Sin City

from Al-Arabia

Apparently, Al-Arabiya chose to ignore what is happening in Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis massacred so far by the American & British invasion. In fact, Al-Arabiya is equally bored of reporting every single day that the Israeli occupation is killing scores of Palestinian men, women and children, bla bla bla. All hell’s breaking loose in Sudan, big deal? Hunger in Somalia, who gives a shit! Instead, Al-Arabiya’s noxious brand of journalism zoomed closer and closer then targeted Tartous, a sinful city where boys and girls are kissing and fondling each other on the corniche by the sea.

First, let me assert that the entire story is a lie. I drive, walk or ride my bike on the corniche of Tartous almost everyday and I have never seen a couple kissing. I have seen young lovers sitting side by side. I have seen them huddling close against the wind. I have seen them smiling and whispering, sharing a bag of peanuts or a Nescafe, watching the sunset but not kissing. They might be waiting for me to disappear before they embark on a frenzy of tongue sucking, but I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness that first hand.

Al-Arabiya’s reporter saw more, much more. The son of a bitch wrote (and I translate here for the benefit of those who can’t read Arabic):

After the refurbishing project of the corniche of Tartous, the inauguration of several colleges and the influx of students from different governorates (regions), the rocky piers extending into the sea have been transformed into dating hubs for young men and women. They will disperse in pairs and practice the rituals of love in front of passersby without shame or remorse… In the middle of the scene, a young man hugging his girl who is apparently underage, judging from her school uniform… Nearby another couple is exchanging kisses. But what stands out about them is the fact that the girl is wearing a Hijab. And, at a corner, by the end of the quay, another pair has reached the point of no return…

The most interesting aspect of the article lies in the huge response it triggered among readers. At my last counting the 254 comments were split in 3 broad categories:

1- This is good to hear. I approve of what is going on in Tartous or I wish I was there to be a part of this cheerful trend.

2- La 7awla wa la Kuwatta Illa Billah. This is a clear sign that the Day of Judgment is near. Repent oh filthy Tartoussi sinners for thou shall burn in hell forever.

3- Fuck you Al-Arabiya. It’s not your goddamn business.

Al-Arabiya’s main intent was to demonstrate that Syria is sliding into a spiral of wickedness and sin. The report affirms that this immoral drift is sweeping all of Syria’s major cities. Yet transgression culminates in Tartous, where as per the solemn words of a religious preacher it had reached the lowest grade of adultery.

Just to prove how objective and unbiased they were, Al-Arabiya gave way to Mr. Bassam Al-Kadi, director of the Syrian Women Observatory to refute the accusation. Instead, he rightly reiterated that he believes that Tartous is ground-breaking a healthy movement. He further explained that there is at least one street in every major Syrian city where innocent lovers meet in the open. Al-Arabiya had enough of this wise guy who seemed to know what the hell he’s talking about. They cut him short.

But again what intrigued me more than the low-class editorial are the comments left by pleased or livid readers. Al-Arabiya is financed and managed mainly by Royal Saudi tartuffes and "moderate" Arab imbeciles and this fact alone renders its journalism irrelevant. In addition, it should be kept in mind that Al-Arabiya is a member of the MBC Group. While the news channel Al-Arabiya and MBC hoist the banner of authentic Islam and contemporary Arabism, MBC2, MBC4 and Action mainly run American programming. They aim at bastardizing the Middle Eastern family by Americanizing its sense of decency. Toward this end, they chose the likes of Oprah, Dr. Phil and an assortment of American sitcoms and movies. Their carefully selected bouquet of seemingly innocuous indoctrination of last week included a Dr. Phil rescuing an American teenager from the claws of a 19 year old Palestinian boyfriend who committed the unforgivable mistake of being a Muslim in love with an American girl (did I mention that she was blonde). Over the course of 3 consecutive episodes entitled Katherine Returns, Dr. Phil and the bereaved family explained to America that the brainwashed girl was in grave danger in Palestine. Phil did not mention Israel at all, not a single time. Even when she flew out of Tel Aviv airport he and her family were so relieved that she was able to get out of that country: Palestine. And the whole show was appropriately subtitled for the benefit of the Arab audience. We should all sympathize with and applaud the bald superhero for being the first American to give the Palestinians a country of their own. Fuck you Dr. Phil for being a hypocrite liar, for being a parrot and a minion in the service of the most powerful lobby in the US, for taking the opportunity to portray the Palestinians as a threat to the integrity, innocence and beauty of the American lifestyle.

