A Lazy Friday

I’ve been waiting for Friday for the last six days. It has been a heavy week, a slow one. By mid-morning Thursday, I lost all interest in busting my ass any further. I was unfocussed, exhausted, insouciant. I wanted to get the hell out of the office and call it a day. And, I did just that… at five o’clock in the afternoon.

After one beer too many later that evening in the company of men, I waved them goodbye and headed home. Winter, still struggling to make an impression, went wild with a heavy fall of rain and hail. Too much, but too late I’m afraid. By the time I reached the flat on the second floor I had already started stripping. I sauntered straight to the shower. Thanks, I don’t want to have any dinner. I just want to sleep it off… the week, the rain and the beer.

I woke up luxuriously late in the morning. The kids were cuddled next to me in bed. They’ve come in a little after seven thirty and went back to sleep. I sat out on the balcony, slowly sipping my espresso. The air was refreshingly fragrant, the streets surprisingly clean. From behind the glass I saw them stirring. Friday is their favorite day. We all have breakfast together.

In the kitchen there was little left to actually do. I helped by being unobtrusive. Om Fares had already prepared a beautifully simple, deliciously inviting table. She must’ve thought of everything. There was the bread, the Labne and the olives, Shanklish and white cheese, the Fool and the omelette, apricot jam, mortadella, tomatoes, zeit & zaatar, an apple pie and a hot pot of tea.

A few things needed fixing and with toolbox in hand I made my rounds. A dripping faucet here, a noisy door hinge there. A soiled water filter, a burnt lamp. I used up the hours, never happier, never more tranquil. I lazed about, watched the box. Another espresso, lunch, a chocolate ice-cream and popcorn.

The kids found their preferred cartoons. Om Fares wanted to go for her daily one-hour walk. Not this time, honey. I miss the open road, the mountains, the roar of the engine. I would be back in an hour, I promise.

I made good on my word. She looked healthy and refreshed. I felt serene and revived. The day was well spent. It was well deserved. No thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.


Karin said…
How great dear friend ... I love the way you're narrating!
"Tomorrow is another day" .. it better be as I am fighting a nasty flue and clogged sinuses!
I share your idea of having another espresso, chocolate icecream and popcorn ... I am all PRO!
I'm happy you guys had a great day ... and enjoyed every minute of it!
I'll get back to you ...
Anonymous said…
Friday:Woke up after a dream showing me the life I would have had if I had "taken that left turn"...
Now that "somewhere" of "Lost somewhere" has become more clear and more tormenting.
The life I have and the one I would have had: both very differently tempting in their own way.
See, this is what I love and hate about dreams, you get to live with all you senses as if it was true life. But then you wake-up...
What a shitty Friday for me! (sorry for the language)
Unknown said…
i've been smiling from the very first word of the post till its very end.

you are lucky to have such family Abu Fares, and they are lucky they have you.

seems like a beautiful Syrian Friday to me.
Abufares said…
My dear Karin
I miss you my dear.
Looking forward more beautiful days to come in the company of great friends such as you.
Abufares said…
Lost somewhere
As you're climbing the tree of life, there are many more left & right turns to make. There's never a correct or a wrong choice as long as we make the best of it.
I've been through so many shitty Fridays so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
Take it easy and keep dreaming. Life, any life, is worth shit if not for the dreams that tickle our cnsciousness every now and then.
Abufares said…
Hello my Sham
I'm all the happier that I made you smile.
Believe me it's just a state of mind that's all. You don't even need to work at it as it will come in due time.
I admire your courage, your honesty, your vigor. Just live your age and que sera, sera...
Dubai Jazz said…
Well Abu Fares,
I am glad your connection is back, even more glad that you've enjoyed your friday.
I miss the rain and the hail, we had a terrible sand storm today which reminded me that we are living right in the middle of the desert, I had some plans for today but they were all disrupted because of the that. I could hardly breath after walking in the outdoor for ten minutes.
And to add insult to injury, I smoked 3 consecutive argeliahs (mind you this is the only indoor pleasure available)... so now the windpipes of my lungs are calling for help...
Anyway it's good news to hear about your good Friday, keep up the good work my fiend, reading your post has made my day...
Abufares said…
Hello Dubai Jazz
Thank you for sharing man. Well you know how it is. Some good ones, many bad ones.
My plans to head to Aleppo tomorrow were called off. To tell you the truth, it was a welcome bit of news. It allowed me to wrap up the day on a high note. With a glass of Scotch and a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while.
All in all, it was a good Friday.
GraY FoX said…
nice friday at a nice time of the year , hope you get lots of it ;)
an by the way
one ride on that beauty ( the bike ) is worth the world , it's a nice representation of freedom
Unknown said…
Nothing beats a lazy Friday.
That breakfast table made my stomach growl... You know there's nothing I love more than the Levantine breakfast and 3asha items, especially the labneh.
Abufares said…
Hi Gray Fox
The 600cc Silverwing is indeed a beauty. It belongs to a friend but I've been riding it, with pleasure, lately.
Abufares said…
You're right Omar
I bet that on a Friday morning breakfast anywhere in the levant is just a variation on a main theme. It could be simple. It might get fancy. But the underlying spirit is the same.
Angel said…
Fantastic! your long waited “short” break after what had been a busy week(s).......I am glad you had a very relaxing Friday with your beloved ones... a well deserved "time-out" Abufares..

When I don't have to (go to) work, that will be a relaxing/lazy Friday for me!
I would describe a relaxing day by reading a book under a shady tree …riding a horse by the beach or perhaps a gentle ride out of the hills.... sunning myself on the beach or in a small boat by the lake ;-)….. BACK ON EARTH! For someone as tense as I am, a work-a-holic crazy person who just needs a day off, I would be happy with just one relaxing day that includes nothing but getting out of bed at noon, watching TV, and enjoying homemade food…..

Glad you enjoyed your day off, it is really nice to have those breaks once in a while.
Maysaloon said…
Lak Allah 7ayo Abu Fares! Ahlen bil rjal! Great blog and I'm glad to have discovered it thanks to Sham in Ashrafiyeh.

Incidentally I thought you're earlier article on moustaches was inspiring. I'm trying to convince my Missus that a moustache or beard of some sort is a cool thing when done properly, but no luck. Lak wallah shee beehayer!

Salam min London,
Abufares said…
Hello Angel
Your description of a lazy day is magical. It's somehow similar to my fantasy on the beach...
I just think that we all need a break.
Anyway, here we are, back at work. Can't complain though. Alhamdu Lillah.
Abufares said…
Ahlan Bi Wassim
Welcome to my blog. You & Set Sham are 3ala Rassi.
Go with what the Missus want, is my opinion. "If it ain't broken don't fix it!"
Looking forward seeing you around more often.
Anonymous said…

I apologize I never had the chance to comment on your blog before, Yazan speaks so well about you, when ever I come to Tartous I would like to see you.

Take care


Brutally Honest
Abufares said…
Ahla Bi Bint Al-Balad Zena.
So glad to have you around. You & Yazan on my head.
Please drop me a line when you know you're coming to town. I'd love to meet you.
Lujayn said…
Sounds ideal, ya Abu Fares. My weekend passed in a frenzy of hectic activity, including a mad cycling session in the middle of a raging sandstorm, while work ate up half the weekend. I'm green with envy.
Abufares said…
It was just a day Lujayn.
I'm back at the mines.
Alhamdu Lillah.
Lujayn said…
Didnt mean to sound so "mahsoudeh" :))

Wishing you many more lazy Fridays!

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