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“For over 20 years Israel has expanded by force of arms. After every stage in this expansion Israel has appealed to “reason” and has suggested “negotiations”. This is the traditional role of the imperial power, because it wishes to consolidate with the least difficulty what it has already taken by violence. Every new conquest becomes the new basis of the proposed negotiation from strength, which ignores the injustice of the previous aggression. The aggression committed by Israel must be condemned, not only because no state has the right to annexe foreign territory, but because every expansion is an experiment to discover how much more aggression the world will tolerate.”

Bertrand Russell, 1970


KJ said…
It shows you how pathetic the world is that these people who didn't exist till 48 are running the whole show, its politics, economy and everything in between
Mariyah said…
What's sad and completely disturbing is that this quote was written more than 30 years ago and it is still applicable today. Nothing has changed.
Hi Friends!

As an Israeli, who hates aggression, who is against any war, who refused to hold ANY gun, who is AGAINST this new winter-war-
Believe me the people in Israel are willing to give almost anything for peace.
Who can stop Hammas from bombing the Israeli south?
I am sure the army can not.
but as long as this continues war is just a matter of luck. like the waether today...
Just be sure-
I am against bombing Gaza,
Damaging poor people with almost no hope.

we both have silly ego-driven leaders, so we all live in fear.
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
It is, indeed a shame. Why is it that Israel's response is always disproportionate? The same thing happened in Lebanon and continues to happen in Gaza. How can this action be justified and why does the world continue to stand by and let it happen?
Haifaa said…
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Haifaa said…
President Elect Obama said, he understands why is Israel is doing what it is doing.

Maybe you can contact him and send him pictures of all those children who have been killed, injured, traumatized and orphaned.

Here is the asshole's contact:
Haifaa said…
That was me who deleted the above, I misspeelled the addresss for Obama.
Anonymous said…
He said,she said,they said,you said,i what ..most important now to stop this holocaust,or any wars later.
Israel government doesn't care ..doesn't care how many or much they killed or they will kill..They have plan,they have project,they are contenuing it,
And they will use everything to do it ,to approach their target..
They work hard while we are sleeping,while we blame each other..
People, wake up..wake up.....
Anonymous said…
a few comments.

Isobel: why is Israel's responce disproportionate? probabely this is their way of saying:" don't mess with us, we are crazy" but it doesn't seem to work...

KJ: who didn't exist untill 48? palestinians? so what? now they exist and are bleeding! the violance on both sides must stop.

and a question to the crowd: what would you have done if your town was constantly bombed by your unfriendly neighbour for 8 years?

did you know that an Israely POW is held in captivityby Hamas for more than 900 days without a sign of life or letting him meet a red cross representative?

there are no saints in this story.

as for the quote: Bertrand Russel is a very good example of an extreem left wing european pacifist that did not recognize the right of the jewish people for a homeland.
by the way, he supported the policy of appeasement, the foreign policy of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain towards Nazi Germany between 1937 and 1939.
He was 98 when he wrote the above quote.
He died 2 days later :(

Peace to all
Unknown said…
In case there was any question, my comment was made rhetorically. I think everyone here knows why Israel (I mean the government - obviously there are some Israelis against this) is doing what they are doing. I've read both "Peace not Apartheid" by Jimmy Carter and "The Mess they Made" by Gwynne Dyer. Although Dyer's book is primarily about the war in Iraq there is an entire chapter dedicated to explaining Israel's actions called "Israel's Dilemma".

"The consequences for the Israeli army of thirty years of occupation duty were shockingly on display during the 2006 war in southern Lebanon. The whole purpose of the war, from the point of view of the Israeli general staff, was to re-establish Israel's conventional military deterrence, the long-established principle that Israel might and probably would reply to any attack with a disproportionate response."

It is my belief that the Israeli's ultimate interests lie in securing a purely Jewish state. Giving the Palestinians freedom and rights would destroy that interest -given that the Arab population greatly outnumbers the Jewish one. So, how do you get rid of the Palestinians? You make their lives so miserable that many will try to leave - or you incur as many casualties as possible by excessive bombing and invasions.

To Anonymous: What would YOU do if your ancestral land was taken away from you, walls were errected to keep you from your home, your work, your families, you were forced to live in an area from which you could never leave or receive a constant flow of supplies, and you were under constant threat of being bombed or incursions where your make-shift homes were destroyed? How many Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails?
Anonymous said…
Isobel:I agree with you..
Israel government and army kill kids and innocent and peaceful people.they kill humanity.Hitler did the same before,exactly the same..
This happen by plan not by mistake,they kill the life,it is holocaust..
Life is so precious,life is holly..