Meanwhile, MBC4 showed a plethora of good Muslim family oriented movies, all subtitled in Arabic and void of kissing (a kissing scene is always removed by the censors). However, a blow job was adequately translated into Arabic and as a result I was taken a little off guard when my eight year old son wanted to know what does: جنس فموي mean.

So here you have it! The moderate Arabs are once again pissed at us. Tartous is a looming danger for their deranged and perverted brand of Islam. Our boys and girls should not fall in love and walk, hand in hand, on the corniche. They should not run their fingers in each other’s hair, share their dreams and make promises by the sea. Instead, they should wear white galabias and black abayas and hide like criminals in heavily curtained apartments, learn from their American masters how to give a blow job then stroll in air conditioned and segregated malls away from the heat of the desert only to be herded like sheep to prayer by the Moutawe’en. Al-Arabiya, Kiss Immek for ever setting eyes on Tartous, for the whiff of genital stink emanating from unwashed beards of the eunuchs of Arabia.

My last words are squarely directed at the several Syrians who commented apologetically to Al-Arabiya. "These Tartoussi sinners are not real Syrians", they wrote, "we are very much like you, God fearing Muslims who fiercely defend our honor and chastity".

If that’s the best you could muster, if you truly believe that your honor is unassailable as long as you keep your daughters and sisters under your fanatical male chauvinistic control, I suggest you go there, to the middle of the fucking desert, and stay. I further recommend that you leave your sisters and daughters behind. It’s much more honorable for them to bask in the sun of Tartous and bathe in the sea froth cleansing their souls and spirits from centuries of accumulated dirt and rot. More than Al-Arabiya, you are the threat, you are the real sinners.


Maysaloon said…
Abu Fares..


you made my day with this post..
The Syrian Brit said…
Well-said, my friend... Well-said..
What Al-Arabia has done is a prime example of the prostitution of the Arab media as a whole, and the MBC Group in particular..
But as you so rightly say, the stab coming from fellow Syrians hurts a whole lot more...
It takes the eloguence of a writer of your stature to expose them for the stinking rats that they really are..
Dubai Jazz said…
Haram 3aleek ya Abu Fares: Al Arabiya is not concerned about Iraq? They report every single move of General Petraeus and you say they are not concerned? I mean, if he farted in the green zone it'll be on Al Arabiya before the smell reaches the Tigris river. And what about their daily update on his excellency ambassador Ryan Crooker? What about their continuous following up of the black widow (secretary Rice) to the region? they are concerned Abu Fares... haram 3aleek... how would we be able check up on the health of king Sa3dallah if it wasn't for Al Arabiya? How would we come to know the most recent trends of the Lebanese media midgets if it wasn't for Al Arabiya?

Kiss ommon!

But i liked this one comment from a seemingly honest saudi guy:
يا بختهم نحن ما عنا غير الرفس و الضرب من الهيئة و بدون اسباب ..
Anonymous said…
Abufares, inveja, envy,thats what my dicionary says, let them blow out and die,they are all gays
MomTo5 said…
Its nice to have a break from all of it / Johanna,Sweden.
Anonymous said…
This is quite hilarious and sad at the same time. To be honest it was only a matter of time before conservatives picked up on Tartous.
When I was in Syria, my friends and I would always make to Tartous at least once a month because it was so relaxing -we didn't indulge in a frenzy of tongue sucking but it was nice to walk somewhere where you didn't get guys following you and making strange noises (Are you okay man? I heard you making sounds like a distraught kitten, shall I call you a Doctor??).
Tartous is a heavenly corner of Syria -and totally beats Latakia everytime- don't let the conservative idiots get you down!
Abufares said…
I\'m glad to have had a positive contribution on your day my friend. Thank you for letting me know.

@Syrian Brit
You\'re absolutely right. Je7a Akhra Men Khayio as we say in Tartous. Fellow Syrians on the far right (for lack of a better word) should understand that tolerance and acceptance are the keywords. Gone are the days when the morality of an individual is judged and evaluated by the clergy or the moral majority. Everyone has to accept that we have the right to lead our lives as we choose.

