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She untucked the tail of my shirt, sneaked two delicate fingers down the small of my back, rubbed circuitously then whispered gently: ” Is that where it hurts? ” “ I’m aching here and all over ”, I winced, the sharp pain stabbing down my leg. She wrapped her arm around me. I leaned on her and we resumed our unhurried amble on the waterfront. Chasing her silhouette in my eyes, she despairingly called me “ un-Enchanted ” then held her breath and plunged deep within. We kissed till eternity, or so it seemed. I’ve been lifeless since Israel had commenced its savage and indiscriminate decimation of Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine. How careless we are with words. It’s as if this furious warfare against humanity had been between a lawful state and a renegade “strip”. It’s not! It never was anything but a war for survival between an illegal entity and the native inhabitants of a country that is Palestine. In the short run Israel might have massacred a thousand or more Palestinians and physica

We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza) Thanks Rime for passing this along. In turn, this song would be mostly enjoyed and appreciated by the Arab Leaders (Eunuchs, Psychopaths, Schizophrenics and wimps), by the Leaders of the Free World including all of the European Union States, George W Shoe and American President Elect Barack Obama (since he condones Israel's actions in defending herself), by the 70% of the Israelis who support their government and who are equally partners in crime and last but not least by every bigot, humbug and hypocrite Arab who is blaming Hamas and/or the Palestinians for the Holocaust in Gaza. We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza) (Composed by Michael Heart) Copyright 2009 A blinding flash of white light Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight People running for cover Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive They came with their tanks and their planes With ravaging fiery flames And nothing remains Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze We will not

Look At Me

Unless I allow rage and hate to take hold of me, I have nothing to write about. Abufares Look at me (A poem by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian ) I would love to write poetry about love, Paint rainbows and butterflies, Smell the scent of rose buds, And dance; Dance with the melody of birds singing I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling With no guns pointing at their heads Tell them stories of little fairies in far away lands Not of bullets shooting, or missile exploding But How can I? There is a knife in my heart I am hurting Hurting I bleed, I cringe I cry HUMANITY, WHERE ARE YOU? I am being slaughtered Under your watchful eyes I am cold… cold…. cold I cringe I cry Humanity, where are you? Why do you turn your face away? Why do you keep looking the other way? I am here Languishing In Gaza alleyways Humanity, where are you? Look at me Look at me I am here In Gaza alleyways I cringe I cry Humanity, Enough turning the other way