Shame ..

Peace to all.
Lujayn said…
Shit, and I thought I was the only one being accosted by Israelis. They really have great technology, dont they? Didnt have a single one jumping to discuss my wedding fears or my issues with traffic :)) But the second I posted something about Gaza, I had a whole bunch on the attack.
Ali Dahmash said…
Hi, I just came across your blog, thanks for showing your support for the Palestinians. Here in Jordan we are showing our support by protesting in the streets, giving Food, money, and clothes donations.
By the way I just got back from Lattakia and Aleppo, I loved everything there, the people, the food, the history
Anonymous said…

To Americans,pleas have a look,what your weapons can do?

To Israeilis,have a look ,how much your armed forces can do!!!

To Arabs ,why these massacres happen?

To readers,pleas try the best to stop this massacre..

We love the life,we love to live in peace..

Peace forever.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Areil says: Israel wants peace.. So why will they not talk to Hammas? I have never heard Hammas say that it wants Israel wiped off the map, but I have heard plenty of Israelis say that they did.

Anon.. say that Israeli POW has been held for over 900 days, is this the reason that 1.5 million people have been kept in prision for months in a place called Gaza?

When B. Russel wrote that quote, Israel was a democratic country. why they should choose to live in such a place, where they distrusted all their neighbours and all their Arab citizens (or are they really prisoners?) beats me. Maybe B.R. could see what was happening in the West Bank and knew that you would permanently annexe it, as you have done! Populate it with your own people; build walls round it; continuous build new settlements; build check-points so that the local people could not move around freely without your permission. Talk about a Palestinian state, but make sure it never happens! I think BR by and large had it right and it is still very fitting statemenent. How many other country do you know that has been at war with ALL it neghbours?
Israel is now a far more arrogant country that in 1970, and more dangerous, without the USA the world would not tollerate you, or what you do. Bullies sooner or later get their just deserts. Then you will have to rely on your friends! Will you have any?
Anonymous said…
too much division and resentment for too long... I'm afraid that religion is the root of all evil...

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
Bridget always said that Bertrand bloke was a smart guy ha! ;)

What do you guys think of this:

(article on Anti-Israel Rabbis give succor to Terror In Gaza)
Anonymous said…
I do not like violence, but I understand why it is sometimes necessary. Illegally or not (and that is a whole mess of an argument by itself), Israel now occupies a significant portion of Palestine.

The Palestinians are rightly angry and their land being taken from them, and in my mind are justified in trying to take back that land, using violence if necessary.

Israel on the other hand, is a legitimate and legal government (in my opinion anyway). They were created artificially yes, but have extensive historical ties to the region and are recognized by the international community and the Israeli government generally is democratic and fair. I feel that they have the right to defend themselves if under attack, especially if attacked by those using terrorist tactics that unfairly target civilians.

So who is right? Who has the moral high ground? Well, as an American, and a Christian one at that, I'm not sure either of them can claim that their side or rights are the true cause. But my heart has always gone out to the Palestinian people, and always will. My family was expelled from its home by foreigners with their own agenda and evil desires. I have no great want to see others continously stripped of their homes, their rights and their lives some 50 years later after my family suffered the same fate. So I pray for peace, as I always do, but I cannot say I see it coming any time soon unless one side finally manages to kill the other off.
Haifaa said…

In answer to your question:So who is right? Who has the moral high ground?

As a human I know the Palestinians have the higher ground now and forever.
saint said…
The Dark Forces of Injustice - Genevieve Cora Fraser

When the knock comes
On the door of your soul
Do not fear opening yourself
To a view of hell created
And controlled by the Will
Of the misguided

When the knock comes
Welcome the hate filled
Into an ocean of understanding
Share the food of insight
Break bread and feed the minds
Crippled by the propaganda
Of those who would be
The masters if we let them

When the assault comes
Rise in spirit
Resist the weight of hate
Counter their attacks
With energized self-determination
Buffered and buttressed
By the full weight
Of the Loving of the world
Who offer you support
In your unmitigated suffering

We are all Palestinians’
Who do battle
With the dark forces of injustice
We will prevail
And the meek shall inherit the earth

read full article: the struggle for survival on this wonderful Jwish laday site:
Anonymous said…
Abu Fares,
Where are you?
Ali Dahmash said…
The boy, confused, need an eyeopener then check the following books and links:

A Peace to End All Peace (by David Fromkin)
Bible and Sword (by Barbra Tuchman)

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