@Dubai Jazz
You know what... this comment written by this great Saudi dude was indeed my favorite. Thank you for pointing it out and bringing it to everybody\'s attention.

Thank you for joining in.

Hopefully you get back soon and grace us with your presence in Tartous.

I\'m glad you like to Tartous. I\'m sure she likes you too. Unfortunately I never had a chance to see you when you cat walked on our welcoming streets. Damn!
Anonymous said…
Abufares the anonymous ws me lê
* said…
Anonymous said…
There are "Puritans" in every country & religion... It is a great shame they waist time and energy preaching morals when so much is really wrong in the World.

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
I loved my Mrs in Tartous. I spent longtime with her even before marriage on the old Cornish. We never saw people kissing. We kept our by the sea promises. We visited the new Cornish so many times and we still haven't seen people kissing.

I feel personally affected by Al-Arabiya comments. I always hated this Saudi-American organization. It does not deserve to be read or listened to, purely for the quality of news it presents.

From now on, they lost me for ever!

Yes, it is a boycott and I urge all people with free minds to follow.

" I will add the above to the Al-arbiya website comments, I hope it gets published"
KJ said…
Eh, la2enno Tartous halla2 is the cradle of bastardization. Every city has its romantic streets - let's say mount Qasyoon is a favorite romantic spot in Damascus.

So what!

I don't see the 5 million citizens all snuggling there.

And so what if they did. They are entitled to and each 3ala terbayet ahlo!

Look on the good side - if indeed the couple you saw were waiting for you to be out of sight before they suck each other senseless, at least they're showing some, how should I say this, khajal!

The day of judgement is near yes because there are one too many souls trapped in Fort Quicksand to know what life is about. Eza el 3alam saret heik motakhallifeh then to hell with the Earth, don't you think?
Abufares said…
100 Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Was that a sexy sigh or one of exasperation?
Abufares said…
@Ram the Scots
You see... This is what they\'re trying to take away from us: our own version of chic and unsullied love and moderation. What do you expect from an Israeli arranged marriage between hypocrite Royal Saudis and Bush Neo Cons bastards: A moral ogre
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats
you know what! i sometimes wonder how you got away from me:-)
on another note, you\'re so right. we should all be working towards alleviating human suffering and pain.
Abufares said…
The hell with them is more in my line. I try to remain proper and \"polite\" when I write about such sensitive issues. This, however, is the maximum I could reach as far as good manners are concerned.
A social divide is being created (on purpose) in the Middle East. Sunni against Shia. Muslims against Christians. Average people against fanatics. This last confrontation is the most dangerous as it\'s not well balanced. The fanatics are supported and well provided for while the average people are left on their own. Only their intellect could save them, and, I\'m counting on that.
KJ said…
Abu Fares, the social divide has been here since people began labeling each other. Whites and reds and blacks and Indians and Sunni and Shia and rich and poor etc.

As soon as you are labeled, or give a label, you are given/giving a sect.

Right now circa 2000+ the issue has become more of this religion is the One and these people are the One and this businessman is the One and all the rest should be killed.

Ya3ni ma32ool two groups who are trying to liberate Palestine, spend their time killing each other?

But I am an optimist :D We intellectuals just nod things away for now and busy ourselves with things proper, and they will eventually kill themselves totally and we'd reign supreme :D LOL!

Tawwel balak - if anything, the news channel just proved its insolence and that it has nothing better to do than pick on a coastal town... and it also exposed el 7mar men el fehman through the comments.
Karin said…
I LOVE IT dear friend - right up my alley!!

Even though I obvioulsy never see al-Arabiya over here and even if, wouldn't understand more than a word or two - I agree 100% with your views!

I have NO USE (never HAD and never WILL!!) for bootlickers of ANY kind!!
Anonymous said…
Ah, the moderate, objective, modern "pan-Arab" media which has done its best to try showing it was so much more professional than Al Jazeera, the damn channel which keeps getting bigger audiences no matter what the House of Saud pays or does.

