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My dear Canadian friend Isobel, a "very married" beautiful woman of Godly Greek ancestry requested that I post some photos from my daily walk on the Corniche of Tartous. I have already expressed my affinity to the sea on several occasions and I have undoubtedly stirred her memory and curiosity. Being Greek (and a Pisces like me for those who believe in astrology) makes her a natural aquatic creature. Like a fish out of water stranded in the tundra of North America she gasped for a splash of salt water and found a probable refuge in my blog.

Mainly to her, Om Anastasio, to the Tartoussis across the four corners of the planet and to the others who only know about my beloved home by word of mouth or from what they've read on this blog I present these unassuming moments of time captured by an amateur photographer with his puny Canon PowerShot SD450.

Looking north from the highest building in town (the Shahine Tower Hotel): the Tartous I grew up in and call home.

Walking west on one of several rocky piers of the Tartous Corniche extending like probing fingers into the eternal Mediterranean.

Moments before the sun sets, Tartous is transformed into a magical place of shades and hues. The brief chimera that time had forgotten us is so tempting.

Leaving the mainland to Arwad, the only inhabited island in Syria and Tartous' soul mate.

A coffee shop on wheels. Just ask for two cups and he'll bring them to you to land's end.

It's been a long day and he'll throw it yet one more time in search for one more catch to take home.

Bite, come on bite!

The distant silhouette of Hbas, a small island southwest of Tartous.

Shipping was one of the primary victims of the global economic collpase. This ship could be in for a long wait on the shore before she could secure cargo and sail anew.

Sunset over the island of Arwad, forever magnificent.

And sunset over two lovers. Only if life could stay so simply beautiful.


Unknown said…
*Blush* Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Abu Fares!! The pictures are beautiful. I felt a little warmer while I looked at them. You are a lucky man!! I sincerely hope that one day my feet will rest on that soil.

I feel I should mention that I can only claim to be Greek by association. My dear husband is Greek and I, therefore, have fully embraced the language and culture. I am half English, half Scottish by ancestry. (thus the Haggis discussion) But I am, indeed, a Pisces and always long to be by the water (even if only through pictures). Thank you, again.
Mariyah said…
Ah, so Abu Fares, this is how you're changing the world - with kindness and beauty. A lovely post from a most thoughtful man.
Anonymous said…
Great pics! Making me pine for the Mediterranean once again... looks like you've still got decent weather there, too.

Thought of you the other night when Arsenal won. Take care, S
Abufares said…
@Om Anastasio
You're so welcome.
Being Greek by association as you've put it and half English, half Scottish by ancestry makes for a very interesting combination.
A fairy in the land of Zeus.
BTW, have you already read this???
Abufares said…
Alas, only if the world can be changed as so...
We're doing our part and let me tell you this, you're doing yours ever so beautifully.
Abufares said…
Every time I wear the Arsenal jersey you've sent me I think of you of course. I was so happy with the Gunners win over ManUtd although I had to follow it on the LiveText of BBC website.
Anonymous said…
ya aini alek lak ya Abufares, you took me back, to the mediteranian,

Anonymous said…
Thank you so very much ,Abu Fres.

Please post more..I always miss Trtous..Wakifly khallini poos shbabik elhelweh b'Tartous....
Shannon said…
Wonderful pictures! They bring Tartous alive for me.
KJ said…
Life is simple if we change our perspective.

I need to change mine, for sure :)
Abufares said…
100 Ahlein bi Habibi Abu Halab Al Sayyad.
You definitely know how to live my friend. I plan on joining you one day.
Abufares said…
Tikram Aynak.
I will try my best.
Abufares said…
Glad you liked them, and again Mabrouk (congratulations)
Abufares said…
Life should be simple despite of our perspective.
Unfortunately it is not. It starts simple and ends simple but in the middle of it all it's just filled with crap.
Anonymous said…
Nothing like the serenity of the ocean! being Piscis myself, love the ocean, love the sun, love the wind... I guess I am a nature freak! : )

The pictures are beautiful.

w.b. yeats
CG said…
OH my, what gorgeous and calming photos.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
I know how much you loved it all. Another fish across the ocean.
Abufares said…
@CG, glad you liked them. Thank you for being here.
Anonymous said…
ohh im really surprised ,didnt know that tartous is so wonderful ,

awesome pics especially the sunsets

well done.

Keep so:;
Dubai Jazz said…
Great pics! thank you for sharing.

The cornice had changed a little since I last saw it.
Abufares said…
Tartous is more wonderful than I can ever tell you.
Come on over when you have a chance.
Abufares said…
Sure the corniche has been entirely renovated. The concept is nice. There's still this lingering unfinished job sense so common in the work of the public sector.
They only know how to work with concrete. Once the job requires the finer touches they get lost.
Unknown said…
Hi Abu Fares! I just started up my blog again and have used one of your pictures from this post...linked back, of course. If you don't want me to do that, please let me know. Its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!! ;) Thanks!! Om Anastasio
Abufares said…
@om Anastasio
You are more than welcome anytime.
I'm currently traveling. I'll get to your blog as soon as I make it back.
Unknown said…
Thank you, Abu Fares!! Have a wonderful trip! :)
Mohammad said…
amazing pictures man. and amazing blog. I'm from Arwad and I'm very proud to see a blogger from Tartous!
Abufares said…
Thanks for dropping by on this old post of mine.
I just took a look at your blog and I really and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw.
I know I will be there again.
Drop by anytime. You're always more than welcome.
Anonymous said…
: إن البحر كان دائماً مصدر إلهامي، حتى إن معظم أعمالي مبللة بمياه موجه الصاخب، وأسأل: هل قصدت ذلك متعمّدا؟ في الجواب أقول:في البدء لم أقصد شيئاً، لحمي سمك البحر، دمي ماؤه المالح، صراعي مع القروش كان صراع حياة،أما العواصف فقد نُقشت وشماً على جلدي، إذا نادوا: يا بحر أجبت أنا! البحر أنا، فيه وُلدت، وفيه أرغب أن أموت..
حنا مينة

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