Thank You Yaman

I have read your excellent blog occasionally but never left a comment. My mistake of course. I have to thank you for saving our planet. It sounds like something Lois Lane would tell Superman after he drops her on a roof of a skyscraper.
I'm sure every single Syrian blogger and all readers of Syrian blogs have the same exact words to you:

Thank You Yaman!


Yazan said…
Like I said on Sasa's,

Ayman and I were overwhelmed with the amount of emails and pledges for support. It was a hard decision to be taken in the first place, and I'm glad we didnt have to go through with it.

Thanks Yaman, from all my heart.
Anonymous said…
Through SyPlanet, I discovered Yaman's site a few months ago... I am now even more proud of this young Syrian, …this young American, …this intelligent, thoughtful, and courageous person…!!

Thank you Yaman…!
MomTo5 said…
any link?
Abufares said…

I just linked Yaman\'s photo to his excellent blog.
MomTo5 said…
thanks...more to read ,
thats good hehe
i should be painting the flat here in sweden before my husband and kids come next friday for sumerholidays but it seems like i cant stop read all new blogs i have found.
Abu Fares,nice photos at Flickr!
Anonymous said…
Abufares, which is Yaman´s blog, I could not find it,
Abufares said…
Thanks you Yaman and Thanks for all your work Yazan and Ayman.
I was really dipressed when i first heard the news last week but the rescue news have been such a great start for the day :-)

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