My dear Abufares, why were you watching in the first place? :)

Give me Tartous with all its alleged depravity rather than the God-forsaken robed, stick-waving fanatics who didn't blink an eye as they emprisoned little school girls in a building on fire, burning them alive so that they would not commit the unthinkable sin of escaping the fire without their veils. Or do such stories escape the attention of the Saudi media?
Abufares said…
boot and asslickers indeed. My views are those of many who are too passive to write.
Al-Arabiya can\'t get away from this Tartoussi though.
You know it has a more appropriate name in Syria. We call it Al-Ebriya (the Hebrew) although in all fairness, our traditional enemies didn\'t stoop so low.
Haifaa said…
Blogging is the new venue of news they can't control.

يا بختهم نحن ما عنا غير الرفس و الضرب من الهيئة و بدون اسباب
Abufares said…
Come on, you know me better. I\'d rather read and watch porno than follow what Al-Arabiya has to say. A friend sent me a link to the article with a short note: \"I know that you wouldn\'t let them get away with it.\"
The house of Saud and Yalli Khallafon will be honored to breathe the air at the dump where the garbage of Tartous is burned.
This is my reaction when someone steps one too many times on my toes.
But... :-) every time you visit you remind me of the more important things in life. How much I\'m in love with women for instance. Once readers get a chance to meet you, they\'d understand.
Haifaa said…
I never watch al arabya or MBC. Keep it to Aljazeera.
Abufares said…
@az3ar\'s fan
By now you should have a somehow reasonably accurate idea about how I think. I never, never, never pick a fight. Besides, I\'m too refined and humane to attack with low blows by insinuating any superiority. I\'m attacking a system of practice and beliefs not a people, who are brothers despite all.
Although everyone could read my words, this is really between you and me.
As ever, thank you for being here.
Abufares said…
@And Az3ar\'s Fan
I, too, never watch Al-Arabiya.
Haifaa said…
Abu Fares:

I am with you 100%. Why do you think I don't live there? Is not interesting how they don't say a word about Lebanon and the sex industry they plagued that country with??? They only pick on Syria and young lovers who are innocent?

19/05/2008 م، 08:18 مساءً (السعودية) 05:18 مساءً (جرينتش)
والله حاسس انه احنا الي تثير حفيظتنا القبلات حول العالم له لايوجد عندنا شارع قبلات فقط عندنا شارع السبع رفس

Stick to Aljazeera. I never watch that rag AlArabya, it is a sicking site.
MomTo5 said…
I think its very sad that so many people dont even see anything of what we can see on Aljazeera,when i tell my friends in Sweden about things happened in Palestine,they are chocked and ask me,do they show that kinds of pictures on the television? (!!!)
I told them about the girl on the beach who had an picknick whith her family and they get killed.

(sorry for bad english,but i do speak arabic hehe)
Unknown said…
Ya Abu Fares,

I know no one else whos could have more graphically -and accurately- describe the house of Saud: "...for the whiff of genital stink emanating from unwashed beards of the eunuchs of Arabia."

Reading your post was as satifying as lancing a very annoying boil on one's ass -and I mean this in the best possible sense.

The only disappointment was Arima's comment that she would take Tartous over Lattakia any time. That hurt :(
Anonymous said…
I will never make fun of you again. You are great. I mean all I do is leave random trashy comments on people's blogs, but as of today, I respect you!
Lujayn said…
Oh boy, you really let rip, eh? Loved it, Abu Fares, loved it! Loved your anger and your politically in-correct tirade against Al-Arabiya and its sponsors' false sense of morality.

Besides, where on earth did they find young couples to kiss so openly and go past the "point of no return" in front of reporters with cameras? Give me a break!
Abufares said…
This was a Fashet Khele2 of a high caliber. I mean I really lanced that annoying boil on my ass.
But after this tartoussi came to the rescue wouldn\'t you give him the pleasure of knowing that a beautiful woman such as Arima prefers Tartous over Lattakia :-)
Abufares said…
Thank you for the vote of confidence. So as I understand it, you were leaving annoying comments before and you\'ll stop now. If that\'s the case, I have to thank you again :-)
Abufares said…
You know what would happen when you corner a helpless cat and threaten it. Well, I might not be a helpless cat but the result is all the same. Al-Arabiya\'s report was uncalled for, full of lies and extremely biased. This is the only way I could think of to return their \"favor\".
Anonymous said…

