Happy Mother's Day

A few days after March 21st, when Mother’s Day is celebrated in this part of the world, I lost her. That was ten years ago. I remember the last thing she told me very clearly, as if it happened only last night. She had spent the last few days of her life mostly unconscious. She would wake up, open her eyes briefly and repeat the same phrase over and over then pass out again. “Don’t let them take my ring away from me.” She was of course referring to her wedding band as she was worried that after she dies the golden ring will be removed from her finger as per religious tradition. She was an avid believer in the afterlife and keenly practiced her spiritual duties. Yet she was even more devoted to the love of her life, my father. Her last thought, her final worry, her ultimate wish on the face of this earth were to keep his ring with her forever. And we made sure she did. My farewell memory of her was of her feet. As soon as she passed away I knelt by them, I held them in my hands then I kissed them and cried for a long time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the breathtaking women out there and please cheer up. I’m not going to embark with you on an emotional story. I was merely introducing you to the first love of my life, my mom.

From word of mouth, I know that I was a naughty kid. My fascination with women came very early on in my life. When I was still in kindergarten and my mom had her morning guests for a Sebhieh (a morning get-together for women where they drink coffee and eat chocolates and sweets) I would sit in the middle of the room underneath the larger coffee table. I would scan the legs around me and locate the best looking pair and train my sight to get a glimpse of laced panties. How exciting it was, especially if one of the guests was skinnier than the norm for those days and pretty. I continued with this hobby of mine until I was too big a boy to be allowed to stay and listen to the women talking. But I didn’t have to worry much about it as by that time Lillian became my school teacher. We’re talking about the late sixties; the miniskirt was the revolutionary vogue of the time. Lillian had long and supple legs and she often wore very short skirts. She had great boobs as well and one of my favorite blouses was a tight one she wore and which seemed to be begging for mercy. Her hair brownish and permed, her eyes shaded with immaculate mascara and her large loop earrings contrasted beautifully against her sinuous neck, she was the reason behind my choice of sitting in the front row in class for the only time in my scholastic life. We sat in pairs on the wooden desks but sometimes, when my stars were perfectly aligned, the boy next to me would stay at home sick. Lillian would sit on my desk facing backward and I would be mere inches away from her sensuous body. She would occasionally catch me staring in awe at one particular schwerpunkt of her anatomy. She would flick my ear, look at me straight in the eye and order me to “stop what you’re doing right now.” She would then resume her teaching, the remains of a faint smile at the corners of her lustful lips. That’s how it all started and that’s how it still is. Well, of course, I don’t sneak looks beneath women skirts anymore… unless they were climbing a flight of stairs ahead of me and their legs happen to be remarkably graceful.

I will forever be in love with women. In fact it’s this love in me which makes me tense when I come face to face with the mindless men who believe that they have the right to hold the slightest control over them. But that is an entirely different subject, one which I plan to go into sometime in the near future. For now my only intention is to celebrate Mother’s Day in my own guileless way as an eternal picaro. Happy Mother’s Day to all! I will always love you.


KJ said…
Bless your mom, my friend

As for the rest of the post:

Abufares said…
Thanks man... but remember... I come as a package :-)
Unknown said…
Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there!

And Abu Fares, your Lilianne was my Lena! ;)
Abufares said…
Lena Ya Lena, Khallaynaki Khallina!
Ah, the unforgettable women in a man's life!
Yes, Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there, I agree :-)
Haifaa said…
Thank you for the good wishes Abu Fares. I am only hoping my eight year old does not go under the table to check out my fellow mom friends. But I know he thinks we are 'gross' because we are moms. Relief.
Anonymous said…

Happy mother's day to all mothers.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Abu Fares,May Allah bless your Mother.
Karin said…
That is such a nice post Abufares .. haha - I can vividly picture you sitting under the table and observing with the keen eye of a five year old major rascal the legs and laced panies of the women!

I am sure your mom was a fantastic woman .. just like mine still is! May God bless her - she's 85, has better lab work and EKG than many 50-year olds and is a real trooper, cleans and cooks alone, goes downtown ever other day, reads newspaper and shows interest in politics! Needless to say I am incredibly PROUD of her and love her to pieces!!

