate sentence afterward explaining who I'm talking about.
And thank you for the all the information. Now I can embark on my erotic expedition knowing that there are more women than men in my company, Yeeeeaaaaaah!
Abufares said…
I think I'm the luckiest man alive. This post was commented upon by one beautiful woman after the other until Camille came along. But I'll get to him in a minute.
And the way you call me "Abufares"... Ah, I just feel like melting butter :-)
Abufares said…
What are you talking about? OK, Rime can play that role. She's smart and pretty. But what's your excuse???
I always enjoyed your serious and poignant writing but I also tremendously enjoy some of what you labeled shallow blogs. I know a good writer when I find one and the subject matter becomes secondary. However, the subject matter of these 2 blogs I mentioned is something I am thoroughly enjoying.
Anonymous said…
من مقدمة ألف ليلة وليلة . الألذ عند العرب . أكل اللحم وركوب اللحم ودخول اللحم في اللحم.
Unknown said…
Iza heik baseeta.

Bas allaaah ykhallek .. hal oulad elsghar Yazan ou Dubai elker, ma tefsedlin akhlaqin.
Libyan Violet said…
Abufares, thanks for this lovely post. The links are going in my blogroll as they are exactly the type of topics I like :P.

Most of my readers are too shy to comment - yet my stuff is pretty tame in comparison.

Your embarassment at buying the dancing outfit reminded me of that of a female friend of mine. I was visiting Damascus and was shopping for an outfit for someone ( I already had one for myself ) so I enlisted the help of a friend in Syria and she took me to Hamidiyeh, then she had to say in everyshop we went to - "it's not for me it's for a foreign friend of my friend " it was so funny to watch her face while I was trying to choose the ouftit especially that the person who wanted it was quite well endowed... hilarious day and the sales guy never blinked !
Abufares said…
@Libyan Violet
Thank you for dropping by, and my... do you have an interesting blog or what.
I'm so happy we're all popping our heads with the advent of Spring. Love is certainly in the air.
Anonymous said…
Pillow Talk = Pillow Comments
KJ said…
I do not see the problem with erotica. While I understand to an extent the religious taboo, the form of this sensual writing should actually be embraced rather than shunned.

What better way to experience it than to have the words and your imagination flow?

I concur with the amount of nonsense blogs on the web, Syrian or otherwise. I am a victim of this in most of my blogs, and my mind is clogged, my energy depleted. But soon enough, I would have new stories to tell, and my friend, I have a post coming up to put a smile on your face from your little friend Moogle
Abufares said…
So Moogle decided to go erotic. yyyeeeaayyy.
Can't wait to read ;-)
KJ said…
erotic meen ya ebni! It will be the usual humor - I will go erotic some other day! you wouldn't want to read on bunnies fornicating
Anonymous said…
Hypatie, who has entered Fantasia's blog recently, would like to tell abufares, that his description of his likes-dans la partie "accueil"- does not fit the person he appears to be, when exploring the blog!
There seems to be so much more to you, than what you want to show!
Modestie? timidité? fausse humilité?
Hmmmm, je vais chercher!
Abufares said…
Hi, so nice of you to drop by. Any friend "visitor" of Fantasia is a friend of mine.

Well... I'm really a simple man and no false modesty intended at all since I believe that my breed is the most difficult to find.

Vous avez raison de chercher pour moi, mais vous trouverez peut-être que j'ai déjà été découverts.

Fausse humilité? Perhaps!
Ziggy said…
"No shame, no remorse, no regret, no guilt, no fucking nonsense. We are highly evolved beings that strive on love yet in the course of our infant civilization we have managed to muddy our purity with culpability." --love it.
Abufares said…
So nice to see you going through these previous posts of mine and commenting as well.
Always a pleasure find you all over the place :-)
buy propecia said…
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