الاعلام السعودي: محاور لتدمير العالم العربي

مقال نشر في القدس العربي بتاريخ 19-05-2008

منذ أن اندثرت التعددية الاعلامية العربية ومصادر تمويلها التي ولت مع أفول محاور عربية قديمة وجد الاعلام السعودي الممول ـ إما مباشرة من خزينة الدولة أو من جيوب الأمراء الرسميين أو غير الرسميين ـ نفسه سيد الموقف، وباستثناء تجربة خاطفة تحت راية قناة الجزيرة القطرية التي انتهت صيف العام المنصرم باتفاقية أنهت التعاطي مع الشأن السعودي من منظور آخر لذلك المتبني رسمياًً في السعودية، نقف اليوم وجهاً لوجه أمام الحقبة الاعلامية السعودية بلا منازع.

لا بد لنا أن نقيم هذا الاعلام ونحدد تأثيره علي العالم العربي من خلال سياساته المتناقضة والهادفة الي تفتيت هذا العالم من الداخل. وإن كانت الهجمة الأمريكية علي المنطقة العربية والتي بدأت بالعراق أمراً خارجياً يقاومه من يقاومه علي طريقته الخاصة إلا أن العالم العربي المتلقي لخطاب وصور الاعلام السعودي فاقد للمناعة والقدرة علي المقاومة بانعدام وسائل إعلامية قوية التمويل والخطاب وقادرة علي التصدي والتحدي بنفس الأسلوب الذي يتبعه الإعلام السعودي.

هناك أربعة محاور مدمرة ظهرت بوضوح للقارئ والمشاهد والمستمع لما تنشره الوسائل الاعلامية السعودية الموجهة للعالم العربي وليس يهمنا هنا الاعلام المحلي المنحسر في عصر الفضائيات والعولمة.

المحور الأول ظهر بشكل واضح خلال أيام الأزمة اللبنانية الحالية حيث تصدرت التعليقات الطائفية التحريضية شاشات الاعلام السعودي، وانبري المراسلون والمذيعون والمعلقون يفككون طلاسم الوضع اللبناني المعقد والمتشابك، حريصين علي إرجاعه إلي جذور مذهبية وطائفية، ومهما حاول البعض توسيع دائرة الحوار والنقاش والابتعاد عن محور التحريض وبث سموم الفتنة يعود المذيع أو مقدمو البرامج وكاتبو السطور الي موضوعهم المتفق عليه مسبقاً. من تابع الاعلام السعودي خلال الأيام السابقة لا بد أن يستنتج أن هناك حرب إبادة شاملة لأهل السنة والجماعة الذين دخلوا مرحلة اللطمية والمظلومية تماماً كما سبقهم اليها الشيعة في مراحل سابقة، ولم يكتف هذا الإعلام بذلك بل راح يعمل جاهداً علي اسقاط الطوائف والمذاهب علي خارطة لبنان ومدنه وقراه، بعضها جاء باللون الأحمر وبعضها بالأخضر والآخر بالأسود ليبين أماكن الصراع الحالية والمستقبلية وكأنه لا يكتفي بنقل الأحداث العنيفة بل يروج لبؤر قد تشتعل في المستقبل القريب. خلط هذا الإعلام بين الحدث وتحليله وما يطمح له الممول السعودي. ولكننا نعتقد أن هذه المحاولة الاعلامية الفاشلة قد أسقطتها السرعة التي تم فيها الوصول إلي اتفاق علي الخطوط العريضة للحوار اللبناني ـ اللبناني والتي ستتبلور في الدوحة. ستكون تداعيات الطائفية والمذهبية مقيتة ليس فقط علي الشارع اللبناني بل علي العالم العربي بأكمله إن لم تتوقف الآلة الاعلامية السعودية عن دورها المشبوه.

