toyz 4 big boyz: why i wish i was 3

Arima, a woman who graces my dreams now and again tagged me and wanted me to give her 5 reasons why I wish I was 3 again… or young in general!
Who am I to say no?

1) I don't have a lingering memory from that age, but looking at my old black & white photos I think I was a cute kid, the type that women cuddle and kiss and hold close to their bosoms. I fancy being in that situation again.

2) I don't mind at all being spoon fed by a girl who loves babies and happen to be generously endowed and lightly dressed. She would lean on me and purse her lips and make these stupid sounds and shower me with kisses leaving lipstick marks all over my chubby face, and preferably, on my adorable neck.

3) A boy of 3 will never draw too much attention or suspicion if he chose to walk on all four and look up women dresses. The possibilities are infinite, the joy of discovery juvenile and the satisfaction guaranteed. The world comes in different colors, and a little boy should be the first to learn about it. With a little luck and plenty of imagination I can later compare notes with my 3 year old buddies on who’s hot and who’s not.

4) At such a tender age a baby cannot bathe alone. He needs a gorgeous nanny or babysitter to fill the tub with candy-scented foam and his yellow rubber duck and give him a good rub. She might even join in since being so innocent he would not mind her company nor consider it in any way obtrusive. That I would very much like as well.

5) Now you’ve come so far and probably are expecting the worst with this fifth and final reason. Not necessarily, I wish I was 3 again simply because I can say and do things I’m not supposed to at a later age. Such as my 4 wishes above for instance!

After the short senseless clip of a Ramadan afternoon (2 days ago) and reading my response to Arima’s tag you might be wondering whether the empty feeling you’re experiencing at the moment is a result of watching and reading this extremely silly post or whether it’s because of you. I think it might be a combination of both. Unless you were desperate to start with you would’ve not have read so far. And, having done so and not seen it coming, you simply deserve it.

I’m tagging KJ, Dubai Jazz and Kaya


KJ said…
Yay I got tagged! LoL

Oh man, I thought you'd have had all the female 7anan by now but I guess boys will always be boys! LoL

I agree with all of your reasons, as well as having the liberty to soil myself and get my butt kissed!
Dubai Jazz said…
ya KJ I thought babies get kissed on the butt while changing diapers, were you still wearing diapers at 3?
ok...I am kidding... I must admit that the hilarious post of Abu Fares will make every woman who reads it a bit more cautious and apprehensive around 3 years old how appalling that is going to be? Abu Fares, look what you've done?

Alright, you are going to hear soon about DJ's reasons ....thanks for the tag ya Bu Fares, ma gasert ya rayal...
Katia said…

you just confirmed to me that boys & men can be innocently naughty, something I already believed and that I don't mind at all ;-)

Cute post!
Abufares said…
naughty, naughty...
Ya 3ayb elshoum 3leik.
Abufares said…
Dubai Jazz
The best thing is to let it out in the open. The main difference between babies and men is in the quest for women.
As helpless babies, women are all over us.
As naughty men, we have to work so hard to get their attention.
You see that proves a very important point. We are normal, women are just weird.
Abufares said…
Thank you for taking our side in the battle of the genders. We can't help it really. We are born this way and throughout adulthood are trying to fulfill our destiny. More than once I might add ;-)
Foodiecology said…
I'm with Katia- can't help but love those innocently naughty grown up boys!

Abufares said…
Hi Cara
No I\'m extremely lucky, having two beautiful ladies agreeing and supporting my cause.
Please let me know about the Samke Harra.
saint said…
It is pretty funny Abu Fares and correct, male and female are generally attracted to each other because of their differences.
But I wonder (for the fun of it) if these items are the dream of the big boy or the account of the toddler social life. If it is the latter, the title should be: Toddler erotic tales. In anyway, we “as boys” encourage and clap for that toddler who knows his lessons early in life, and our other sweet half will chuckle, tight their lips, and convey a smile covering the hidden admiring laughter.
Abufares said…
"toyz 4 big boyz" refer to the stupid video clip attached. I have mixed the clip with the tag for no reason at all except perhaps illustrating how men tend to find an alternative to their fixation with women.
In any case, I once wrote that I have an obsession with the "BIG THREE: the Tic, the Tac and the Toc". I never explained what I meant and nobody asked. That, however, will not keep me from speaking out my mind. Coming soon, after Ramadan, that is... The whole unabridged story.
Lujayn said…
Naughty at 3, still naughty four decades later! Should make me think twice when I'm about to kiss a three year old boy, but naaaah :))
Dubai Jazz said…
Tag is complete!
Abufares said…
You should've not expected anything less from me, or from other men ;-)

Dubai Jazz
I'll check it out NOW!
KJ said…
3ammo, please email me your contact details (my email can be found in my profile).. so that the other Kinan and I would drop by inshalla when we have the chance to :)
david santos said…
Abufares, my friend,

You help to me to fight it the abduction of children in the whole world.
Thank you
Abufares said…
Hello David

I'm with you a 100%. We should all fight for this and for so much more.
Dubai Jazz said…
I see! Our dearest Portuguese friend is finally trying to recruit you to a noble cause!
God bless!
* said…
LOL! My first comment in ages. You nut!
You know theres a medical term for this type of fetishism.
I Am honoured to be tagged but Im wondering if the bagged bit will follow. (ie Tag em and Bag em. When they id Db's @ the morgue)

Sigh! Im in quite a homicidal mood. So I should thankyou for putting a smile on my face, tho I admit Im AFRAID now VERY AFRAID. (looks over shoulder paranoidly @ the man who just innocently smiled... is he thinking like AbuFares.....)
Abufares said…
Hi Kaya
Great to hear from you after such a long time. Where have you been? You\'ve been missed.
I look forward learning about your childish secret desires.
* said…
Uff! Dont ask! Dont even go there. Though I must say none of my childish secret desires are as wicked as yours! Naughty boy. Its off to the NAUGHTY CORNER for you.

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