I don’t want to sound as if I’m advertising a product but I have come across a great free satellite channel on Nilesat called fatafeat. I’ve just found out about it last week and since then I'm hooked.

My TV watching habits are rather narrow and mundane (they drive everyone crazy). I watch Sports and documentaries almost exclusively. Any kind of sport would do but European football is on top of the list. The National Geographic Channel and Discovery Science are my other option. So it’s a case of either or.

I watch the news because I have to but have limited myself to 10 minutes per day. I quickly flip Al-Jazeera, Euronews, BBC and Deutsche Welle and get it over with. They all have the same bullshit to say. Only the language and the accent are different. When I’m out of sports and out of documentaries I take a peak at MBC2 and ONE TV. Very rarely, I get lucky and hit a good movie there.

I lived in this humdrum TV World for years without showing any interest in expanding my horizons. Then fatafeat came along. Plainly speaking, this is the most delicious channel on the air. Food, food and nothing but food is the main attraction. International cuisine and outstanding restaurants, recipes and food related talk shows, 24 hour a day, every day. It’s mostly in English with Arabic subtitles. It has rather quickly become my favorite channel.

Instead of gulping down my breakfast with the daily dose of bad news, I am eating at a leisurely pace in the company of some great chefs, renowned gastronomic critics, plump gluttons and finicky gourmets. Screw the news! The allocated time for breakfast has become significantly longer to the chagrin of Om Fares and my kids when they’re not at school. I’m getting some malicious vibrations in the forms of hints and hushed whispers. It’s as if they are very happy when I finally leave. Just today I heard a big sigh when I closed the door behind me in the morning. It’s possible that I imagined hearing this but it sounded like change the damn channel he’s gone.

An automatic quick scan on your receiver should find and add it without any problem. Just in case, fatafeat is broadcasting on NileSat 3, Freq. 112341 MHZ, V Polarization. I think this channel is affiliated with the Food Network. I hope you'll get to enjoy it as much as I am.


Anonymous said…
Deutsche Welle? So Abufares, Sie sprechen Deutsch auch? Das ist so wunderbar!
Abufares said…
Hi lost somewhere
Sorry to disappoint you. Although I understood the phrase you wrote, it was pure luck.
I watch DW in English. I love German beer if that should count. Does it?
Shannon said…
I use the Food Network website almost exclusively to look up new recipies. I agree- such TV is much more inspiring than the news!
Yazan said…
abu fares,
an intelligent soul like yourself should`nt be surprised at the sighs.. ;)
Karin said…
Hi Abufares,
I absolutely share this passion - I LOOOOVE to watch cooking programs!! Remember Jamie Oliver? I would sit for HOURSE (if there was time of course) and watch him juggle the goodies and produce mouthwatering yummies ...
I am alright ... didn't have a real chance to write YET! Will do ASAP and update!! Best regards to all!
Lieber "lost somewhere" ..
Waere in der Tat schoen wenn er Deutsch sprechen wuerde, er ist aber auch ohne ein KLASSE KERL und ein echt LIEBER FREUND!!
Tschuess!! :-)
Abufares said…
Hi Shannon
We should all take note perhaps that the best times we share as a group are when we're involved with eating.

It's relaxing to play dumb every once in a while.

I know you love food. I've read some of your recipes and I know that their were written with affection. This what separates a good cook from a mediocre one. How much love there's in the recipe. It's the least used and most important ingredient.
Anonymous said…
I get the BBC Food Channel, and its one of my favorites. The flair with which these chefs cook is wonderful. I found myself seeing ingredients in a whole new light. I especially love the shows that have a documentary aspect to them, where they talk about the local organic ingredients or farms, etc.
Dubai Jazz said…
Hi Abu Fares,
Thank you for sharing this interesting channel with us, although it broadcasts from Dubai, but I only came to know about it from you...
I tried yesterday to search for it on my channels list with no avail (I am a cable subscriber) ... my cable providers, which are ironically called Evision, are so slack when it comes to adding up new channels , let's hope they do that soon.
Unknown said…
sounds like the place for inspiration for many posts to come ;)
RnRQatar said…
I am happy too, that the Food Network channel or uh, Fatafeat? is finally being broadcasted in the Middle East.

I googled Fatafeat and found your blog. I'm interested in finding out why the name has changed to Fatafeat or perhaps it's only the case in this part of the world.
Abufares said…
Hi Ruth & Robert
Fatafeat in Arabic means "Crumbs".
It has the broadcast rights to many "Food Network" shows but has some local and other international programming as well.
Unfortunately, Fatafeat will go off the air at the end of this week (Week 34, 2007) unless they find an investor to buy the channel and continue.
I hope they manage to stay.
Thank you for dropping by.
RnRQatar said…
Thanks Abufarea, my girlfriends will be impressed that I learned a new word in Arabic today. Farafeat makes sense now and the name suits the show.

It's too bad it will go off the air soon, especially since I only found it today! Go figure. :)

See you around.

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