المحور الثاني هو عدم قدرة السعودية إعلاما وقيادة عن الابتعاد ولو قليلاًًً عن المخطط الأمريكي للمنطقة والترويج لهذا المخطط من خلال وسائل الاعلام، وبما أن الخطاب الأمريكي يعتبر أن أي معارضة لمشروعه هي إرهاب وتطرف فكذلك هو حال الاعلام السعودي الذي قتل في النفسية العربية حتي الحلم بالمقاومة ناهيك عن المقاومة ذاتها، وهنا لا نقصد العنف والقتل وإنما نقصد حالة الاستسلام التي تروج لها مصادر الاعلام السعودي والقبول بالأمر الواقع، وكل ما يستنطق المشروع الأمريكي ويشكك في جدواه ونجاحه نراه يحارب ويُقتل حتي وإن كان كلمة حرة أو اشارة ايحائية لا يفهمها الاّ اللبيب والمتيقظ والعالم بمسارات التاريخ والتحولات الفكرية والسياسية والاجتماعية. المحور الثالث لعملية التدمير الاعلامي السعودي الموجه الي العالم العربي ينطلق من سياسة التعرية والخلاعة والرقص المجون التي تتبناها بعض القنوات المملوكة من قبل الامراء السعوديين والذين يوجهون ذبذباتها الي أكبر شريحة اجتماعية في العالم العربي الا وهي الشباب الذين تقل أعمارهم عن 25 سنة. يتلقي هؤلاء الفنون الاستهلاكية والطرب الماجن الممتزج بالابتذال وربما هناك علاقة حميمة بين الترويج للبرامج الساقطة والفن المبتذل وبين ارتفاع معدلات الاعتداء الجنسي علي المرأة والتحرش بالأطفال والعنف الأسري وحالات الطلاق المرتفعة التي تعاني منها السعودية أكثر من غيرها من الدول في المنطقة. انها المرة الأولي في تاريخ العرب التي يجد فيها المشاهد نفسه وجهاً لوجه أمام حالة انفصام اجتماعي وتناقضات نفسية حيث يعيش المرء في ما يسمي مجتمع الفضيلة محاطاًً بقيود ثقافية ودينية تحرم عليه الانغماس في الاباحية بينما هو يتلقي صوراً وايحاءات مفرطة في شهوانيتها. نحن هنا لا نعترض علي الفن واللهو والموسيقي ولكننا نحذر من قدرة هذا الاعلام علي ترسيخ انفصام في الشخصية والهوية نتيجة التناقض بين حلم الشاشات وحقائق الواقع المجتمعي للوطن العربي. وكل هذا يصدر من قيادة حرصت علي أنها تمثل الورع والتقوي.

المحور الرابع المدمر في الاعلام السعودي هو تصويره لدور المرأة في المجتمع والذي يتأرجح بين تمويل الاباحية من جهة وتمويل العفة والطهارة من جهة أخري. البرامج الممولة سعودياً والمتعاطية بالشأن النسوي تمزج بين دعايات التجميل والعناية بالجسد والبشرة مستحضرة شرحات الخيار والأفوكادو من جهة، ومن ناحية أخري تستحضر العفة والفضيلة في دعايات أدوات التنظيف المنزلي. فالراقصة المتباهية بشعرها الأسود الطويل لا تنفصل عن بنت جنسها الأخري المحجبة والمنهمكة بتنظيف قعر المرحاض مستعملة آخر انتاجات المواد القاتلة للبكتريا والحشرات. لا يفصل الأولي عن الثانية سوي ضغط الأصبع علي أزرار الريموت كنترول، كلتاهما تتصدران شاشات الإعلام السعودي بصوره ورسائله المتناقضة. يسترخي المشاهد العربي أمام هذه التناقضات. طبعاً له أن يختار بين الأولي والثانية ولكن هل هو بالفعل يملك حرية الاختيار في حقبة تاريخية أهم ملامحها استفراد المال السعودي والخط الاعلامي المرتبط به بالساحة الاعلامية المرئية والمسموعة والمكتوبة؟ لا بد لنا ان نتساءل لماذا اختار ممولو الاعلام السعودي خط التناقضات؟ هل هو الرغبة في الثراء الناتج عن ثورة الاتصالات الحديثة؟ أم هل هو فسق ومجون ونعرات طائفية واسترخاء في أحضان المشاريع الأمريكية؟ هل هو محاربة للتطرف الاسلامي كما يسمونه من خلال الانغماس في الاباحية والشهوات التي تصرف الشباب عن الانخراط في مشاريع أبعد من الذات وشهواتها والجسد ورغباته؟ تناقضات الاعلام السعودي الممول بطريقة مباشرة من قبل أشخاص داخل القيادة السعودية خطر علي المجتمعات العربية سيفككها من الداخل ويقوض السلم الاجتماعي في كثير من المناطق.

