Khshaf for Six

As I’ve been under the influence of a heavy work load this week and had barely made it all the way to Thursday while keeping my sanity, I am out of any smart thing to write. May be a nightcap can set matters straight for me but meanwhile I need to make yet another small contribution to humanity. A recipe for a light dessert that’s easy to prepare especially for those expatriates who miss their moms cooking. It’s known in Tartous as Khshaf (خشاف). It must go by another dozen names in Syria of which I’m not really aware. However, being on the doorstep of a weekend, you might all want to give Khshaf a try, the preparation of which is very straightforward and relatively clean. Khshaf is the Syrian equivalent of Jell-O although a little more elaborate and certainly tastier.

Khshaf for Six

-5 cups of water
-½ cup of cornstarch
-1 cup of sugar
-100 g (3.5 oz) of raisins
-100 g (3.5 oz) of crushed pistachios, pine nuts, soft almonds (or your choice of unsalted and tender nuts)
-2 tablespoons of coconut (powder)
-2 tablespoons of orange blossom water (Ma Zaher), optional if it’s not available, but highly recommended for this and other Syrian dessert recipes.

-Add the cornstarch and sugar to the water and heat while continuously stirring (stopping might turn the mixture into a useless lump).When the mixture thickens adequately (roughly 12 to 15 minutes under medium-low heat), add the raisins while stirring, then the rest of the nuts and the Ma Zaher.
-Remove from heat and pour into six individual bowls.
-Sprinkle the coconut on top and let cool at room temperature.
-Place into refrigerator and serve cold (an hour or so should do it and it will turn into a Jell-O ish substance).
-If you live alone or can’t find a date, have one every evening after dinner and work a little harder on improving your social life.

For those of you who are wondering, I did the stirring and believe me this is the hardest part in preparing this delicious recipe. Have a nice weekend!


Dubai Jazz said…
-If you live alone or can’t find a date, have one every evening after dinner and work a little harder on improving your social life.

I wonder why this line has smacked right in the face?! :)
Anyway Abu Fares, great recipe, I wonder if I would have the time or the patience to do it, so let's see!
Dubai Jazz said…
And yeah one more thing Abu Fares, willingly or not, knowingly or not, you are becoming a famous entrepreneur in the world of gastronomy, Gordon Ramsay must me worried right now!
Abufares said…
Hi Dubai Jazz
No wonder, "Yalli Fih Msalleh Bten3arou" or how do you say it in Aleppo. The recipe requires no time and no patience... just a dateless evening.
Gordon Who??? Just kidding.
Dubai Jazz said…
You really don't want to know how we say it in Aleppo, not if you are concerned about the appetite of your readers!
Dr.Mad said…
delicious!! i have a multicultural dinner this weekend, so i will prepare Khshaf for the occasion. you will be held responsible for the damage i may cause ;)
Anonymous said…
Dubai Jazz, despite the fact that I'm Aleppine, I couldnt think of what we could possibly say in a such a situation. Enlighten us ;)

Abu Fares, sounds and looks yummy! I am definitely tempted to try this. I'm home alone on a thursday night while the rest of Dubai parties (or works), reading this post, so I'm going to rummage through my kitchen cabinets to see if I have the ingredients.
Abufares said…
I look forward hearing about the outcome. Please let us know.

Dubai Jazz, Lujayn
2 Aleppines in Dubai, lonely for the weekend with Khshaf on their mind. May be you should do something about it...
Anonymous said…
Abufares said…
Great tag Arima
I most certainly will oblige.
Read my next post coming soon.
Dubai Jazz said…
Lujayn, are you serious? if it was up to me, your Aleppi(ness) would have been revoked by now !
Let me put it this way:
"Yalli Fi ........ Msalleh Btenghazo"
As for the missing word, you girls like to fill in the blanks so suit yourself...:)
If all the above doesn't work, you may ask your dad, maybe its more of a manly thing to say...;)

(I better stop or else Abu Fares will think his comment section is being hijacked by the Halabis)
My goodness that sounds YUMMY!!! Yesterday I ate Sahleb and will try that ASAP!! here you you have all these yummies from?? You must shake them out of your arm ...
Am doing fine ... WILL WRITE SOON!
Abufares said…

Sa77a Wa Hana
I know you, don't I???
Tell me more.
Anonymous said…
Dubai Jazz, I think I can hold on to that Aleppine identity after all - in fact, I was thinking it must be something so naughty that the obvious just slipped my mind. I went into naughty overdrive, I guess. :)))
Dubai Jazz said…
You went on a naughty overdrive?! .... HOW GREAT! ...then I would attest to your Aleppinty right now!!

Abu Fares, I wonder why would Lujayn keep addressing me through your comment section when she knows quite well I got my own spacious place , but then it's maybe your presence that is giving her the feeling of parental protection?!
(no wonder I am still single, you see, I can't even complete one line without being offensive to everyone.....pity me...)
Shannon said…
Hmmm...I'm heading off to the grocery store, and I think I'll give this a try. It sounds wonderful!
Abufares said…
I would love to hear about the outcome. If it turns out OK, may be you can post about it:)
Assalamu alaikum,

Just happened to see my id associated with your blog and I see someone was impersonating me, it is very interesting that they write like an American.

As for asking if we have ever met before brother, the answer is no.

Please take care,

Maa salaama

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