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Sin City

from Al-Arabia Apparently, Al-Arabiya chose to ignore what is happening in Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis massacred so far by the American & British invasion. In fact, Al-Arabiya is equally bored of reporting every single day that the Israeli occupation is killing scores of Palestinian men, women and children, bla bla bla . All hell’s breaking loose in Sudan , big deal? Hunger in Somalia , who gives a shit! Instead, Al-Arabiya’s noxious brand of journalism zoomed closer and closer then targeted Tartous , a sinful city where boys and girls are kissing and fondling each other on the corniche by the sea. First, let me assert that the entire story is a lie. I drive, walk or ride my bike on the corniche of Tartous almost everyday and I have never seen a couple kissing. I have seen young lovers sitting side by side. I have seen them huddling close against the wind. I have seen them smiling and whispering, sharing a bag of peanuts or a Nescafe , watching the sunset but

To Do List

Apparently and for no reason at all my sense of mortality reasserted itself the other day. Instead of feeling down or in any way depressed I summoned a few loose ideas lounging and skulking around the neglected corners of my mind. I wanted to put a plan of action together and accordingly I ended up with an outline of what I have to do as soon as I own more of myself and before I indubitably bite the dust. I have my doubts that I'll be able to achieve them all. I'll be very happy if I can ultimately look behind knowing that I've accomplished four out of these seven goals. 1- See all the wonderful places I haven't had the chance to travel to yet, in particular to the Far East , South Africa and Brazil/Argentina . I don't remember a destination I haven't enjoyed. Perhaps there are a couple of places I wouldn't wish to go back to but I don't ever regret a first time visit. Of course I have only been to less than 1/4 th of the roughly 195 countri


-I can’t believe it… you’re the last person I’d expected to see here. How are you? -….. -Long time no see, where have you been, what have you been up to, how come no one gets to see you anymore? -….. -You’ve lost some weight, what else? Your hair is thinner. Still wearing jeans, ha. Are you still doing the same old thing out of your office? -….. Is it any good? Are you making any money in that line of work? You know what I think? It’s a total waste of time. If you’re not into business then you’re probably doing nothing at all. -….. Just the same, never change do you? A man of principle who looks down on money. Tell me, do you still believe that shit? That intellectual pursuits are more worthwhile than making money. Do you still think you’re better than the rest? -….. -Do you have any idea how much money I make? Do you truly and seriously still think that you’re smarter than me? Don’t you find it hard to believe that I change my brand-new car every year? How do you feel about that? -…

For a Drink of Water

It was pretty much different in the 50’s and 60’s of the last century. Life was simpler although in no way less rewarding. We weren’t as removed from the earth we lived on as we are now. People were in touch with nature, in tune with the environment and in harmony with the planet. A plethora of dazzling creatures thrived, animals and plants, sustaining better balanced ecosystems and enriching the lives of more fortunate generations. Those of my age grew up in a Syria of exceptional natural beauty veiling the countryside and extending within the walls of charming cities and little towns. The emerald foliage permeated the narrow alleys and clambered high on the faces of stonewalls to lace the open verandas staring at the sea. A mélange of Jasmine and orange blossom impregnated the night of Tartous and her plain white abodes perpetually shawled by unassuming gardens were home for azaleas , day lilies , magnolias and Arabian Yasmin . There was a fountain in the backyard in the shade of t