I have nothing further to add. At least I'm honest and admit what's really on my mind.


Dubai Jazz said…
akh minak ya Abu Fares, I used to worry about having laughter fits whenever I browse your blog in the office.
Now my worries have new 'dimension'.

Great pics and well-proven conclusion..;-)
saint said…
Abu Fares,
What you have on your mind proof that you have a beautiful mind. And by the way they maybe evil but they are good for cholesterol and for healthy arteries but it is recommended not to do work while watching.
Unknown said…
Man cannot live without his evil partner can he? ;-) I wonder who's more evil.
Fourth pic is my favorite.
And I don’t know what the hell Balzac is talking about, a woman knows the "blog" of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea. Golaniya ;-)
Yazan said…
how can you post a photo od Sophie Marceau and claim that its evil, how can you abu fares?
Lujayn said…
Isnt being evil tons of fun? So much you can use and abuse :))
Abufares said…
@ Dubai Jazz
You see as we grow older we get more entwined into a dilemma. As the wise man once said: "All men should be in their 40's, all babes should stay in their 20's.

@ Saint
They are indeed the cure for everything under the sun.
وداوها بالتي كانت هي الداء

@ Razan
No we can't. Men work hard to be evil. Women, on the other hand, are natural and much more talented.
I, too am in love with Eva (4th picture).
I thought I typed Balzac's words wrong. Where did you read the word "blog"? It's a man's face...

@ Yazan
I would never allow myself to accuse Sophie of being evil. As a matter of fact, I didn't post her photo at all. They are in order from top to bottom (although I would not mind them Bottom Up):

1. Ayumi Uehara
2. Monica Bellucci
3. Maria Grazia Cucinotta
4.Eva Mendes
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Debora Salvalaggio

7. A genius formula which I accidently discovered on the net

@ Lujayn
Or be used and get abused, hahaha
KJ said…
Good work. Now you caused a scandal in my office :P
Abufares said…
@ KJ
Walla I wonder sometimes. Why do we go through all the trouble of keeping a straight face at work? Why do we work our ass off? Why do we work at all when there are so many more important things in life.
After a long and tiring day of work and nothing but work, I opened this form to reply to the comment you left this morning, right!
While doing so, I took a look at the 6 pretty girls (again). Eh Kiss Ikht el WORK 100 Marra.
I'd better call it a day. Not before I have a drink, a strong stiff drink for that matter.
Tomorrow is another day.
Dubai Jazz said…
btw Abu Fares, Monica Belocci is my favorite... I would like to know who's yours?
Ihsan said…
That supports some psychological studies suggesting that men tend to enjoy hurting a way or another...

Abu Fares...I could only think of you to help me with has nothing to do with women though....but somehow it's another passion for

I have been trying to get "sultan Ibrahim" fish here where I live...I couldn't see it anywhere in the fish market and at the same time I don't know the english name of it so I can ask for it...I would appreciate it if you can give me that info. I tried to look it up online but with no help...
Abufares said…
@ Dubai Jazz
FAVORITE!!! You want me to pick one favorite out of millions of beautiful women??? An impossible task my friend, I love them all.
Abufares said…
@ Ihsan
Sultan Ibrahim is a native of shallow Mediterranean waters. It's part of the species "Mullus Barbatus", known in the US and Canada as Red Mullet. In Europe, it's often called BARBOUNIA.

Please check this link for an image of the fish you and I so much like:
Ihsan said…
Thanks a bunch Abu are the best...
Ascribo said…
Reminds me of Al Pacino's marvelous piece of art: Scent of a Woman. Too bad that pleasant olfactory treats cannot be transmitted across the web in addition to eye candy...

a very rewarding visit to your blog after a long day's work!

Take care
Abufares said…
@ Ihsan
You're welcome

& Ascribo
Wouldn't you like to get a sniff of the scents of these wonderful women???
Angel said…
Où la femme règne, le diable est premier ministre ;-)
Anonymous said…
I also do have one wicked syllogistic result for you men...
But if I write it would'nt I only be proving you right? ;)
Won't trap myself :)
poshlemon said…

I would really be worried if you are really being honest and admitting what's on your mind! hehe

Girls equal Evil?

I will produce an equation for men and invite you to contemplate it hehe. That's if nobody beats me to it.
Abufares said…
@ Angel

"Il y a une femme dans toute les affaires; aussitôt qu'on me fait un rapport, je dis: 'Cherchez la femme."
Alexandre Dumas
Abufares said…
@ Lost Somewhere
You had just proved me right :-)
Just kidding...
Abufares said…
@ poshlemon
What's really on my mind "was" images of beautiful women.
The Formula was merely an afterthought:-)
Anonymous said…
If girls are evil, then the men who love girls are men who love evils. all evils..! Therefore men and girls are equal..!
But there will always be a woman of subtance for you to come home to..! Bless You.
Abufares said…
@ ammoontie
should i say it out loud?! it's the devil in you that we really like ;-)
Y. M. S. said…
Haha. Well, only pretty girls are evil. The rest of us can't handle being evil :)

Interesting blog.
Abufares said…
there's a little evil in all if you:-)
judging from your photo on your blog there's plenty of that in you, loooool.
Alas, I'm way too young for you.

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