Fool With a Lantern

Once more, Arima, a woman I’ve met only in dreams, touched me gently on the… shoulder. "Humor me again", she whispered. "Answer my tag".
"What is the purpose of your blog?"
I started blogging with no purpose at all. Hardly a few days had passed after I'd learned what a blog was when I decided to start my own. The title I chose: abufares said… the world according to a tartoussi was the first to come to mind. Since I wanted my blog to mirror my spontaneity I didn’t hesitate. There was a description to be filled on the automated Blogspot form. I remembered something I’d came across years before and which had stuck with me. I still am not sure who wrote it. It must've been Franz Kafka, I reckon. I stopped in my track and looked for a considerable time on Google and elsewhere. Without a trace. I couldn’t find any reference to a similar quotation. I scavenged the grooves of remembrance and articulated the words to the best of my recollection. In between quotation marks, I wrote: "A man walking alone on a deserted beach, brandishing a lantern in his outstretched hand might be a fool. But, for a ship that went astray on a stormy night, the same man is a savior."
Voila! My blog was born.

I had been writing technical and commercial communication as part of the different jobs I'd held over the years. My readers and recipients were aware that I’m good with words. Nevertheless it was a thankless chore. Blogging was different and when the initial comments appeared I was pleasantly surprised. Fulfillment was instantaneous and copious and a bona fide purpose was conceived in the course of a quick courting between heartening bloggers/readers and me. Within two years I became a member of an exquisite family. I was a little older than most, nevertheless I felt right at home and settled in rather nicely.
I blog to render images of my hometown. Tartous is my birthplace and is where I want to be laid to rest. There is no other place I’d rather be but home. I’m thrilled to take wing like a sparrow, to wander high and low then to return to my one and only nest where I close my eyes and still see in the pitch black of darkness.
I blog about my enduring journey in life. There might be a lesson to learn or I might be a fool to think as much. I’m made up of bittersweet memories, of lingering pain, of fleeting moments of happiness, of disappointments, of contentment, of fancy, of veracity, of an insatiable desire to walk the trail to its very end. I want to stand tall at the end of my voyage and mumble with Sinatra that I did it my way. I’d like a transient young reader in despair to finish a post with a smile on his face. Knowing that someone returns to my blog because she finds solace in my words makes me the happiest man alive, if I dare hope as much.
I blog about the pleasures, the gifts, the good times I’ve been blessed with. I love my family and I want them to know. I love my friends, I love women, I love a good bite, I love a luscious wine, I love an uplifting spirit, I love the old stones of my country, I love a faded coat, I love to be flooded by my senses, I love to ride my bike, I love to fly, I love my solitude, I love the sound of silence. I blog to expose my love for all to see.
Like beautiful Arima, I blog therefore I am.
*I'm tagging DJ, Lujayn & Shannon


The Syrian Brit said…
'I blog, therefore I am'
My friend,
I, a member of your cyber-family, am delighted that you blog.. I am delighted that 'you are'.
May this blog live on and on...
Shannon said…
It's an honor to be tagged. I hope I can write such a thoughtful answer.
Dubai Jazz said…
Great piece Abu Fares; you do have your way with words. Your having your way with women as well comes as no surprise!

Thanks for the Tag, I have to complain that it's a tough one. Blogging is a hobby, and hobbies shouldn't have to be explained!

But I'll do it, I promise I'll do it soon inshallah!
Anonymous said…
Tikram 3einak :-) May I just say that this is the best answer I've seen as yet and certainly inspired many a blogger out there.
I hope you continue your wonderful posts for many years to come.
Abufares said…
I'm both honored and delighted to be related to you in our cyber-family
Abufares said…
I can't wait to hear about your reasons. BTW, no comment doesn't mean no reading. I'm reading you, always:-)
Abufares said…
having my way with women, ha!
of course blogging is a hobby. it needn't be explained as you've said. it needs to blogged about that's all.
Abufares said…
it would be nice to meet you in the years to come. it better be soon though while i can still claim that i'm not that old after all ;-)
david santos said…
Hello, Abufares!
Great posting. Thank you. I hope you continue your good work.

Anonymous said…
Abufares, your blog is my morning café, i´m always wateing to see what will be the next surprise, I can see the old places threu your eyes, feel the tastes,threu your writing, you bring me back my memoris, and I like it,
thank you for blogging
Abufares said…
@David Santos & lê
I'm lucky to be able to claim that at least 2 wonderful people read my blog in Brazil.
I hope to be able one day to visit your country. It's a dream worth pursuing.
Thank you for dropping by.
Dubai Jazz said…
Tag is done my friend Abu Fares, although I've done it in my own quirky way... anyway, i just thought i'd let you know!
Yazan said…
Abu Fares,
We are lucky to have you amongst us. And I say that with utmost genuinity [is that even a word].

Forget wikipedia, forget news, forget brochures, whenever someone asks me about Syria, I just simply tell him to read some of your all time priceless posts.

It's a pleasure to have you on, as much as off the blogsphere.

On another note, I've just put down my preliminary plans for my grandeur summer adventure in Syria, care for a kas? one without the grumpiness of winter, and the horror of the flu... ;)
Abufares said…
Thanks yazan san for your authentic praise.
I can't wait to have some good quality time with you again. Please call me as soon as you set foot "home" again.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful words, as always!
Anonymous said…
My blog now for 2 secs explains all.
Abufares said…
@ Kaya
May God bless her and take her the way he deems best.
We will all suffer the loss of dear ones. We will all be missed by those who are left behind.
I pray for her to find peace wherever it might be.
For the bereaved, may they find patience and wisdom, now and always.
Abu Fares,

Your blog has achieved all you hoped it would and more. You transmit,through your words an honesty, sincerity and passion that few can match. And there is not an ounce of pretentiousness or pomposity in anything you write. Simply put, what we get when we read your blog is: 100% Abu Fares, organically grown in Tartous, no preservatives and no artificial coloring.
Abufares said…
@abu kareem
You see why I blog!?
Reading your words of praise humbles me yet drenches me with contentment.
Luckily, this invigorating effect is only temporary so I'd better get on with it and write a new post.
Thanks Abu Kareem:-)
Haifaa said…
abu fares:

Your blog is my fix. I so want to be in Syria and experience the life of a Syrian. I so want my child to have those memories.
Abufares said…
@sean long
sorry to have missed your comment. i'm so glad you dropped by... anytime mate.
Abufares said…
@az3ar's fan
you promised to get in touch with me once you finally make it over here.
i'm waiting.
Haifaa said…
I will come and let us hope soon.
Anonymous said…
blogging kills
Karin said…
SO GREAT Abufares ... I love it! To say "I blog, therefore I am requires a very exceptional mindset ... YOURS!!

I am slowly returning to a thing called "life" ... things were not particularily easy lately, to say the least!

I got SKYPE functioning again .... !! ;-)

I am about to start my book - I promised I would, remember?

Abufares said…
So many ways to die...
drinking, smoking, cholesterol, wars, famine, aging and being hit by a truck are a few in an endless list.
Abufares said…
Dearest Karin
So glad to see you here. You got me worried though. Please write soon and tell me all.
I can't wait to get a signed copy of your book. You wouldn't make me wait in line would you :-)
Karin said…
I'll do - big promise!!

I'll be an honor dearest friend, to send you the very first one!

Please don't worry - I'm a tough cookie ... you know that, don't you?
Anonymous said…
Good post.

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