انه اعلام انتجته أموال النفط وليس الباع الطويل في العمل الاعلامي وتراكم الخبرات والتجربة والرؤية المستقلة لحاضر العرب ومستقبلهم ومحنهم المتراكمة.

الصراخ الطائفي وتبني مشاريع همجية قادمة من الخارج تستهدف أمن المنطقة وتركيبتها الاجتماعية وحقبات التعايش السلمي بين فئاتها المختلفة لن تظل موجهة الي خارج الحدود السعودية بل ستنقلب علي السعودية ذاتها والتي طالما حرص الخطاب الرسمي السعودي علي تصويرها وكأنها وحدة متجانسة تسبح بحمد القيادة ونعمتها. الاختلاف والتعددية وتسييسهما عند الحاجة من الأمور السهلة التي تنذر بعواقب وخيمة لن تنجو منها السعودية بسهولة أو دول الجوار التي تحتضن محطات الاعلام السعودي كونها أكثر انفتاحاًً من القاعدة السعودية الممولة. بغياب التعددية الاعلامية العربية ـ ما عدا تجارب قليلة حاولت السعودية إسكاتها تماماًَ كما حصل لتجربة الجزيرة حينما تعاطت مع الشأن السعودي الداخلي بشيء من الحرية ومن ثمة تم الغاء المشروع ـ نجد المشاهد والقارئ العربي محاصراً بإعلام سعودي يتبني محاور قاتلة تنذر إما بموت بطيء أو تنويم دائم أو أسوأ من ذلك بكثير: انفصام شخصي واجتماعي وقتال طائفي مذهبي طويل الأمد.

كاتبة واكاديمية من الجزيرة العربية
Abufares said…
I\'m not sure whether you are Professor Madawi Al Rasheed or simply quoting her.
In either case I have to thank you for your valuable contribution to the comment section and for the excellent referenced site.
Anonymous said…
Abu Fares:

I am quoting her for the purpose of putting the dots on the letters.
Haifaa said…
abu Fares:

I forgot to mention my mother
refers to alarabya as alyahodya.
Anonymous said…
I SING what was lost and dread what was won,
I walk in a battle fought over again,
My king a lost king, and lost soldiers my men;
Feet to the Rising and Setting may run,
They always beat on the same small stone.

w.b. yeats
Anonymous said…
I have read your Blog on and off since you started. I have enjoyed them all, especially your food blogs, and many others. Your lance-like comments on Al Arabyia were, to say the least, cutting! It had me in stitches, imaging a good Muslim family after watching a program on MBC4, rushing to their Dictionary or an Internet search engine to find out what “Blow Job” meant!
As you know, I have travelled all over Syria including your beloved Tartous (on more than one occasion) and loved every moment of it. Many, many interesting places; very friendly and hospitable people; whatever your religion, there is something of interest in Syria (where else could you meet Able, Paul, Saladin, etc.); Qalaats (Castles) by the dozen; Roman Cities (Aleppo, Apamea, Damascus, Latakia, Palmyra & Bosra with Main Axis over 1km in all of them & Theatres in most of them); Bronze Age Sites (Ugarit, Mari & Ebla); Oldest inhabited cities of the World (Aleppo & Damascus); The haunting ‘Dead Cities’ (hundreds of them including Saint Simeon) on the Belus Massif. I could go on!
You will not get around Syria in a week, a month, or even a year; but you will at least see part of it and learn of its rich history and vibrant present. I think I can safely say that Syria is the only country in the Middle East (I am including Israel) where Christians would feel welcome.
Now it looks as if they had the evidence for the last five years, I hear they have handed over the pictures to the IAEA, know exactly what they were used for. Excuse me, did I not hear this before? Didn’t they have the pictures from Iraq, and knew that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction and the means to deliver them in fifteen minutes? We all know now that it was a con-trick to hoodwink the rest of the world! Was it really a mistake or a mirage? No! No!! “It was the right thing to do, we got rid of a very nasty Dictator, and the Pack of Cards has been destroyed!” They are sorry that they had to kill many thousands of Iraqis, and displace a few millions more, ruin the complete infrastructure. But now they can vote, have their own Democratic Government, watch the latest American Movies and read all about it in the Al Arabyia newspaper, while they, the perpetuators, KNOW they did the RIGHT THING! Everything will be back to normal in about thirty years or so! Won’t it?
Now when I hear that you have sinners in Tartous! That they hold hands in public, and talk to each other in public, this could be very serious! We all know now what “another pair has reached the point of no return…” could lead to. You have to get back to Immaculate Conception; after all, we all know it started in the Middle East?
No, not the start of another con-trick surely!
Good luck,
A Celtic Viking
Anonymous said…
"Al-Arabiya, Kiss Immek for ever setting eyes on Tartous, for the whiff of genital stink emanating from unwashed beards of the eunuchs of Arabia.

