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Clitoris Delight

I am very fortunate to have caring friends who think of me when they prepare or lay hands on hard-to-find exotic delicacies. From Saeen , Abu Issa reserves a gallon of home-produced Arak especially for me. From the mountains of the Kadmous region, my friend Abu Nour brings me a 2K bag of mature delicious Shanklish . All the way from Australia , Abu Abdo Al Australi sent me a few years back some of the hottest Chile seeds on the planet. I planted them in my garden in Bmalke and they thrived for a couple of years. I was too negligent to amass my own reserve of seeds to keep the bounty going. When he learned about my failing, he thought along the line that it is better to teach a poor man how to cast a line instead of giving him a fish so he dispatched a video tape of his beautiful garden in Melbourne and instructions on how to prepare the best home-made hot pepper paste from down-under. I bought 8 kilos of green and red peppers then and transformed our kitchen into a small Tabasco

Season's Greetings


The Block

As if we're not already overwhelmed by mediocrity and suffocating from stagnation, the censors' scissors in Syria "apparently" slashed in an indiscriminate manner all over the Internet's landscape. After Youtube and Blogspot came Facebook's turn and then, amazingly, Amazon's . What is it, may we ask, they don't want us to buy? We have almost everything available on the local market, except books and dildos. My educated guess is that they have already stocked well on their supply of vibrators to stimulate their intellect. At the same time, I'm certain that they loath reading. It must be books then they want to eradicate from our shopping list. Fewer resident Syrians are reading blogs because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. My normal browsing day starts in my own private office from 9:00 to 10:00 before I move to another location and work till mid-afternoon. This personal time, enjoyed with my second cup of coffee is one of t