Multiple Personality Disorder

Abufares, 1986

To Arima and all the wonderful ladies out there, apparently, I have the charm of JFK and the brains of Einstein. Or! Could it be the other way around?
According to the online test this is the type of leader I am. According to a tartoussi, I have no leadership qualities or interests whatsoever. The only trait I share with JFK is probably my passion for women. As for Albert, I agree with him that "God does not play dice with the universe".
That obviously makes me more like Pepe Le Pew rather than either of them.

I am tagging Karin, Dubai Jazz and Gray Fox with this one

What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by


Unknown said…
You made the test twice! That's not fair!!!
Abufares said…
What happened golaniya was that there was an option regarding the length of the test. First, I took the short one and I was JFK. Then I took a medium one and I was Einstein. You have to give me credit for not continuing any further.
I mean my reaction after the 2 tests was: Shou Dakhal Tezz b Mar7aba. So I stopped while still ahead.
Yazan said…
Abu fares,
al-talteh falteh.
Dubai Jazz said…
Thank you for tagging me Abu Fares, I've done the test once (18 Q) and here are the interesting findings:
Karin said…
You're most welcome dear friend - it was my great pleasure!
Hehe ... I kinda KNEW you'd have something up your sleeve!!! Thanks so much for tagging me ... I did a few ... you'll have a ball with the results - I'll post them.
GraY FoX said…
salam Abu Fares
thank you so much for tagging me :)
i'll get to it as soon as i finish commenting :D
lol , i love the charts of your leadership phases, i looked through all leaders on that site , and trust me you have a bit of each one of them, ( good bits of course )
Unknown said…
That's not fair, I wanna be tagged... :(

KJ said…
Great, another womanizer. I guess all men at "that" age want to re-experience all the fun brainless animal sex they had (or did not have) when they were youths :P
Abufares said…
First and foremost RnD, YOU ARE TAGGED!

Yazan, after the 2 tests, I had the common sense to stop. I filled in the Talteh with Pepe Le Pew, one of my all time favorites.

Dubai Jazz, so we are both JFK. How interesting. Didn't you tell me once that you like blondes? Amazing how accurate these tests can be.

I'll check your results immediately. I am eager to know.

Gray Fox (Ma Mère)
That was one hell of a moral choice you had to make between Mother Teresa and Bill Clinton:-)

Einstein, a womanizer! Where did you get the idea?
Anonymous said…
No matter what the length of the test was I always ended up with JFK. But I have to admit: I wasn't disappointed at all. After all what is life worth if you don't enjoy it? Imagine if the poor guy hadn't enjoyed his life before his trajical death...even if his way was kind of peculiar, but it was his life and we only live once!
Abufares said…
hi lost somewhere
i'm still waiting for your blog you know.
Arab Lady said…
A55555 al passion 4 womem al …winik ya em faris la t2as2isi jna7atoooooooooo
Angel said…
How sweet!
Exceptional Charmer with an Outstanding brain ....Lucky you ;-)
Out of curiosity, I did the test FOUR times, each time with a different number of questions......WELL!!!! I came up with TWO personalities! Mother Teresa for the short ones and Gandhi for the long tests!!
Abufares said…
Arab Lady
If you notice that my Pepe Le Pew photo was dated 1986, about the time I first met Om Fares. Now, I look more like a penguin. I have wings, but they are useless.
Besides, if I didn't have a passion for women I would've not met Om Fares in the first place, right???
Abufares said…
Hi Angel
An old charmer is as attractive as a bald monk.
Mother Teresa and Gandhi! Wow, that certainly tells a lot about you.
Black Hawk said…
Hello Abufares..
thank u for the link..i was a leader at my elementary school...! :-)
so that they named me Almu'allem...
but i life seems taking my qualities..these days...
i will try it and we will see
thank u for the lovely TAG..
Angel said…
There are NO age limits my dear Abufares, YOUTH to me is mostly in the head. If you feel young inside then you can stay young all your life.
SURROUNDED by beauty, great family, love, joy and happiness & ENRICHING the world with your talents: Intelligent, kind, attractive, smart, open minded person (I can go on for ages), I gurantee you have no problem staying young in your own and others heart, soul, mind .....
BTW Abufares, I definitely find bald men so handsome and ... sexy :-)
Arab Lady said…
loool tayeb just one question does she read ur blog ?
Abufares said…
Hi Black Hawk
Hope you make the best of it.

Thank you for the encouraging words. Now that I know a little about your taste I might shave what hair I have left.
I agree with you a 100%. According to your calculations I'm still a teenager.

Now you feel better :-)
The answer to your question is: YES, she does. However, that doesn't mean she tells me what and when she reads. It's like a pop-up quiz and she might strike any time.
Om Fares, you're the best ;-)
Yazan said…
Off topic,

Abu fares my friend, I envy you.
Abufares said…
Hey Yazan
Barely 30 minutes before I read your comment I came upon the link you've pointed out in Syrianews. I found it funny that finally Tartous has been given credit for something.
With the level of street noise in Damascus Ali Al-Dik could be a more appropriate candidate.
Dubai Jazz said…
Abu Fares;
I think you've confused so many people by the Pepe La Pew character, even though you've clearly stated it goes back to 1986...:)
I guess women just don't want to imagine the happily married JFK or the so-drowned-in-his-theories Einstein, they just want the playful and the available Pepe La Pew!
Am I being crudely straight with my analysis?!
Abufares said…
Dubai Jazz my friend...
it's just getting harder and harder being a man.
Anonymous said…
late again...but thanks for taking part. disturbing that it's a double personality turn-out
Abufares said…
Hi Arima
Thank you for your tag and for checking up on me.
This type of double personality is nothing compared to what I've described in my later post "Double Lives".

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