My last words are squarely directed at the several Syrians who commented apologetically to Al-Arabiya. "These Tartoussi sinners are not real Syrians", they wrote, "we are very much like you, God fearing Muslims who fiercely defend our honor and chastity".

If that’s the best you could muster, if you truly believe that your honor is unassailable as long as you keep your daughters and sisters under your fanatical male chauvinistic control, I suggest you go there, to the middle of the fucking desert, and stay. I further recommend that you leave your sisters and daughters behind. It’s much more honorable for them to bask in the sun of Tartous and bathe in the sea froth cleansing their souls and spirits from centuries of accumulated dirt and rot. More than Al-Arabiya, you are the threat, you are the real sinners."

I have nothing to add...!!

Love you, AbuFares my friend.
Abufares said…
@az3ar\'s fan
you should always listen to mom. She knows best.
Abufares said…
@w.b. yeats

Mighty art thou, because of the peaceful charms of thy presence;
That which the silent does not, never the boastful can do.
Vigor in man I expect, the law in its honors maintaining,
But, through the graces alone, woman e\'er rules or should rule.
Many, indeed, have ruled through the might of the spirit and action,
But then thou noblest of crowns, they were deficient in thee.
No real queen exists but the womanly beauty of woman;
Where it appears, it must rule; ruling because it appears!

Friedrich von Schiller
The Power of Woman
Abufares said…
@Capt. Celtic Viking
Thank you for your input. I know how true you stand behind every single word you wrote and I happen to agree with your analysis and final deduction.
Let\'s hope that within us there remains the will to stand our ground.
I look forward seeing you again someday.
Abufares said…
I missed you my friend. This section is never the same without you.
You see, despite our differences (I being a Tartoussi and you being Not a Tartoussi) we agree on the more important things in life.
Kiss Imm Yalli Ma Bi 7ebna :-)
Shannon said…
I took a respite from the blogosphere...marvellous post. I almost spit my coffee out laughing about the "Americanizing sense of decency." I am as angered as you that Dr. Phil would spread such propaganda, frightening the easily spooked, Bush-voting, American mothers into locking their daughters into such a limited, paranoid world view. So sad, there's a reason I spend many lunch hours trying to convince my co-workers that Americans don't need to arm themselves (Literally) to visit the rest of the world. They look at me like I'm crazy for ever leaving the country, let alone living abroad. Unfortunately, Dr. Phil isn't alone in this ignorance...
Abufares said…
Hi Shannon
Even my closest friend thought I was a little harsh in this post. As a matter of fact, he said: "it's so much unlike you to be so angry".
He's right!
Dr. Phil pissed me off because at the time when so many people on all sides are busily building bridges one brick at a time, he comes out with with his innocuous southern drawl and mess it all up. I can't for the life of me believe that he's so ignorant as to conjure this piece of crap: "Katherine Returns".
My reasons to be mad at our tartuffes on the other hand are not as reactionary but rather deep rooted and resolute. I've been fighting them all of my life... for trying to take something away from me... something very dear: my identity.
sasa said…
"Nearby another couple is exchanging kisses. But what stands out about them is the fact that the girl is wearing a Hijab."

Ya haram! A muhajiba kissing someone!! Thank god we live in Syria and not Saudi, country of child-abusing, women-beating, slave-entraping, hypocritical beliggerant thieves who would sell their mother to buy another Mercedes.

Glad I got that off my chest.
Abufares said…
i'm glad you vented some of your anger. this is exactly how i felt after i published this post.
glad you dropped by.

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