Good Times

One of the most exquisite pleasures in life is to be with or around friends and loved ones. At the end of the day, we close our eyes and fall asleep alone even if we share our bed with a partner. In our waking hours, however, we should always seek the company of those we care about. Only bitter experience teaches us, often too late, that we should’ve spent more time with someone who’s no longer here for us. They or we might move to another place or as is ultimately the case to another world. It’s very important therefore to cherish every second; to engrave on the walls of our memory a word, a phrase, a laugh; to always let them know how much we care about them.

I had company a few days back. I was surrounded by friends and family, and I was the happiest man in the world (while it lasted). They graced and honored me with their presence. Such an event, unfortunately doesn’t take place often enough in these troubled times. Days later, we’re back alone or with the basic social cell that is our immediate family. Kids will eventually grow up though and go beyond the front door of our shell. They too would get busy with the little things that make up a life. In the end, we’re going to be alone.

If we were meant to live long enough to sit on the front porch and observe pedestrians going about their daily affairs and if we’re to gaze at young lovers courting in the sun, we’d better have some reminiscences of our own to use in that looming draught. We should start packing memories by living the happy times now. Keep in touch with those you care about. It’s the most important thing we can do for the future, for our own sake and for those we truly love.


Dubai Jazz said…
Abu Fares,
I agree with you that spending quality time with friends is priceless. But I personally don't get to enjoy such get-togethers unless I am relaxed and comfortable. Which is very rare given my hectic and stressful daily schedule....
Anyway, never mind me ranting, great post and thank you for the reminder of one of the most precious life pleasures...
The Syrian Brit said…
Funny old world, isn't it?..
We never seems to appreciate how much someone or something means to us until we lose them..
A couple of months ago, I started a post on something along a similar vein, but never got to complete it.. I might just finish it and publish it now!..
Abufares said…
Hello Dubai Jazz
Come to think about it nobody has time unless they insist on making it.
My reference to "these troubled time" is in line of what you're talking about. We are so troubled we are forgetting the more important things in life.
Thank you for dropping by.
Abufares said…
Hi Syrian Brit
I look forward reading this up-coming post. Fact is I immediately looked it up but it seems that you didn't publish yet.
Memories form a bitter-sweet mixture. As we accumulate years, the bitter ingredients become the overwhelming part. Still those sweet fleeting moments of joy give us immense satisfaction.
Don't take too long between posts my friend. I always look forward reading your words.
The Syrian Brit said…
I so wish I oculd be more prolific.. My 'abstinence' is largely due to being so incredibly busy at the moment, and partly due to a refractory case of 'writer's block'!.. (I blame the latter on the former!!..)..
I promise I will try and write something, and will try and complete the post I have referred to earlier..
اسفرجل said…
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Shelly said…
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Black Hawk said…
Dear Abufares,
Extremely cool & expressive , Said:

"Keep in touch with those you care about...."

this is the thing...i am trying to do..all the all cases..
MY Best friend always telling me...
" CARE ABOUT UR SELF ONLY! , No one deserves "
DO you think this is right ?
it is the most controversial thought in my mind...Keep in touch or Just ignore ?...
i don't know i am really confused...
Hala Abu Fares, first time here. I was just talking to my friend about this today. How we would take care of our parents when the world has become so globalized and you find your family split in several continents. Work pulling you here and there or no longer having one place to call home with roots.

Beautiful post, I hope none of us have to age alone.
Abufares said…
hi Black Hawk
Your friend is wrong. What will happend when we take care of ourselves and we're left alone... That wouldn't be much fun would it.
When they want to punish a prisoner further, they place him in solitary confinement.
Take good care of yourself, of course, and of those you care about.
Abufares said…
Ahla wa Sahla Shaykhspeara
Welcome to my blog, now and always.
You're right indeed, none of us should age alone. So how about those who are already old today. Don't forget them:-)
Taba3an abu fares :) lakinnak lissa ma sirt 3ajooz! ;)
Abufares said…
That's the whole point Shaykhspeara Sha'ira. We should't wait till we are 3ajayez (old).

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