Mother's Day in Germany is the 2nd Sunday in May .. but to ALL moms in YOUR neck of the woods and wherever it is celebrated:

Abufares said…
@az3ar's fan
You never know with 8 years old! They're pretty smart at that age and they certainly know what to hide and what to reveal.
Happy Mother's Day dear friend.
Abufares said…
Thank you buddy for your wishes and for the link.
Abufares said…
Happy Mother's Day to you and you should be as proud of your mom as she should be proud of you. Ah, the things we can't do anymore as we grow up...
a five year old boy is called a rascal, a fully grownup man is a pervert... What unjust discrimination!
Gabriela said…
I loved this post Abufares.
What a kind thing to do for your mom! As for me, fortunately I still have mine with me and I hope it remains like this for a very long while.
As we would say in Spanish: ¡picaroncillo!
Saludos desde el Perú.
Anonymous said…
How wonderfully devoted your mother was. The story of the ring is so touching and sweet. I think she was as blessed to have you as you were to have her - despite your under table adventures! ;) A very interesting direction this post took...but so very Abu Fares! Thank you for a delightful read.
Abufares said…
Give your mom the best from me and thank you for your kind visit... anytime. And we say here in Syria:
Ahla wa Sahla!
Abufares said…
This post ricocheted in a random direction.
It's Mother's Day and I wanted to write about it. As soon as I started, however, I was overwhelmed by my memories. That was a way out... and I took it.
Happy Mother's Day.
Anonymous said…
It's funny to me that Mothers day is on a different day all over the world.

Why do we need a single day to honour mothers? Every day should Honor them.

Having said that - not all have been blessed with a great relationship with their mothers. For many daughters it is often a love hate situation.

I had to go through years of therapy and personal growth to have the strength to change the toxic dance between my mother and myself. More than dysfunctional - it was outright abusive.

I grew strong - and forgave ... and changed the pattern and now I can appreciate her wisdom beneath her neurosis.

I think we should have a "happy children who remained themselves despite their parents day".

But touching ... I admit to some envy.
Haifaa said…

I am still in recovery from the abuse and neurosis my mother inflected on me and my siblings. You are not alone. I don't know if I grew strong but I vowed my children will never have to go through what I went through. I am in therapy once a week and I have been in therapy for a long time. Every time I visit with her old issues emerge and I look at them with a different perspective. Just now I called to wish her a happy mother day and she accepted it graciously only to go to her usual pattern of abuse and judgment. At any rate, I don't have any regret to wish her a happy day. Maybe she will have one.
Gabriela said…
So: Ahla wa Sahla!
All the best, always.
Abufares said…
The scent of your perfume is all over my blog now;-)
I'm glad you came to terms with your mother and with yourself eventually. Life is too short not to do our best in healing our wounds.
Abufares said…
@Az3ar's Fan
You did what you have to do. You gave what you had and it's up to the other to know how to handle the gift of taking.
Abufares said…
Katia said…
I love your level of "innocence" ;-)

And happy mother's day to all moms of course!
Dubai Jazz said…
Abu Fares, it's becoming increasingly difficult to check out your blog in the office: supple legs, laced panties, sinuous bodies, full breasts.... well, and the way you describe your privilege of watching as a child; a surrogate eye for the grown-ups. I guess every one of us been through that, in a way or the other.

But out of concern for the equal oppotunities of today's 5,6,7 and 8 years old boys, I am not going to list down my early forays and adventures in the womanly world. Suffice it to say that I WAS too cute then that I was tossed from lap to lap and no one would get enough of me.
Dubai Jazz said…
And lest I forget, a belated happy mother's day to all!
Anonymous said…
@Azzar's Fan:
I feel your pain. It is so difficult to deal with. But to forgive is the greatest gift. After all, only then do they not have that power over you and you reclaim your freedom.

@Abufares: I am happy to visit. I find what you say to be very interesting and worth the visit! I sometimes wonder what wounds are harder to heal? those inflicted upon by others? those we revisit time and again? or those we place on ourself?
Abufares said…
Thank you for your own "innocence" and for dropping by. Always a pleasure.
Abufares said…
You know what DJ, you might be right. The last few posts have been triggered by a deep-seated defense mechanism to protect my individual freedom of expression. I just felt that I needed to lash back at the onslaught of "moral" obscenities on the Syrian Blogsphere.
"supple legs, laced panties, sinuous bodies, full breasts...." was my way to purify the putrid air left behind.
Abufares said…
You're a tough girl but so sweet. This what makes you all the more fantastic.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I know and remember how much you loved your Mom, sisters and father. It is a wonderful thing to get along with your family : )

I still have the joy of having my mom (and my dad) with me. She turned 72 this past January, and is still beautiful, active and as smart as ever! She just started to paint again after a long long hiatus. She was my inspiration as you can imagine.

Anyway, i'm late wishing Om Fares happy Mother's Day , but early if I use our May 12th date! So please extend my wishes to Om Fares and sisters.

w.b. yeats
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
My best regards to your mom and I always knew that she was your inspiration.
Happy Mother's Day to You :-)

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