Look At Me

Unless I allow rage and hate to take hold of me, I have nothing to write about.

Look at me
(A poem by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian)

I would love to write poetry about love,
Paint rainbows and butterflies,
Smell the scent of rose buds,
And dance;
Dance with the melody of birds singing

I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling
With no guns pointing at their heads
Tell them stories of little fairies in far away lands
Not of bullets shooting, or missile exploding

How can I?

There is a knife in my heart
I am hurting

I bleed,
I cringe
I cry


I am being slaughtered
Under your watchful eyes

I am cold… cold…. cold

I cringe
I cry

Humanity, where are you?
Why do you turn your face away?
Why do you keep looking the other way?
I am here

In Gaza alleyways

Humanity, where are you?
Look at me
Look at me
I am here
In Gaza alleyways

I cringe
I cry

Enough turning the other way


Anonymous said…
I am cold
I cringe
I cry
Anonymous said…
A perfect choice, Abu Fares. I cry too. Mariyah
Haifaa said…
This is in response to finding collaborators.

Drop in punked:

Anonymous said…
Don't cry,don't be sad,
This is the time to work hard,to do some useful things,give blood,give anything..work hard to give money..to give anything..
Please Don't cry..they kill our future,our life..they kill the humanity..
The killers don't cry..
Don't cry..make some posetive things..as you can..anything..
Palastinean need you to be brave..to do your best..let's start working for them..

Anonymous said…
Because you are cry,no body listen to you..you have to face your enemy..you have to win this batle againest the humanity,againest the life..
Joseph said…
“Winds will recite our beginning and end
Although our present bleeds, our days are buried in ashes of legend.
Strange is what the stranger says!
He hunts down our children, and butterflies as well.
What promises to our garden, stranger, Can you make?
Brass flowers prettier than our own?
As you wish. But do you know a deer will not approach grass that has been stained with our blood?”

Excerpts from ‘Indian Speech’ By Mahmoud Darwish
Anonymous said…
Hello Everybody,

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مع أطيب التمنيات

Anonymous said…
Hi Triq,
While Our Prents,kids,families,children .. and 100% innocent people in Gaza,killed by Israele army,you came up to our post acted careless Syrian one,you came up to use this plog for your cheap and stupid advertising,without any minimume respect..do you have a Syrian blood? you don't have parents,relatives,?!are cheap enough ?
How we can trust in man like you doesn't care about our brothers in Palestine? please explain to me how?How you'll face your God if you beleive in God..
What you did,is not good,and not acceptable..You have to appologize from any one read this post.
I beleive in freedom and democracy ,but not through people like you..
Put in your mind,if the Paradise will come through you ,i'll refuse it..
I can imagine how much a man like you can become valueless,but not like what you act..
May be,I can forgive you if you appologise from every Palastenian family..

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
من دون ذكر معلوماتكم الشخصية إن كنتم تفضلون ذلك

To Triq.

We are brave enough to write all our details,not like you..Our parents killed by Israelis.. wake up man..

Anonymous said…
Are the man who guide our enemy to kill our people in Gaza?

Anonymous said…
A very moving poem. Poignant. I felt it in my bones, and may heart swelled with sadness.

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
Are you the man who guide our enemy to kill our people in Gaza?

Anonymous said…
We need you to write and support our people.
Please write more.
Ali Dahmash said…
Simple words but honest and hard to digest!
Anonymous said…
Diana said…
You can allow rage to take over (for some time), but not hate. Anyway, it seems that everyone in the community is either blogging about Gaza, or not at all.
Anonymous said…
The Gaza Anthem


We will not go down!

Play it loud, chant it everywhere, let them know that We will not go down!

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

Please spread it, embed it when you can, and let YouTube and the entire world hear that we will not go down!

"We will not go down (Song for Gaza)" - composed and performed by my extremely talented brother, God bless him.

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